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Corsia Logistics has transported thousands of vehicles. We offer nationwide and international auto transport. Corsia Logistics is licensed and insured, five star rated company. We hire only professional carriers to transport your vehicle. Your vehicle is your prized possession and we understand that. We provide you with insurance certificates for every carrier, for your peace of mind. Our logistics experts understand it is not easy to hand over your car keys to an unknown person, and that’s why we make sure you get to know us and understand the process.


The Auto Shipping Process


At Corsia Logistics we want to earn your business and we make it easy to understand the auto transport process. We explain all details and guide you through the steps - from booking your order to delivery at your door. You can also find answers to most of your question on our FAQ page and on our blog.


As a national auto transport company we have access to all vehicle transport carriers across the country and we only work with the highest safety rated. We deliver high quality car shipping service and we make sure that you and your car are taken care of in a professional and courteous manner.


Vehicle Shipping Process Steps:

  1. Get a car shipping quote online or call (818) 850-5258.
  2. Schedule your shipment - first available pick-up date.
  3. Prepare your car for shipping - inside and out.
  4. Perform vehicle inspection and pick-up alongside the carrier.
  5. At delivery perform inspection again; sign and pay remaining balance.


Shipping a vehicle for the first time could make you nervous and that’s why we standby to answer all of your questions. Our services include open auto transport, which is the preferred method of shipping a vehicle by private customers and dealerships alike. For classic, sports, luxury and exotic vehicles we provide enclosed auto transport which protects the vehicle from weather and road elements.

The auto transport industry consists of three parts: brokers, carriers and lead providers. Auto transport brokers handle the highest majority of orders.


1. The management companies / brokers are the initial and most important contact for customers. They provide a quote online and the option to book online or by phone. Brokers need the carriers to haul their customers’ vehicles and carriers need brokers to provide them with loads. This is how the industry functions – one very efficient system.


2. Most carriers are independent owner operators. They do not have time to market and find customers to fill their truck space. They work with auto shipping brokers. Brokers post their loads on dispatch boards and carriers choose according to the route they serve. This system results in the customer receiving reliable and fast service, but only in the case of correctly priced shipment. Also, this structure ensures against monopolization of the market by large corporations.


3. The third player is a tricky one – this is the car shipping lead providers. These types of firms provide car shipping prices only, and then they sell them to licensed auto transport brokers and carriers. Lead providers often pose as auto transport brokers online with websites that mislead customers.


The worst part about lead providers is when the customer starts receiving calls from 5 or 10 auto transport companies. These are often unpleasant and aggressive sales calls. In order to book the customer most companies give really low prices that most carriers would not accept and then the customer is stuck waiting.


This is when customers get disappointed, worried and scared of the whole auto transport industry. This third element in the auto transport industry will probably not disappear and we would like to advice customers to not share their information with lead provider websites. Lead providers make it possible for certain brokers to offer low-ball prices and thus undermine the whole integrity and efficiency of the industry.


Search for a transport company broker / carrier that will give you a realistic price and honest talk. In order to receive reliable and professional auto transport service you have to be ready to pay the real market price.


For questions please call us at (818) 850-5258 or contact us online. Our dedicated team of professional logistics experts will answer all question you may have. We are looking forward to serve your auto transport needs. Thank you!


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