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Customers often wonder about the difference between open and enclosed auto transport. Certainly there are differences in the mode of transport and in the price. Here I will go over the facts to help you understand the differences and choose the best method of shipping your vehicle.

For an easy overview of the difference between open and enclosed auto transport please review our infographic:

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Relocating your vehicle by driving can be a significant expense. Gas prices continuously rise meaning it will cost you more to drive from point A to point B. Add the wear and tear on your car, and the time you have to spend driving across the country and the picture is clear – it is not going to be neither easy nor cheap. It is better to arrange for a car shipping service.

Hiring an auto mover means you will have to choose between the two methods of transport – open and enclosed auto transport.

Open Car Transport


This is the most popular method of transporting vehicles. Shipping a car on an open carrier exposes it to weather elements such as sun, dust and rain. However, it is less expensive than enclosed because of a few reasons:

  1. Open car carriers are readily available as a standard method of car shipping. About 90 percent of the auto shippers on the road are open carriers.
  2. Open car carriers can fit more cars on one trailer making transport more efficient. Most of them fit from 7 to 10 vehicles.
  3. The availability contributes to high demand, which additionally lowers the car shipping costs.

Watch our video of open auto transport carrier loading a 1995 Porsche 911!

Enclosed Auto Transport

Auto Transport Florida

This type of transport is a preferred method for high-end and classic vehicles. Enclosed carriers protects from weather and road elements. However, this comes at a price. Enclosed auto transport is more expensive – often almost double the price of open.

The reason enclosed is more expensive:

  1. Enclosed trailers are more expensive, which means there are fewer carriers in the country who offer enclosed services. Compare to open, enclosed truck trailers in America are only 10 percent. Lower demand then additionally raises costs.
  2. The enclosed car carrier can fit fewer cars inside the trailer, which affects the price. Customers can get their car shipped in one car carrier trailer or in 5, but never in ten like with open.
  3. Enclosed shipping means more personable experience and care for the cars that are being shipped. The shippers have more experience with high-end vehicles and offer “white glove” service.

If you would like to see how enclosed transport works please watch our video of enclosed auto transport carrier loading a Porsche 911!


If money is not an issue for you, when it comes to shipping your car, then we recommend enclosed auto transport service. For most people their car is a big investment and when it comes to shipping they prefer the most secure mode of transport. Yet, open vehicle transport is just as safe. Hundreds of new cars are transported via open carriers daily. It is a matter of personal choice and your budget.

Request a car shipping quote online or call our logistics experts at (818) 850.5258. We will answer all of your questions and arrange an auto transport service that fits your needs and preferences. Thank you!







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