Shipping a car from Colorado to Florida is Easy!




Have you decided to make the big move or you simply want to spend the winter in Florida? Every year, thousands of people move from Colorado to Florida and ship their vehicles with them. Most are snowbirds who simply want to escape the cold winters of colorful Colorado, and that’s why we call it snowbirds season. Every fall snowbirds prepare to move to the southern states and this is the time when auto transport prices go up. Usually the season starts in the beginning of October and ends in March / April. So, in the spring all of these people, the snowbirds, move back home which again increases the prices of vehicle transport on certain routes. People who own homes in Florida in most cases do not take much luggage with them, but they always take their vehicles.

Transporting a vehicle from state to state is not difficult. You just need to choose the right auto transport method and decide on the time. You have a few main options of transport. You can drive your car yourself, have someone else drive it or ship your automobile with an auto transport company. Driving yourself is a great option if you want to make it a road trip. But, this is not a recommended option for snowbirds, and especially when the distance is greater than 200 miles. When you have someone else driving your car then you have to make sure the person is reliable. If it is a relative or a friend then you most likely trust them, but if you go through a company then it is a different story. A company that finds drivers to drive your automobile usually does some basic background check. You should request to see testimonials and references for the specific person who will drive your car, not only for the company. In many cases you can request a professional driver with a CDL, but this will probably cost more. Shipping the vehicle with an auto transport company is in most cases the best option. With our services we guarantee professional and affordable transport. It is a greater peace of mind when you have your car loaded onto a car carrier from your door and delivered to your door. Call for a price or request a quote online.

Shipping a car from Colorado to Florida steps:

  1. request a car shipping quote online or by phone
  2. disclose details about your car – make/model and desired shipping date
  3. we contact one of our carriers and schedule your shipment
  4. a carrier inspects and picks up the car one to few days from first available date
  5. car transport from Colorado to Florida usually takes about 5 to 7 days
  6. at delivery the carrier inspects and unloads the car at your door

Shipping a car from Colorado to florida? Request a Quote Online or Call 818.850.5258.

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For additional information please visit our FAQ section to find answers to common auto transport questions customers ask. Don’t forget that you can request a car shipping quote online. Thank you.