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Corsia Logistics offers convenient and easy way to receive a car transport quote via email and book their service online. Whether you are shipping a vehicle from Los Angeles to New York or from Chicago to California we are here to help. Our quote form is very easy to use – just fill in your car information and you will receive a car shipping rate shortly. Provide your car’s make and model, city of origin and destination, the condition of your vehicle (running or not running), the type of transport you prefer (open or enclosed) and your name and email, and we will send you the quote. When you receive the email you will be able to book your service online through this email or call and do it over the phone. We will then call you to explain the process and schedule your shipment. We do not share your information with any other company. We require this basic information about your vehicle and you only so we can provide you with an accurate rate. After you fill out the required information we will email you a quote and then give you a call to explain your options and your rate. After that we keep your information for about two weeks and send out only four reminder emails with any price changes.

Our auto transport quotes are manual – this means we do not use a software (automated calculator) because our agents track the prices daily on national central dispatch boards and manually email you the most current and realistic rate. Most big auto transport companies use software that automatically calculates prices based on preset parameters and then automatically adds a predetermined surcharge for deposit at booking. We do not do that, our agents respond to each situation personally and discuss the rate, and the situation, with each customer which guarantees personal service and the best price. We often manage to find cheaper option by looking at other routes and talking to many of the carriers we work with directly without going through the central dispatch boards. Call us now and talk to one of our transport agents to discuss your auto transport options.

Check out this video to see how auto transport works!

Prices depend on:

  • the make and model of the vehicle

  • vehicle condition (operable or inoperable)

  • the distance and the location

  • the type of transport (open or enclosed)



Our auto shipping rates are live – we track the fluctuation of the auto transport costs daily and deliver the most current rates. Corsia Logistics’ vehicle relocation agents monitor the car shipping prices and provide you with an accurate quote via email or phone. We work with thousands of auto carriers from across the country to find the most affordable vehicle shipping rate. Our agents are on standby to make sure you receive your shipping quote fast and schedule your shipment easily.


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At Corsia we respect your privacy. We require a certain level of information from you in order to determine the best quote and shipping service you need. You will receive only one quote from us – your information will not be disclosed to another company. Moreover, we will make sure to give you the best rate on the market and best customer service because we want you to come back to us when you need to ship a car again in the future. Our agents track the fluctuation of the prices manually every day and provide accurate quotes that will ship your vehicle in a timely manner. Corsia Logistics auto transport services are extremely professional because we work with experienced and professional carriers and our agents are like family and they know how to deliver personalized customer service. They will email you the car shipping price or quote you on the phone and explain the four basic steps of the auto transport process: first, we give you a quote; second we find a vehicle carrier and schedule your transport; third, we inspect and pick up your vehicle and forth the carrier delivers and inspects the vehicle again.


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Corsia Logistics offers quality open and enclosed auto transport at an affordable price. We will give you a quote and explain why our rates are the best. Our auto transport coordinators will offer straight talk on how vehicle transport works and what are the real costs associated with it. We will provide personalized attention from start to end and will not waste your time.

Standard vs. Expedited Auto Transport Quotes

Corsia Logisitcs works with carriers who also offer expedited vehicle delivery nationwide and thus customers can choose between standard and expedited service, which are priced differently. A standard rate means a carrier gets assigned between 1 and 5 days and then the delivery times depend on the distance and also on other factors such as traffic, road and weather conditions. This type of service and price is usually satisfactory for most customers, especially for those on a tight budget.

Expedited service calls for an expedited rate which is higher than the standard price. How high the price is depends on the route and all the other factors. When our agent calls they will explain how the shipping works and what can be done to expedite the service. We might need to add anywhere between $50 and $150 to the normal price in order to find a carrier immediately. By adding the additional fee we make it possible for your order to cut in front of other regularly priced loads on the dispatch board and have a carrier assigned the same or next day.

We are committed to quality and honest business and that is why we would like you to know how auto transport works. We treat our customers and our carriers with respect because we want to work with them in the years to come. Our team stands behind every action we take and customer satisfaction is our primary goal. We know that being able to put ourselves in our customers and carriers’ shoes is the most important part and this is what helps our business to flourish.

Read some customer reviews and find more online:
  • Was my first time moving cars across states and didn't have a clue as to how moving services worked. I was referred to Corsia and what a seamless experience it turned out to be. My initial call took less than 10 minutes; within those 10 minutes, the sales person had explained the process to me, had me scheduled for pickup within my preferred window, and had explained to me next steps that I should expect. Then, I was contacted by Randy, the driver, in accordance with what I was told to expect; the process of loading the car took 10 minutes and Randy informed me that he will be at the delivery location in two days max and that he would call me a couple of hours in advance to arrange for delivery (and this was a fairly long move: GA to WI). To my surprise, Randy called some 30 hours later indicating that he was early and, thus, could deliver the car to me within 2 hours if that worked for me. It did work for me so we agreed to meet in 2 hours and the process of collecting my car took another 10 minutes. My car arrived in the same condition it was in upon loading in GA and Randy was just a great professional who was dedicated to his job. Very seamless process for which I was much grateful...thanks to the Corsia team!–Tim

  • I was pleased when the truck pulled up at the destination early. Tony, the driver greeted me with a smile and had white gloves on. The car was covered with protective blankets and was able to be backed out quickly without scraping. Their low profile ramps were perfect. I was pleased with Tony's communication and honesty.I was pleased with Luke who found the truck for me on the day I requested and he was able to come close to my budget on short notice in the busy snowbird season. Thanks Corsia.–D. D.

  • The best experience I have received shipping a car. Car was picked up one day after we placed the order on a Tuesday morning in CA and delivered to our home Friday evening in Florida. The driver delivered at precisely the time he told us to meet him. Car arrived in good condition and drivers were very nice . My wife was skeptical at first because it was one of the lowest prices. We went with them because they were very efficient with responding to questions. –Al Kingston

  • Corsia Logistics did a great job of explaining the car shipping process. They met all their promises. Would certainly use again.–John J.

  • We were moving to Phoenix, AZ and had to ship a car. We did not know what to expect but they explained everything and actually the whole process went smoothly. Our Toyota RAV4 was loaded on time and the service was professional and prompt. We will definitely recommend you guys. Thanks! –Jeff A.

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Corsia Logistics offers fast and easy auto transport quotes whether you are moving from New York to Florida or from Chicago to Seattle. If you are a snowbird moving to the South for the winter review our snowbirds auto transport services information. We help hundreds of snowbirds transport their vehicles every season. Our agents will reach out only to the best auto transport carriers to ship your vehicle. We are committed to make car relocation easy for all of our customers. We will work with you to make the cost to ship a car affordable and the experience pleasant.

For your convenience we have put together a complete Q&A section, check it out. For more details on price formation and factors affecting the price please check our guide. Furthermore, to read more testimonials please visit our customer reviews section and do a search on Google for Corsia Logistics and you will find more independent review sources where our customers have shared their experience. We also work with car dealerships and moving companies and we will gladly provide you with some business referrals. For car shipping tips please visit our blog. Thank you!