Shipping a Car from Florida to Chicago Guide


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The key to a stress-free move is to first get familiar with the process and then plan everything accordingly. But there is a catch. Furniture and household goods are not the only things you have to move. Once in Chicago, you will need your ride so you can go to work, run errands and get out to explore the city!

In order to make the best decision for moving your car there, you need information. That is why here you will find the answers to some major frequently asked car shipping questions.

What are my car transport options?

When most people decide to transport their vehicle, they usually search for answers online. While there are a lot of options that pop up, we can boil them down to just three – driving the car yourself, using a drive-away company, or hiring a full service auto transport company. Let’s take a look at each!

Driving yourself

Driving the car yourself often seems like an easy option for most people. You don’t have to schedule shipping dates, you don’t have to deal with companies. Everything is up to you. Most people also view this to be a cheaper solution, too, although that may not be the case.

Using a drive-away company

If this first option seems a bit too much of a bother, you can actually go to a company, which can do essentially the same. They will find you a professional driver to get your car where you want it. Usually you still have to go according to schedule, but it is a bit looser and companies often strive to accommodate your own moving plan.

Both of these options mean that your car will be driven. The only difference is who is going to be driving it. If you decide to pay a fee for the services of a driver, you may save yourself some time to deal with the actual move. But a lot of people are not comfortable with someone else driving their car, especially on a long distance trip, such as the one from Florida to Chicago.

Hire an auto transport company

The last option, and often the most preferable, is hiring an auto transport company. This service is great for people, who don’t want to drive their cars across the country, and also don’t want others to do that either. Plus it is very simple and straightforward. Booking a car shipping service means you choose your first available pick-up date and then a carrier comes to your door in Florida, within a window of five days, to load it. Then delivery takes 3 to 5 days. Simple, easy, and completely stress-free.

Why people choose to hire a transport company?

When you look at the all the options above, transporting the car yourself does seem tempting. But many people opt out of it the moment they realize what it actually means. While you won’t have to deal with company schedules, you will definitely need to stick to the one you have to create for yourself. You have to figure out routes, motels, rest stops, and so on. That just takes too much research, which can waste more of your time than the actual execution.

Car shipping has additional advantages as well, even if they are not obvious in the beginning. Firstly, there is no wear and tear on your vehicle. Your engine will not have its life reduced by thousands of miles. Secondly, there is zero risk of being involved in a traffic accident. You can comfortably fly to your new home instead of spending days on the road driving. And you will have more time getting your new place ready. Did we mention you won’t have to sleep in cheap motels or at truck stops in your car like truckers do?

Those were some of the most common reasons why people choose not to drive and instead hire a car transport company. If you think harder, you will come up with others as well. All in all, auto transport is safe and stress-free, plus it also saves you time. Learn all about how shipping a car works anc call us with questions!

What is the cost to ship a car?

At Corsia Logistics we understand that shipping a car may seem as an expensive service. But in comparison to driving the car yourself, when you draw the line shipping often comes out the less expensive option. The price itself, however, depends on quite a few factors. There are the obvious ones, such as distance and pickup/drop-off locations. Your car make and model also matter, as well as its condition – whether it is running or not. If the engine does not work, that would require us to provide a fork lift or a carrier equipped with a winch, otherwise it would not be able to get loaded on the carrier.

Additional price-determining factors are the transport type, and the demand/supply situation. The latter is perhaps the most important, since it determines the final price, upon which all services are calculated. We do not utilize automated software to calculate rates. Corsia Logistics has professional agents, who track the demand and supply situation personally at all times. That is how we can deliver accurate rates that will ship a vehicle in a timely and professional manner. We call our rates the AA rates – affordable to the customer and acceptable by the carrier. Such a level of integrity in our practices is what makes our business grow.

To get a quote and ship your vehicle with Corsia Logistics call us at (818) 858-5258 or request a quote online. Shipping your car from Florida to Chicago is easy with us. We regularly serve this route, so getting you a spot on a carrier will not be difficult.

Why people move from Florida to Chicago?

Most people who move from Florida to Chicago are snowbirds. Snowbirds we usually call the retirees who move form their permanent northern homes to a southern dwelling every winter to escape the cold weather. Climate change is the prime factor that makes people move to Florida for the winter. Therefore, every winter season in the beginning and in the end a huge wave of people ship their vehicles from Florida to Chicago and back.

Among those moving, certainly there are people who have chosen to move permanently to Chicago from Florida for work, family or business. Chicago has a lot to offer in terms of economical opportunities, culture and lifestyle. It is no wonder that there will be many moving to the Windy City. Younger people especially favor the city. A lot of them are drawn there by the arts scene the city has to offer. It is a great starting point for many talented individuals. Comedians, musicians, and stage actors all have their places there. But while you may not necessary dabble in artistic expressions yourself, you can still appreciate the great shows and performances. There are also many small things that make Chicago a great place to be. You have to go out of your way to become bored in that city. There are so many museums and places to visit, that even after years of roaming around it, you may still have something new to see. Add to all that the many great food places and the peculiar affinity for craft beer, and all of a sudden it is very obvious why people are moving their. Young or old, Chicago is definitely a place that welcomes all kinds of souls.

To learn even more about the city, visit some city governement websites:

If you are one of those soon to be transplants, preparing your move to Chicago, we can help you move your vehicle. Once you pack your boxes and know your dates call us or request a quote online. We will do our best to accommodate your dates, but as you know by now, shipping dates in auto transport do not work the same as in household moving. Call us to discuss your options and budget. Thank you!