How long does it take to ship my car?

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Car shipping transit times table.


The transit time depends on a couple of major factors. The first factor is the distance – how many miles your car will travel, and the second is the location – where you are shipping the vehicle from and to. We have developed a basic table with transit times based on number of miles. Take a look at the table. The transport time can be affected by seasonal fluctuations, road and weather conditions as well as other factors. The total time to ship a car can be broken into two time windows – pick-up and delivery time.

The Pick-Up Window

The pick-up window is the time it takes to pick-up a vehicle. This time window starts from the first available date you designate. This is not part of the transit time and it takes about 1 to 5 days to pick-up a vehicle.

**If you are shipping a car from a remote and/or rural area the pick- up window may take longer. The location can also affect the cost. Thus, what you can do is meet the truck driver at a near major city or by a major highway. This could reduce the cost and expedite the car shipping process.

The Delivery Time

The second time window is the time it takes to deliver your vehicle. As you see in the transit time table, delivery time depends mainly on the distance. However, factors such as traffic and weather conditions affect the transit time as well. An estimated delivery date is provided, but factors such as weather and road conditions, or other customers delaying the whole truck may delay the delivery of your vehicle.

**You can request a guaranteed delivery date and time, but you have to specify this at booking. Our agents will give you a customized quote and arrange the transport.

Good communication between, agents, dispatchers and truck drivers guarantees a successful vehicle hauling service. Once your service is booked and vehicle(s) picked-up, it is all in the car carrier’s hands. We will provide you with his number so you will be able to get updates and track your car’s location. The truck driver will call one day in advance and then a couple of hours in advance to specify the delivery time for your vehicle.

For more information please visit our car shipping questions and answers section (FAQ). To get a car shipping rate and book your service call us at (818) 850-5258 and Corsia Logistics’ agent will arrange your service. Thank you.

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