Shipping a Car from Boston to Miami

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Are you shipping a car from Boston to Miami?

Corsia Logistics has dedicated drivers to cover all Florida routes weekly. Whether you are shipping a car from California to Florida or from Boston to Miami we will arrange for your vehicle to be shipped in a timely manner. When you call us we will explain the auto transport process and recommend the right service for your vehicle. Corsia Logistics hires only reliable auto carriers with experience in the industry. In the US most auto transport carriers are independent owner operators who work with auto transport broker companies daily. Carriers work closely with brokers in order to service private and business clients. Most management / brokerage companies are carriers as well, but in general to be a good broker you have to learn how to manage the industry as to offer fair market prices to both the customers and the carriers. This is how the auto transport industry functions. It is an efficient system that makes the industry run smoothly because one carrier company cannot service the entire country and the broker management companies are the indispensable alloy.

This is how car shipping Boston to Florida works:

  1. Request a car shipping quote online or by phone.
  2. Tell us about your car – make/model, desired shipping date.
  3. We contact one of our carriers and schedule your shipment.
  4. A carrier picks up your car one to few days from first available date.
  5. The carrier will complete an inspection report before loading the car.
  6. Auto transport Florida to Boston and back takes about 3 to 5 days.
  7. At delivery the carrier will inspect the vehicle again and unload at your door.

Shipping a car from Boston to Miami is easy. When you contact our team we will answer all of your auto transport questions and walk you through each step of the shipping process. If you have recently purchased a vehicle or a motorcycle online, from eBay or from a dealer, and need auto transport to Florida we can help you transport it safely. Corsia Logistics is a reliable auto transport company shipping vehicles to and from Florida daily. Request your auto transport quote online or call us at 818-850-5258.


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Auto Transport Boston to Florida – Request a quote now.

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Piece of Advice, Peace of Mind – Don’t drive, Hop on a Plane – Ship your car to Florida!

Driving a vehicle long distance means embarking on a long distance road trip that will take at least a couple of days. Driving could be quite stressful and exhausting in general if you don’t have the skills and moreover the desire. Shipping a car from Boston to Florida could cost anywhere from $750 to over $1000 depending on the car’s make and model, modifications and the type of transport. Open auto transport is usually cheaper than enclosed so make sure you talk to our agents about your preferences. Seasonality, especially when it comes to Florida, affects the auto transport cost as well. During the snowbirds season the car shipping prices go up due to the high volume of people moving to the southern states. This time of the year is well known as the snowbirds season, which is a high season in the auto transport industry! Just like in many other industries the supply and demand affect the prices.

What happens is that you, the customer, actually compete against other customers for a spot on the car carrier. When the demand is high the truck spots are more limited, which leads to higher prices, which also means that vehicles priced higher will ship first. When demand/supply situation is normal all vehicles ships in a timely manner. It might sound a little confusing to some customers, but this is how the industry functions. Even when you book a month in advance a higher paying vehicle may become available on the dispatch boards and if it is a better paying load the trucker will certainly prefer to take that one. A good broker works hard to offer the customer an affordable rate, but also a fair pay to the trucker and in fact hitting this golden middle is what guarantees a reliable auto transport service. The average cost of shipping a car across the country could vary by company so think carefully when getting car shipping rates online. Don’t be lured by low prices because after a few days this may cost you more money and even more time. If you are shipping a motorcycle it will cost less, please contact us for a customized quote.

Learn how to prepare for the shipping:

Cost of Shipping a Car from Boston to Florida (open trailer):

Boston to Miami – $979

Boston to Tampa – $969

Boston to Fort Lauderdale – $959

Boston to Jacksonville – $899

Please keep in mind that these prices are average rates for a standard sedan, open trailer and they may change. Due to all the factors we discussed above prices can change; we will be updating these prices monthly. For an accurate quote please call our main line or request a quote online. For additional information please visit our FAQ section and our Blog for more tips. Thank you.

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