Shipping a Luxury Car Guide

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Owners of luxury vehicles often need to move them around. Your high-end automobile is an expensive investment. Preservation and protection is always a top priority when shipping. We recommend that you thoroughly research how auto transport works, and then call and ask questions.

How to ship a luxury automobile?

Most luxury car owners prefer to hire an auto transporter, instead of driving the car. To expose a luxury vehicle to a long distance driving could mean scratches and damages. Thus, luxury auto transport is the preferred solution.

Luxury cars are expensive and require extra care. You need a reputable auto transporter that specializes in high-end automobile shipping.

Shipping a luxury, sports or classic car usually requires a covered trailer. This protects the vehicle from road and weather elements, such as dust and flying rock debris. This is how you will protect a high-end automobile from possible dents and scratches. However, often, not any covered trailer will work. You can call our office now and discuss all details with one of our logistics experts.

What type of trailer is preferred to ship a luxury car?

Generally, there are two types of auto transport trailers you can usually choose from – open and enclosed. Before deciding what’s best for your car, let’s delve into the advantages of both options.

Open auto transport

open auto transport sinlge level multi car carrier

This is the most used auto shipping method. An open carrier is not only less expensive, but it is more efficient and usually faster than an enclosed carrier. Depending on the type of trailer, it can fit up to ten cars at once, which makes it more efficient, less expensive and also less polluting. On the downside, it can expose your car to more weather and road hazards compared to enclosed auto transport. An open trailer is not recommended for high-end automobiles unless you are shipping such a car a very short distance.

Enclosed auto transport

enclosed car carrier


This is the preferred shipping method for sports, luxury, and classic vehicles. An enclosed auto carrier provides the best protection from all weather or road hazards. However, this is what makes it more expensive. This option can also be a bit slower because there are less enclosed car carriers in the country. Furthermore, an enclosed trailer is more expensive to buy and maintain. Since these carriers carry high-end cargo they need an insurance liability often up to a million dollars, and this is a hefty monthly fee. Thus, enclosed transport is certainly more expensive than open.

Corsia Logistics transports sports and luxury vehicles nationwide daily. Call us now to speak to a logistics expert. We will explain the shipping process and answer all questions.

How much does it cost to ship a luxury car?

The cost of shipping a vehicle could vary from $200 to as much as $2000, or more if shipping to Hawaii, Alaska or internationally. When you book enclosed carrier, expect the rates to be $300 to $500 more expensive than shipping via open.

To understand the economics of car shipping pricing better, please refer to our cost to ship a car guide. Understanding the process and the cost will help you make and educated decision. Do not choose service and company solely based on the price. Low prices often mean longer time for shipping or low-quality service. Learn how shipping a car works and what it really costs.

Final Notes

Shipping a car may seem like a daunting task that would cost a fortune. However, choosing the right auto transporter will make the whole process a breeze. Start planning your luxury car transport early. Don’t shy away from asking questions. Relevant and timely information is the key to good decision making.

When you start searching online you will find hundreds of car transport companies. Some are carriers, other brokers, and third only lead generating websites. You should not be worried, this is the way every industry is represented today. Many companies are both carriers and brokers. Most carriers are small independent businesses that serve only one or two designated routes.

Brokers are management companies, they are the connection between you (the shipper) and the carrier. In this industry, brokers, carriers, and customers depend on each other. A good broker company will stay in touch with you from pick-up to delivery of your luxury automobile.

Do you have any questions or need a good walk through the luxury vehicle shipping process? Are you ready to schedule your car transport? If so, call our team at (818) 850-5258 or request a quote online now. Thank you!


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