Corsia Logistics offers auto transport to all states, including Alaska and Hawaii. We work with certified, high safety ranked carriers. Our logistics experts provide complete auto transport management. Our team will explain the process in details and help you choose the best option for your vehicle.

A Trustworthy Car Shipping Company

We understand that it is not easy to hand over your car keys to an unknown person. Therefore, we make sure you understand the shipping process, you know exactly how much does it cost to ship a car, and you know our team. When your vehicle is dispatched, we will provide you with insurance certificate of the carrier for your peace of mind. Our experience and integrity guarantees above and beyond customer service. Our customer satisfaction renders us one of the best and most trusted auto transport companies in the US.

Who we are?

We are a Los Angeles based car shipping company. Los Angeles is one of the biggest transport hubs in the US and it was natural to choose it for our head office. The city is a strategic spot for the logistics industry and many California auto transport companies are located there. We regularly transport vehicles to the port of Long Beach, as well as all other ports in California. We also serve New York and New Jersey ports, as well as all other ports in the country.

A regular route we serve is Los Angeles – New York. Certainly, Corsia Logistics provides services to all states and all major cities such as San Francisco, Seattle, Chicago Boston, Miami, Dallas, Houston as well as smaller towns and rural areas. Providing nationwide vehicle hauling does not mean we are a large corporation. On the contrary, we are a small, family owned company. This allows us to offer exceptional service and affordable prices. Rates vary by state, city and distance, but there are other factors that play a role in price formation. Visit our ‘How to ship a car’ section and review all important guides.

The auto transport industry is driven by small carrier and broker companies like us doing business together serving customers. Such a system makes the shipping process efficient and affordable. This is how a competitive market economy works and this is what ensures against monopolization of the market.

What Auto Transport Services Do We Offer?

Corsia Logistics offers auto shipping via open and enclosed trailers, motorcycle and heavy duty hauling and expedited shipping. We can also arrange for your international auto transport.

How does auto transport work?

At Corsia Logistics we want to earn your business and we make shipping easy. We explain all details and guide you through the steps – from booking your order to delivery at your door. This is how vehicle transport works.


  • Get a car shipping quote online or by phone.
  • Schedule shipment, choose first available pick-up date.
  • Prepare car for shipping. Wash exterior, remove detachable parts.
  • Perform vehicle inspection, at pick-up and delivery. Walk around car with the carrier.
  • At delivery sign Bill of Lading, inspect vehicle and pay remaining balance.


You have two options when shipping a car across the country. Option one is to hire an auto transport company and option two is to use a drive-away service company. Hiring an auto shipping company is what businesses and private customers prefer for whenever they need to haul a vehicle more than 200 miles away.

Hiring car shipping companies
  • This is the best and most efficient option when you need to move a vehicle more than 300 miles. Business and private customers hire auto transport companies daily. Before booking make sure you are hiring a dependable auto transport company. Besides inspecting the price, you have to check licensing, insurance and certainly customer testimonials.
  • Auto transport brokers manage about 90 percent of the orders in the US. Most companies listed online are brokers licensed to contract with carriers from across the US. This type of business relationship ensures efficiency and fair market pricing.
  • The second option is to turn for help to a drive away company. This type of company usually checks background and driving history of their drivers. You can also request to see references for the person whom they designate to drive your automobile.

Before choosing the best method of shipping your car, research all options. Make sure you understand how auto transport works and how drive-away services work. Compare all aspects of both options and then decide what best fits your budget and preferences.

How To Choose An Auto Transport Company?

Online you will find many great automobile transport companies. Not one of them can claim it is the best auto transport company. It is unrealistic to say that one company is the best in an industry. Bad things happen to even the best of people, companies, and intentions. When you search make sure you check main aspects such as licensing with USDOT and FMCSA, and insurance. Call us now to book your auto transport service.

For all auto transport related questions call (818) 850-5258 or contact us online. Our dedicated team of professional logistics experts will answer all questions. We look forward to serving your auto transport needs. Thank you.