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    • 5 stars: Excellent
      It was a great experience
      It was a great experience. My car was delivered in a timely and professional manner. I would definitely use Corsia again.
      Christopher Davis

    • 5 stars: Excellent Nov 5, 2020
      Thanks, Corsia!
      Pickup was so clean, efficient, and wonderful -- my only recommendation is to make sure you schedule it during the day so you can fully review the car in the daylight. Drop off was equally wonderful, and the whole trip went down without a hitch (pun intended!). Seriously, Corsica delivered my Jeep from CT to California with no issues or bumps in the road!
      Cay Liptak

    • 5 stars: Excellent Oct 20, 2020
      Repeat Corsia Customer! Fabulous
      Corsia has been amazing. Their prices are really competitive but more importantly their customer service has been 5-Star. Elena followed up with me every step of the way, making sure there was no miscommunication between me & the driver. We are using them to ship a 2nd vehicle & would not hesitate to use them again!
      Carroll Tiffany

    • 5 Stars: Excellent 19 Oct 2020
      Car shipment went well and everything went perfect. Elena was very responsive and she gladly answered everything. Great service!! We will definitely have Corsia's service in the future. Thank you!

    How do I book with an auto transport company?

    Our vehicle transport process:

    1. Quote and book your order
    2. We pick-up your vehicle
    3. You receive your vehicle
    Leave it to the pros. Hire top rated car shipping company to move your vehicle. Corsia Logistics is completely transparent. We educate our customers and make sure they understand how shipping a car works. On our website you will find information about the costs to ship a car, how to prepare a car for shipping, what type of carrier you can choose from, how long it takes to ship a car and much more. This is why we are one of the best auto shipping companies in the US.
    We have over a decade of auto transport experience. Our knowledge, dedication and integrity guarantees exceptional customer service. Our business model is completely transparent and validated by our growing customer base and our 5-star reviews.
    One of our team members will always be your only point of contact, alongside the carrier. As a family-owned and operated this is one of our essential strengths. You will not be transferred from sales to customer services, carrier to dispatch. You will know the name of your agent and talk to them.
    We quote current market prices to ship a car now. Our approach is constantly tracking supply and demand to provide a realistic price. In this industry a current market price is crucial. Our prices are valid for one week only because a rate that reflects the market is a rate that changes. It is the nature of the logistics industry.
    Decide that for yourself, please, read our customer reviews! We are family-owned and operated and we take care of our customers. And our 5-star reviews speak volumes. This is why we are considered one of the best car shipping companies in the US.
    We do not require any payment upfront for you to book an order! The best car shipping companies only charge when a carrier is assigned. You can book your order now and pay later. Call our agents now for details and a quote.

    Corsia Logistics offers auto transport to all states, including Alaska and Hawaii. We work with certified high safety ranked carriers. Our logistics experts provide complete auto transport management. We will explain the process in details and help you choose the best option.

    How much do car transport companies charge?

    This is usually the first questions customers research. First, review and understand how auto transport works. Most importantly, research what is a current cost to ship a car, and what is a reasonable current market price for nationwide auto transport. The final price from auto shipping companies depends on the type of car you want to move, where it needs to go, its size, condition, total transport distance, transport type (open or enclosed trailer) and finally supply and demand.

    Check with our agents for discounts and current promotions. We are always ready to work with your budget, and offer flexible shipping dates and options.

    Research a few companies and compare their prices and services. Then you should decide what best fits your budget and preferences. When you search, make sure you check main aspects such as licensing with the USDOT and FMCSA, insurance, and customer reviews.

    The size of the vehicle matters. Smaller cars are cheaper to ship, while bigger, heavier vehicles are more expensive.
    Whether your car is running or not will affect your final rate. To ship a non-running vehicle we need a truck that can winch it onto the trailer.
    The type of carrier you choose will affect your rate as well. Open auto transport is the standard shipping method in the industry.
    The distance always affects the price to ship a car. The longer the distance the less it costs per mile, but that is never the decisive factor in the cost of shipping a vehicle.


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    5 stars: Excellent


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    5 stars: Excellent


    Corsia Logistics is a family-owned and operated company. With the help of our partners we provide auto transport services nationally and internationally. We regularly transport vehicles to and from all west coast ports, such as the port of Long Beach, as well as other ports across the country. Corsia Logistics provides daily services to all states and all major cities such as Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Miami, Dallas, Houston, and Seattle.

    Corsia Logistics offers solutions based on the time frame of delivery, and on the type of carrier. You can request open or enclosed trailer, and choose standard or expedited delivery. Learn all details in our Services section. We transport automobiles, motorcycles, ATVs and various heavy duty equipment. We can also arrange for your international auto transport. Browse our website to learn about all vehicle shipping solutions.

    The engine of the auto transport industry is all small carrier and broker companies, working closely together to serve their customers. This system makes the shipping process efficient and affordable. This is how a competitive market economy works, and this is what ensures against monopolization of the market. As a small, family-owned company, Corsia Logistics has pledged to participate and contribute to this system or fair business practices and fair market prices.

    Los Angeles – New York is a major route for hundreds of customers and we provide daily services. Both cities are major transport and economic hubs. Vehicle transport between these two cities is often less expensive than between any other east and west coast points due to the high demand. Thousands of people choose the two cities for their international shipment as well, which means supply is always sufficient and prices competitive.

    Consider all types of car shipping companies

    About 90 percent of the orders in the US are handled by auto transport broker companies. Most companies are brokers, licensed to contract with carrier companies from across the US.

    This ensures fair market prices. It also means that small and mid size (family-owned and operated) logistics management and carrier companies are the engine of the auto transport industry.

    This is how the industry stays efficient and car transport companies can offer affordable services and fair rates.

    Request a quote from Corsia now. We are here to help you ship a car with peace of mind.

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