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Car shipping costs are based on several factors. To learn more and reserve your rate request a quote online or call us now.

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Corsia Logistics team will take care of your vehicle when you need transport across the country. Call us at anytime with auto hauling questions.

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We work with verified licensed and insured interstate auto transport carriers and will choose the highest safety ranked to ship your car.

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Transporting a vehicle requires experience, knowledge and proper equipment. We work with high safety record auto carriers.



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Your vehicle is your prized possession and here at Corsia we understand that, and we make sure the carriers we work with understand it as well. As a car shipping company we have transported thousands of vehicles and we offer reliable auto transport. You need bonded and insured company that hires only professional carriers to transport your vehicle. We can provide you with insurance and certificates for every carrier we work with. It is not easy to hand your car to an unknown person and that’s why we make sure our customers get to know us and understand the process.

What is the cost to ship a car?

This is usually the first question that comes to mind when you need to ship a car. Read a full answer here! Auto transport is a hard work involving big rigs, constant communication and coordination, and technology to make it efficient and fast. Car shipping quotes are free and we will provide you with one as soon as you request it online or by calling us at 818-850-5258. The best way to obtain an accurate price is to request a quote! We monitor the rates constantly we will provide you with an accurate, manual rate. After getting the best car hauling price we create an inquiry in our system, with no payment upfront on your side, and we can schedule your car transport in matter of hours or days. For multi-vehicle hauling please call us for a customized quote, we can offer discounted prices.

Car Transport Made Easy

At Corsia Logistics we want to earn your business and we will make it easy to understand the car shipping process. We will explain all details and guide you through the steps. As a national auto transport company we have access to thousands of vehicle transport carriers across the country and we only work with the highest rated. We deliver high quality car shipping service and we will make sure that you and your car are taken care of in a professional and courteous manner.

The Vehicle Shipping Process in Four Steps:

  1. Get a car shipping quote online or call us at (818) 850-5258.
  2. Schedule your shipment; prepare your car for shipping.
  3. Vehicle inspection and pick-up; make sure the vehicle is ready to load.
  4. Vehicle delivery and inspection; sign off and pay any remaining balance.

Shipping a car for the first time could make you a little nervous and that’s why we standby to answer all of your car transport questions. We offer secure door to door vehicle delivery to all of our customers, for all types of vehicles – from high-end autos, collector and exotic vehicles to a wide range of every day cars, trucks and vans. Our services include the widely used open auto transport – the preferred car shipping method by private customers and dealerships across the country. Moreover, for our classic cars and exotic vehicle owners and dealerships we provide enclosed auto transport which prevents from weather elements.

Read Corsia Logistics customer reviews and feedback:

  • The best experience I have received shipping a car. Car was picked up one day after we placed the order on a Tuesday morning in CA and delivered to our home Friday evening in Florida. The driver delivered at precisely the time he told us to meet him. Car arrived in good condition and drivers were very nice . My wife was skeptical at first because it was one of the lowest prices. We went with them because they were very efficient with responding to questions. –Al Kingston

  • Corsia Logistics did a great job of explaining the car shipping process. They met all their promises. Would certainly use again.–John J.

  • We were moving to Phoenix, AZ and had to ship a car. We did not know what to expect but they explained everything and actually the whole process went smoothly. Our Toyota RAV4 was loaded on time and the service was professional and prompt. We will definitely recommend you guys. Thanks! –Jeff A.

If you would like to learn more about what is a car shipping quote calculator please visit this page. For questions please call us at 818-850-5258. Our dedicated team of professional car shipping coordinators will answer any questions you may have regarding shipping a car or you can learn more on our frequently asked questions (FAQ) section.