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Your automobile is important and we make sure you understand the car shipping process entirely. When working with out team, you will know exactly how much it costs to ship a car, and how long it takes. When your vehicle is assigned to a car carrier, your agent will provide you with the insurance certificate for peace of mind. More than a decade of auto logistics experience and integrity guarantees above and beyond customer service. Our business model is completely transparent and validated by our customer reviews.

Corsia Logistics offers auto transport to all states, including Alaska and Hawaii. We work with certified high safety ranked carriers. Our logistics experts provide complete auto transport management. We will explain the process in details, and help you choose the best option for your vehicle.

Corsia Logistics provides auto transport services across the country. Los Angeles is a strategic hub in the US logistics industry, as well as many other cities and we serve them all. We regularly transport vehicles to the port of Long Beach, as well as other ports across the country. Corsia Logistics provides daily services to all states and all major cities such as New York, Boston, San Francisco, Chicago, Miami, Dallas, Houston, and Seattle.

Corsia Logistics offers solutions based on the time frame of delivery, and on the type of carrier. You can request open or enclosed trailer, and choose standard or expedited delivery. Learn all details in our Services section. We transport automobiles, motorcycles, ATVs and various heavy duty equipment. We can also arrange for your international auto transport. Browse our website to learn about all vehicle shipping solutions.

The engine of the auto transport industry is all small carrier and broker companies, working closely together to serve their customers. This system makes the shipping process efficient and affordable. This is how a competitive market economy works, and this is what ensures against monopolization of the market. As a small, family-owned company, Corsia Logistics has pledged to participate and contribute to this system or fair business practices and fair market prices.

Los Angeles – New York is a major route for hundreds of customers and we provide daily services. Both cities are major transport and economic hubs. Vehicle transport between these two cities is often less expensive than between any other east and west coast points due to the high demand. Thousands of people choose the two cities for their international shipment as well, which means supply is always sufficient and prices competitive.

How does auto transport work?

Corsia Logistics makes shipping easy and the ever growing pool of returning customer is a proof of that. We explain all details and guide you through the steps – from booking your order to delivery at your door. This is how vehicle transport works, take a quick look.

Hiring a car shipping company

Shipping a car is preferred by businesses and private customers alike, whenever they need to haul a vehicle across country or state.

  1. Hiring a shipping company is the most efficient option when you need to move a vehicle more than 200 miles.
  2. Businesses and private customers hire auto logistics companies daily to relocate their vehicles.
  3. Besides considering the price, you have to check licensing, insurance and certainly customer testimonials.

Considering the types of auto shipping companies

  • About 90 percent of the orders in the US are handled by auto transport management companies, also known as brokers.
  • Most companies are brokers, licensed to contract with carrier companies from across the US, which ensures fair market prices.
  • This means that small and mid size logistics management and carrier companies are the engine of the auto transport industry.
  • This is how the industry stays efficient and companies such Corsia can offer affordable auto transport services and fair rates.
Before choosing, research all options

Make sure you understand how auto transport works and how drive-away services work. Compare and then decide what best fits your budget and preferences. Most importantly, research how the cost to ship a car is affected by various factors, and what is a reasonable current market price. Research a few companies and compare their prices and services.

Online you will discover hundreds of auto transport companies. Not one of them, however, can claim it is the best of all. It is unrealistic to say that one company is the best in an entire industry. When you search, make sure you check main aspects such as licensing with the USDOT and FMCSA, and insurance.

For all auto transport related questions call (818) 850-5258 or contact us online. Our dedicated team of logistics experts will answer your  questions. We look forward to serving your auto shipping needs. Thank you.