Shipping a Non–Running Car

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Shipping inoperable or damaged car, or any sports or project car that does not have an engine yet is easy! Corsia Logistics team will explain the auto transport process. Call u now or request a car shipping quote online.

What is a non-running vehicle?

A non-running or inoperable vehicle is a term used in the auto transport industry for any vehicle that can’t be driven on and off the car carrier. A vehicle is considered inoperable when it does not start and can’t be moved on its own power. Moreover, we can consider a car inoperable if there is no key and we can’t start it to drive it onto the trailer. It often makes sense to fix the vehicle, if that is possible, before shipping it as this will reduce the cost of transportation.

Do you know how to ship a car that isn’t running?

Corsia Logistics can ship your vehicle as long as it has four wheels, rolls, steers and breaks. You have to make sure to inform us whether the car is inoperable and has any type of problems starting and moving on its own power. Based on your information we will give you a customized auto transport quote. The price for inoperable vehicle is usually higher than the rate for standard running vehicle.

The price will be higher because we will need to send a truck that has the necessary equipment, such as winch that will enable the carrier to pull the vehicle onto the trailer. Also, keep in mind that many companies would not want to ship a non-running vehicle and this makes it harder to find a carrier, which additionally raises the price. If the car does not start at all and does not roll and steer this will make it even more expensive because then the auto transport company will need a fork lift to load it onto the carrier.

Therefore, due to the additional time, labor and equipment the cost to ship an inoperable vehicle is higher. To get a quote for shipping a vehicle that does not run please use the online quote form on this page or call us at 818.850.5258 to talk to a transportation specialist. Thank you.

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