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What is the cost to ship a car?

Auto transport cost depends on several factors listed above. Please read more details here! We monitor the rates constantly and our prices are manual – we do not use a calculator – the most accurate price is always manual. The cost is affected by the supply and demand situation on any given route, any given time and this we track manually in order to deliver accurate quotes and professional service. Get a quote online or call (818) 850-5258.

Reliable Auto Transport
Your vehicle is your prized possession and here at Corsia Logistics we understand that, and we make sure the carriers we work with understand it as well.
As a car shipping company we have transported thousands of vehicles and we offer nationwide reliable auto transport. Corsia Logistics is fully insured and hires only professional carriers to transport your vehicle.
We can provide you with insurance certificates for every carrier we work with. We understand it is not easy to hand over your car keys to an unknown person and that’s why we make sure you get to know us and understand the process.
Call us know now with questions, we are here to help you ship your automobile!

Car Transport Made Easy

At Corsia Logistics we want to earn your business and we make it easy to understand the car shipping process. We explain all details and guide you through the steps over the phone, but you can also find tons of useful information on our website.
As a national auto transport company we have access to all vehicle transport carriers across the country and we only work with the highest safety rated. We deliver high quality car shipping service and we make sure that you and your car are taken care of in a professional and courteous manner.
The Vehicle Shipping Process in Four Steps:
  1. Get a car shipping quote online or call us at (818) 850-5258.
  2. Schedule your shipment; prepare your car for shipping.
  3. Vehicle inspection and pick-up; make sure the vehicle is ready to load.
  4. Vehicle delivery and inspection; sign off and pay any remaining balance.
Shipping a vehicle for the first time could make you nervous and that’s why we standby to answer all of your car transport questions.
We offer secure door to door vehicle delivery to all of our customers, for all types of vehicles – from high-end autos, collector and exotic vehicles to a wide range of every day cars, trucks and vans.
Our services include open auto transport – the preferred car shipping method by private customers and dealerships across the country. For classic, sports and exotic vehicles we provide enclosed auto transport which protects the vehicle from weather and road elements.
Learn about the auto transport industry!
The auto transport industry consists of three parts: brokers, carriers and lead providers. Auto transport brokers handle the highest majority of orders.
The broker agents communicate with the customer first by providing a quote online and then the option to book online or by phone. The broker companies provide the customer service and the marketing outreach.
Brokers need the carriers to haul their customers’ vehicles, of course, and carriers need brokers to provide them with loads. This is how the industry functions – it is a very efficient system.
Most vehicle transport carriers are independent owner operators, thousands of them in fact, and they do not have the time to market and find customers to fill their truck space themselves. They work with an auto shipping brokers.
So, brokers post their loads on dispatch boards and carriers filter and choose vehicles that need hauling on the route they service. This system results in the customer receiving reliable and fast service, but only in the case of correctly priced shipment.
The third player is one of the tricky ones – that is the car shipping lead provider that provides car shipping quotes comparison. Lead providers often pose as auto transport brokers online with websites that mislead customers to think they are a broker company working directly with carriers.
In reality they are neither a broker nor a carrier and they do not have neither kind of license and insurance. They only collect customers’ data and then sell it to brokers and this is how they make money.
Some tell customers that they will provide their information to a number of auto transport companies to receive several competitive prices, but other lead providers do not mention that.
In any case the worst part is when the customer starts receiving calls from 5 or 10 auto transport companies most of which are unpleasant and aggressive sales calls. In order to book the customer most companies give really low prices that most carriers would not accept and then the customer is stuck waiting.
This is when customers get pissed and become worried and scared of the whole auto transport industry. This third element in the auto transport industry will probably not disappear and we would like to advice customers to not share their information with lead provider websites.
Lead providers make it possible for certain brokers to offer low-ball prices and thus undermine the whole industry. Search for a transport company broker / carrier that will give you a realistic price and honest talk, the way we do it here at Corsia Logistics. In order to receive reliable and professional service you have to be ready to pay the real market price.
If you would like to learn more about what is a car shipping quote calculator please visit this page. For questions please call us at (818) 850-5258 or contact us online. Our dedicated team of professional logistics experts will answer all question you may have. You can also find answers to the most frequently asked questions at our FAQ section. Thank you.

Licensed and Insured, Five Stars Auto Transport Company

  • Vas Rao

    Great Customer Service I chose Corsa after reading their reviews online. I am very impressed with their service. They did their job perfectly and offered me a great price for my lexus enclosed shipping. They are very responsive with outstanding customer service. I would definitely refer Corsia to my friends

  • Andrew Hahm

    Car transport from NYC to Cali I really was skeptical at first on which company to use for my car transport but Corsia Logistics really made it easy for me to transport my car. They gave me a good rate and the car got delievered on the estimated date of arrival. Car came in the exact condition it was sent it and the driver called me an hr away to inform me of when he would arrive. There was some mix up during the transport of exactly when my car would arrive but it eventually worked out and the driver came on the estimated date.

  • Casey A

    Relief to Know I Chose A Trustworthy Company! I am very happy with how the process went. I was reading about other companies/customer experiences outside of Corsia and they had me worried due to negative experiences. I think your price and service were top notch. The pickup timing and communication is the only piece that could have been better, but it was very relieving that the process went as well as it did.

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