7 Expensive Car Accessories

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Father’s Day has passed but we thought we could still help you with a little gift planning. Or let’s say some BIG gift planning, for some other occasion. Why not taking it to the extreme this year by choosing one of the following glamorous (and somewhat crazy) luxury items to make your car shine even brighter? Go big or go home, they say. We wanted to show you a few of the most expensive car accessories that make great gifts for the auto lover in your family. Yes, some that you could buy and most you’d wish you could buy. These price tags may seem quite ridiculous but we are sure you will enjoy them! And if you buy them, you will be able to see your money sparkle in the night.

7 Expensive Car Accessories You Can Buy

Just like our first item on the list: this diamond car key that will make you wear sunglasses even on the rainy days. Obviously, Koenigsegg is the type of brand that knows how to turn their super upscale luxury cars into unbelievably expensive gems, just by adding a single touch of elegance. The estimated price on this piece of treasure is around $250,000. A single accessory that costs as much as a house! Oh, did we forget to say it’s platinum as well? Along with 40 carats of diamonds. One of a kind.

this diamond car key

If diamonds don’t seem like such a good match in your mind, we have something else that will blow you away. With the amazing sound waves that come out of this audio system, you will be literally thrown into another world. Rogue Acoustics Audio is probably every music-lover’s dream. It has digital signal processing and high-quality amplifiers, which make the RA:1K remain one of the most expensive car audio systems in the world. Not only does it have the best developed technology, but it also offers you customization – you can modify your sound system thanks to the Rogue in-house design service alterations. This personalization, however, may drive up the price from $72,000 to over $330,000! Music better be the most important thing in your life if you are going to spend that much.

Rogue Acoustics Audio

Sorry, but we really have to go back to the diamonds again! Our third selection tops both of the previous one in terms pricing. The Asanti diamond rims that hip-hop fans have been long familiar with. Hip-hop rapper and entrepreneur Master P has already “put dubs on his ride” – a set of 4 rims, $250,000 each, adding up to a total price of $1,000,000! The 1100 carats of precious stones make these the most expensive rims in the world.

Asanti diamond rims

If you have a Nissan, this might be interesting to you. We believe we found the most expensive brakes in the world, and they could be in your Nissan! That, of course, only if your car is a Nissan R35 Spec-V – the model with the 50,000-dollar brakes! We thought that sounds quite impressive and since you can’t buy just the brakes, we suggest investing in the car. The Ultimate Black Opal body color adds even more elegance on top of the high-performance characteristics.

the most expensive brakes in the world

One of the most astonishing things we found out is the high price people are willing to pay for a classy paint job. If you don’t really need a new car but you desperately want to bring a new fresh look to it, invest in one of these liquid paint jobs that will make your vehicle look like new! We can’t stay indifferent to the mesmerizing Liquid Metal Shade that Porsche lets you add to the 918 Spyder. Knowing that the 887-hp hybrid roadster goes for over $845,000, maybe it shouldn’t be a surprise that paint job for the 918 Spyder is only well $65,000.

a classy paint job

In case you are one of the very few people that are not into any of these accessories or you prefer to invest your money into something more functional, we found these especially for you – luxurious infant car seats. You can travel Kardashian style and give your baby the pleasure and comfort of napping in elegance. Our top choice is the Maxi-Cosi Pria 70 Convertible Car Seat – it’s made of premium fabrics and has an advanced air cushion system and multi-directional energy management. And most importantly – making your baby safe! Sounds comfy? We know it is, in black leather for less than $900.

luxurious infant car seats

Our most favorite luxury car accessory, however, remains this license plate.

this license plate

All we are going to say about it is that only $14 million stay between you and this symbol of status. However, if you are a couple of millions short, you can always check out these numbered plates that are just as cool! Or maybe you can think of something else? Please share with us. Thanks!



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