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You might have thought the question of how to ship a luxury car would never cross your mind because you didn’t own a luxury car, to begin with. But the day has finally come. And as the proud owner of a luxury vehicle, all you are worried about is how to transport it safely.

You are rightly hesitant to drive your exotic set of wheels to its new destination. If a mere thought of a minor scuff mark on your expensive car feels agonizing, you should consider hiring a professional auto shipper to move it.

Your exotic car is an expensive investment. You wouldn’t want to risk having it delivered damaged, or even worse: become a victim of a car shipping scam. You wouldn’t trust just any logistics company to transport it. We urge you to thoroughly research auto haulers that offer luxury car shipping services. Make sure you learn all about the process and the company before handing over the key.


In this guide, you will find the information you need to successfully transport your luxury car. You will find answers to the following commonly asked questions:


  1. How to ship a car to another state?
  2. What are the specifics of shipping a luxury vehicle?
  3. What type of transportation is recommended to ship a luxury car?
  4. How does luxury auto transport work?
  5. How much does it cost to ship a luxury car?
  6. Should you get a car shipping insurance?


How to ship a car to another state?


Before we get into the details of shipping a luxury car, let’s go over the main aspects of shipping a vehicle to another state.


  • It’s important to organize your schedule and find time to research different auto transport companies. Dedicated car owners want to stay away from scam companies and find a reliable auto hauler. So, they don’t stop at the first page of Google when you search. They scrutinize search results until they narrow down a list of trustworthy auto transport companies.
  • Once you’ve picked a handful of companies, the next step is to request several car shipping quotes. Make sure you understand the numbers and familiarize yourself with terms and conditions. Read other customers’ online reviews. Check the auto transporter’s reputation and licenses.


Here is how shipping a car across America works:


  • You already know that every car shipping process starts with a quote. You can request a free no obligation quote online. If you prefer you can call to speak with a logistics specialist.
  • Disclose details about your vehicle – make, model, and modifications.
  • A logistics expert will schedule your shipment based on your desired shipping dates. Keep in mind that dates are never guaranteed. If you are looking for a specific date delivery, discuss your options with a car shipping agent.
  • After you and the car transporter agree on the details of service, a carrier will pick up your car one to a few days from your first available date.
  • It’s important to remember that the carrier must inspect your vehicle before loading it and fill out an inspection report.
  • Transit time depends mainly on the distance – your agent will inform you of the estimated delivery time. More on transit times here.
  • At delivery, inspect the vehicle alongside the carrier and then sign the Bill of Lading, the document that releases the auto transporter from any further responsibility.


Now, that you’ve got an idea about how auto transport work, it is time to prepare your vehicle for shipping. Here is a more detailed guide on how to transport your car across the country.


What are the specifics of shipping a luxury vehicle?


Most luxury car owners prefer hiring first class auto transporters instead of driving the car themselves. The reason they do so is because they don’t want to expose their luxury vehicle to any possible road damages.


Luxury cars are expensive, they require extra care during shipping.  You need a reputable auto transporter that knows how to handle high-end vehicles. Don’t expect exotic car transport to be inexpensive.


What type of transport is recommended to ship a luxury car?


There are two types of auto transport: open and enclosed. Before deciding what’s best for your car, let’s delve into advantages of both options.


  • Open auto transport is the most used auto shipping method. An open carrier is not only less expensive, but it is more efficient, and usually faster than an enclosed carrier. As it can fit many cars at once on the same trailer this shipping method causes less pollution and that makes it the greener option. On the downside, it can expose your car to more weather and road hazards compared to enclosed auto transport.
  • Enclosed auto transport is the preferred shipping method for sports, luxury, and classic vehicles. An enclosed auto carrier provides the best protection from any weather or road hazards, which makes it more expensive. This option can be slower, less efficient, and not the best choice if you are an environmentalist.

As long as you hire a reputable auto transport company you have nothing to worry about even when you chose open carrier. But since you have to be extra protective when dealing with a luxury car, you don’t want to take any chances. That is why most luxury car owners choose enclosed car transport.


If you still decide to opt for an open carrier, we recommend you use a car cover.



How does luxury auto transport with a professional company work?


  1. After you’ve sorted out all the details, the carrier picks up your car.
  2. The driver completes vehicle pre-load inspection report.
  3. The driver loads and secures your prized possession.
  4. And your exotic car is on its way to its new destination.


Corsia Logistics transports sports and luxury vehicles nationwide on a daily basis. If you have questions or need to speak to a senior logistics expert, we are here to explain the shipping process in detail and address any concerns you may have. Remember, no question is too small.


How much does it cost to ship a luxury car?

The cost of shipping a vehicle to another state varies from $200 to as much as $2000. When you hire an enclosed carrier expect the rates to be $300 to $400 more expensive. The final cost of shipping a luxury car depends on these main factors:

  • The distance and location
  • Vehicle make and model
  • Vehicle condition: operable or non-operable
  • Transport type
  • Supply and demand


How you prefer your car to be picked up and delivered (door-to-door or terminal-to-terminal) or whether you need an expedited service, can also affect the final shipping cost. To get a better idea of the economics of car shipping price, read this post. One thing you should always remember is to not choose an auto transport company based on car shipping price only. Here is why.


Should you get a car shipping insurance?


Owning and taking care of a luxury car is expensive enough. But that does not mean that you should try to save money when it comes to car shipping insurance. Your luxury vehicle might be your biggest investment. We are sure you wouldn’t want to risk losing it.  All because you thought getting a car shipping insurance wasn’t important enough.


Statistics show that only about five percent of all cars transported report damages during transit. You do whatever you think is best for you and your vehicle, but as they say: better safe than sorry. Have you decided to get a car shipping insurance? Don’t forget to get your exotic vehicle insured from the moment it’s picked up to the time it’s dropped off at its final destination. Make sure you are completely comfortable with the amount of car insurance you have.


Final Notes

Shipping a car may seem like a daunting task that would cost a fortune. However, choosing the right auto transporter will make the whole process a breeze. Start planning your luxury car transport early. Don’t shy away from asking questions. Relevant and timely information is the key to good decision making.

We’ve created this post to help you avoid mistakes when shipping a car. And last but not least. Car transport carrier companies can’t serve every single route in the US and that is why they work with brokers. Many companies are both carriers and brokers. Most carriers are small independent businesses that serve only one or two routes. The broker is the connection between you (the shipper) and the auto transporter.

Carriers connect to customers through brokers who arrange the auto transport service. In this industry, brokers, carriers, and customers depend on each other. A good broker company will stay in touch with you from pick-up to delivery of your luxury automobile. When you arrange the vehicle hauling service the carrier becomes your primary point of contact. Any good and honest broker though will confirm that you can count on them with any

A good broker will stay in touch with you from pick-up to delivery of your luxury automobile. When you arrange the vehicle hauling service, the carrier becomes your primary point of contact. Although, any good and honest broker will confirm that you can count on them for any car shipping questions.

Do you have any questions or need a good walk through the luxury vehicle shipping process? Are you ready to schedule your exotic car transport? If so, call Corsia Logistics at (818) 850-5258 or request a quote online.  Thank you!



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