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Moving from one place to another often takes weeks of preparation and several days in the actual moving. Not only do you have to plan the entire process, but you also have to deal with scheduling and coordinating people and companies. That often includes thinking of the shipping of your car that is done by a separate company! Household moving companies do not move cars, they are only licensed for household. Companies like us are licensed to move motor vehicles of all types. Moving a car is done via a specialized car carrier truck. Shipping a car works differently than shipping your household property. Call us now to discuss your price and options.

Corsia Logistics team is here to help you transport your car with peace of mind. This is how you can your attention on your move from Florida. Review our guide and call to schedule your shipment.


 How does shipping a car from Florida to Massachusets work? Get all the answers now.

  1. How to ship my car from Florida to Massachusetts?
  2. Why do people choose to hire an auto transport company?
  3. How does the service work exactly and how much does it cost?


How to ship a car from Florida to Massachusetts?

When people move out of state, they ususally take their car with them. It is rarely left behind because it is the single most important mode of transport for any individual, family or business in any state. We transport vehicle for businesses and individuals nationwide daily. The fact is that public transport in the US is simply not as developed as it is in other Western countries, and you need your car with you. But do you know how to transport it? Do you know what options you have and what service to choose?

You have three main options for moving a car across state lines:

  1. drive yourself
  2. ask a friend or hire a driver
  3. hire an auto transport company

The most obvious choice is to hop in and drive to wherever you are going. But a trip from Florida to Massachusetts is not that short nor easy. It is simply not for everybody. You have to plan and schedule every detail that entails a long distance road trip. This might sound like an adventure, but for many it would be hard work and stress behind the wheel.

If you are looking for an alternative, then you can always ask a friend or a family member. However, it is not very likely that you will find someone you trust willing to do it. That is why drive-away companies exist. They look for good drivers who will take your car to whatever destination you want. But that comes at a fee, which is often quite high and, moreover, the driver is not guaranteed to be a professional. It is a regular person with a current clean driving record,at most.

If you do not want to deal with any of that, then the last and best option remains hiring a car shipping company. This service is designed to meet specifically the needs of individuals and business who need to transport vehicles across the country or the state lines. If you value your time and would like to preserve your vehicle, then this is the perfect option.

Why do people choose to hire an auto transport company?

Many of the reasons people prefer auto transport have a lot to do with why the other alternatives are not that great. Let’s take driving the vehicle yourself, for instance. We already noted that it takes time – to prepare and driving itself. It requires quite a bit of planning also. But we have not mentioned the fact that road trips require your car to be in perfect condition. That means paying for a full-on maintenance check, after which repairs are often necessary.

Driving itself is also quite a problem. You do not have unlimited energy and driving takes a toll on people. Too often they overestimate their driving endurance. But let us be clear – most people are not great drivers at long distances. So, such trips increase the chance of car accidents. Plus, even when everything goes great, wear and tear on your car is still a problem. The engine only has so much life, and a thousand miles off it is not something to brush over. This option is good for those ready for a road trip, car ready and phisically and mentally ready. It is often a great option for those buying a car from ebay and need to move it because theyare excited and ready to go and get it.

The same applies to the option of hiring a professional driver. Sure, you will not be the one driving, but your car still gets used. You also have to be comfortable with allowing other people to drive your car for that long of a distance. So, if you are one of those don’t touch my stuff type of people it will not work for you.

When you hire a car shipping company your car gets transported in a trailer – open or enclosed. No driving, no wear and tear, no engine failures. And if that is not reason enough to go with an auto transport company, the other benefit is the sheer freedom you have with this service. Your time will be your own, there are no hidden fees, and you can actually have peace of mind that your vehicle is in good hands.

How does the service work exactly?

An auto transport company like Corsia Logistics will schedule your shipment and deliver your car within a certain time frame. Based on a few factors this will mean anywhere from 3 to 5 days to deliver. The company will also need similar time frame to schedule a truck to pick up the car. That estimated pick-up date is among the most bothering things to customers. But the fact is that moving a car is not like a residential move. With household moving, a company often makes their schedule months in advance. In contrast, auto transport carriers’ schedule is usually prepared a week or two in advance, due to the nature of the service.

For transport to be efficient and profitable, car carriers have to be fully loaded. In logistics, full loads can rarely be scheduled a month in advance, unless it is special cargo. Because of that the auto transport industry is highly dependent on the supply and demand situation.

Sometimes a truck can get scheduled and loaded the same day. If, for example, there is an event somewhere and someone needs eight or ten cars transported within the next couple of days. But this is the exception rather than the rule, unless it is a car dealership. But even they do not know the exact number of cars they will be transporting on any given week. Hence, transport for private customers is highly affected by supply and demand on any given route.

Because of the process described above, the prices can also fluctuate daily. That is why it is absolutely crucial they are tracked manually. However, most companies use car shipping quote calculator that gives you a flat fee, which is often not a current market price. Here at Corsia Logistics we are famous for giving manual quotes at all times. We have professionals who constantly stay on top of the price fluctuation.

If you would like more detailed explanation of what takes part in the pricing of the service, you can give us a call. One of our experts will guide you through the process, so you can be completely sure in the integrity of our services. You can also read more in our article on how much it costs to ship a car.

Moving to Massachusetts from Florida

When you start checking statistics you can easily discover many similarities between Florida and Massachusetts. However, they are quite different – first in size, second in population and third in climate. These are all serious differences that could sway a person easily. If you are moving to Massachusetts from Florida you may want to know a few things about the state and its major differences with Florida.

The statistics say that public schools are average in both states, although many would argue that. In Boston you will find some of the best universities in the world – Harvard and MIT to set the stage – and we highly doubt public schools are average there, but probably we should trust the statistics. According to people in both states are moderately educated, and because Boston does not represent the whole of Massachusetts we can try and trust the statistics to some degree.

One difference that kind of contradicts their own statistics is that in Florida you have lower income middle class, while in Massachusetts it is upper income middle class. Another statistic we should mention is the types of common age groups identified in both states – Florida is represented mostly by retirees over the age of 65, while Massachusetts has a “typical age distribution.” However, both states contain disproportionately large middle aged populations. The average commute time is 26 minutes in Florida and 28 in Massachusetts and the unemployment rate is higher in Florida – about 10 percent versus about 8 percent for Massachusetts.

When you ask which state is better to live, the answers will vary depending on who you ask. Many retirees will tell you that Florida is better only because of the warm climate and salty water, and laid back culture. However, if you ask a younger person they would tell you Massachusetts is the place to be because of the good colleges, better economy and the fact that you can enjoy all four seasons. So, whether you are moving to Massachusetts or to Florida, just make sure you know the facts and visit prior to moving.

Making a decision is not easy, and once you have decided comes the moving itself. And moving is not a simple task. In most cases you will have to hire a moving company to transport your household and an auto transport company to ship your car. Most moving companies to not transport cars, they are licensed to only move household goods, thus they either work with vehicle hauling companies like Corsia Logistics or let you find a company on your own.