About Us

Corsia Logistics is a small family owned company with a decade of combined experience in the auto transport industry. Our team is knowledgeable and eager to provide what people need today – personalized service and affordable rates. We know that small companies like us are often those to offer this because they really care for each and every customer. We have just the right amount of experience in the shipping industry to know what customers need. Yet we never stop learning. Corsia Logistics team stays on top of industry news and developments, and we constantly gain knowledge and learn how to serve our customers better.

Corsia Logistics provides nationwide auto transport. We work with verified, high safety rating carriers to offer reliable car shipping service. We offer both Open and Enclosed Auto Transport. For our customers who need their vehicle shipped quickly we can also arrange Express Vehicle Transport service.Our team specializes in Classic Car Shipping. We help classic car enthusiast move their vehicles across the country every day. The car shipping costs are often affected by seasonal fluctuations and gas prices, but we work hard to offer affordable rates.

Over the last year and a half we grew very fast. The US market is huge, but only handful of companies really care about the customer and these are the companies that grow. We pride ourselves in caring for each customer personally, answering each question and staying in touch from pick-up to delivery. Corsia Logistics is dedicated to integrity, fair rates and personalized service.

Corsia Logistics is bonded and registered broker – MC #825904, licensed with the U.S. Department of Transportation – USDOT #2405616.

Above and Beyond Customer Service!

If you would like to speak with us just give us a call now (818) 850-5258. Please read some auto transport reviews on Corsia Logistics or go to our profiles on TrustPilot, Transport Reviews, MyMovingReviews or Google reviews. We are here to answer all of your questions. You can contact us online or call. Thank you.