Why shipping a car is easier and cheaper than driving it?

Car shipping service


  • Gas prices constantly increase.
  • Car shipping could be tax deductible. 
  • Spare wear and tear on your vehicle. 
  • Save time; hop on a plane and relax.

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The above mentioned reasons are part of the argument why you should ship your vehicle via a car carrier instead of driving it. If you are moving to another state, auto transport service is the best option. We understand your vehicle is valuable, and that’s why we provide dependable services.

Our car shipping rates are affordable; you can get a quote easily online or over the phone from one of our logistics experts. Our agents will answer all of your questions and provide you with a step by step guide.

People and companies relocate all the time in pursuit of opportunities and happiness, to put it that way. Moving is a big expense, but often tax deductible which is just one reason why many people choose to ship their cars instead of driving across the country.

Relocating your vehicle by driving can be a significant expense although many people think it’s cheaper than shipping it. It is not just the money though, people could be uncomfortable handing over their car to an unknown person. But don’t worry; we will explain in details how the transport happens and you will see it is easy and your car will be safe with us.

Read further to learn more about our services and options, and how we can help you sit back and relax when it comes to shipping your vehicle.

Corsia Logistics Vehicle Shipping Services

When you are choosing car shipping service these are the most common types the auto transport services companies offer.  No matter the type of service you choose, the most important is to trust the company. Your car is your prized possession and when you are about to hand it over to someone you need to feel at ease.

With Corsia shipping a car is easy! Give us a call now and talk to a logistics expert.

 How can you get the best value for your money? 

When you have to ship a car, you ought to get the best value for your money. It is the same as any other service or product you purchase – you will get what you pay for.

In order for us to accommodate your shipping requirements we have to take into considerations all factors that play a role in the car shipping rate formation. Therefore, the more flexible you are when booking your auto transport services, the easier it will be to find more affordable prices.

We will not charge more than the fair market price because we want to keep you as a customer. We constantly monitor the prices and will deliver an accurate quote. We will provide you with a correct quote and schedule your transport easily.

Our quotes are manual – we do not use a calculator to deliver a price quote. The most accurate prices that will ship your vehicle in a timely manner are manual. Learn more about the difference between manual and automated pricing.

Don’t trust companies who offer very low prices because this can be a car shipping scam. Speak with our specialists and we will explain the process and the costs involved in moving a vehicle.

Here is how car shipping services work:

Request your free quote now.
Discuss your needs and options with Corsia.
Schedule the transport and relax.

The vehicle pick-up.
Corsia auto transporter will pick up your vehicle
and inspect it for any previous damages.

The vehicle delivery.
The carrier will contact you with estimated day.
Upon delivery he will inspect the vehicle again.

You will have to remove any personal belongings from your vehicle – most truckers do allow a suitcase in the trunk for an additional fee. You, or someone on your behalf, should be present at the delivery for this inspection and signing of the the Bill of Lading. For additional auto transport tips please read our car shipping questions section.

Car Shipping Services Are Widely Used

Car dealers, corporations, military personal and private customers transport vehicles constantly. All kinds of businesses employ auto transport services to move their vehicles. It has become widely popular among private customers as well. People understand that it is more efficient to transport a vehicle than to drive it and that is why many choose to hire a car moving company.

We are here to answer your questions and help you understand the auto transport process. If you have never transported your car before, don’t worry we will be with you from start to end. Please navigate to our frequently asked questions section to read more about the car shipping service or call us at 818-850-5258.