Shipping a Car from Los Angeles to Las Vegas Guide

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    Shipping a car from Los Angeles to Las Vegas is easy. Our experienced logistics agents will be happy to walk you through the steps of the car shipping process and help you select the appropriate service and book your shipment.

    Shipping a car from Los Angeles to Las Vegas options

    When you need to relocate a vehicle you have two main options – driving the car or shipping the car.

    Driving from would be a great option if you have free time and enjoy being behind the wheel. Road trips are also great because driving takes your mind off everything else and forces you to focus on the activity itself. When the distance is greater than 200 miles, we recommend shipping your car instead of driving it.
    Hiring an auto transport company saves you time and spares your car additional hundreds of miles of unnecessary wear and tear. Driving from Los Angeles to Las Vegas is not much but it is not easy. The highways are busy, there is always construction and road closures which  usually results in traffic jams. Shipping then, usually costs as much as driving, which makes it a better option.

    What types of services does an auto transport company offer?

    In general, you’ll have a choice based on the type of carrier and on the time frame of delivery. Corsia Logistics provides the following car shipping services:

    • by carrier type: open and enclosed trailer
    • by time frame: standard and expedited delivery
    Your choice of carrier really depends on the type of vehicle you need to ship. Standard everyday sedans usually go on an open trailer. If you need to ship a high-end automobile, or any classic vehicle enclosed trailer is recommended. Enclosed auto transport offers complete protection from weather and road elements.
    Standard car shipping service usually means that a carrier will pick up your vehicle within one to five business days. Delivery, in this case, from Los Angeles to Las Vegas would be same or next day. However, please keep in mind that all dates and times are only estimates. Expedited delivery could guarantee that your car is picked up or delivered on or by a specified date and time.

    Cost to ship a car from Los Angeles to Las Vegas

    Several variables decide the final cost of shipping a vehicle. Vehicle make and model together with the distance set the base price for shipping. Then the choice of carrier type enters into the equation. Shipping a non-running car drives the price up due to additional equipment. Picking up and delivering a vehicle to and from a rural area is a logistical challenge that usually costs more. However, the deciding factor of all is the current supply and demand situation on a given route.

    We track supply and demand daily and quote current market prices that will ship your vehicle in a professional and timely fashion.

    Smaller cars are always cheaper to ship, while bigger, heavier vehicles are more expensive. Auto transport carriers have weight limit that they must observe when accepting loads. Thus, the make and model of your vehicle, as well as any modifications done to it, and whether there will be any personal items loaded inside, all matter for the total weight of the carrier and the final price.
    The type of carrier you choose affects your rate as well. Open auto transport is the standard shipping method in the industry. It is used for all vehicle types, availability of open carriers is much higher and prices are cheaper. Enclosed auto transport is more expensive and often used for sports, luxury or classic automobiles.
    The distance always affects the price of shipping. The longer the distance the less it costs per mile, but that is never the decisive factor in the final cost. Shorter distances still consume gas and require the same amount of work (don’t forget waiting in traffic jams), but in the end it is fewer miles traveled. This means that shorter distances often cost as much as shipping a car across the country.
    Auto transport to and from rural areas could be more complex and challenging. Fewer auto haulers are willing to go to remote towns and villages to pick-up or deliver a single vehicle only. This often means higher prices and longer wait for pick-up, or delivery. The majority of the truck drivers prefer to travel to major metro areas where loads availability is higher.
    To ship a non-running vehicle we need a truck that can winch it onto the trailer. This requires more work, more time and a special truck. A fitted carrier, and special skill set means a higher rate. In some cases, we may even need a forklift to load a fully inoperable vehicle, which additionally increases the price.
    The basics principles of supply and demand apply in the auto transport industry as well. When supply is higher than demand, prices drop, but when demand is higher prices go up. In auto logistics, when demand is high the truck space is limited and this means prices increase. That is why a quote is good for one week only because demand changes often weekly on every route.

    What documents do I need when shipping a car?

    You or someone on your behalf needs to release the vehicle to the carrier at pick-up. The person at pick-up will need to sign a Bill of Lading (BOL). The BOL is not only a receipt but also an inspection report. When the carrier inspects the car you need to check with him that all existing damages are marked down before you sign. Never sign a blank or incomplete document and request your copy before the driver leaves the site.

    Is my car insured during transport?

    Yes, it is. By law, every car carrier in operation must have cargo insurance. A car carrier cannot operate without an active insurance policy.

    From L.A. to Las Vegas

    Relocation is so much a part of our American lives that nowadays it is boiled down to nothing more than a statistic. Recent number suggest that the average American moves more than a dozen times. And while those moves are often local, sometimes we move across the country or at least to a different city.

    A move from Los Angeles to Las Vegas may not sound like anything too crazy. After all, it is a trip of about 270 miles. No big deal, right? Well, that depends. In our ‘Car Shipping Los Angeles to Las Vegas’ guide, we will answer some of the following questions:

    Why should I even consider shipping a car from L.A. to Las Vegas?

    The Entertainment Capital of the World is a popular weekend destination for a lot of Californians, which makes interstate 15 quite a busy route. Statistics report the average daily auto traffic border number is 42,143 vehicles. Impressive, is it not? Say you decide to transport a vehicle yourself. You should then expect this drive to be congested with frustrating stop and go traffic. Also, some part of Interstate 15 is always under construction with often inadequate signage and poor lane markings. This, combined with a large number of travelers, results in frequent last-minute lane changes which often lead to accidents.

    The stretch of I-15 between Barstow and California/Nevada state border at Primm was the single deadliest stretch of highway in the US from 1994 to 2008. Do not be surprised! This route offers long straight stretches that encourage speeding, sudden emergency braking and wild multi-car pileups. If this e situations does not seem at all that pleasant to you, it is not surprising. Traffic is a nightmare for quite a lot of people. Add that on top of the stress that you will have because of the move itself, and you have a recipe for disaster.

    If you decide to embark on this short, but quite an intense journey, make sure to be well rested and in excellent health. Don’t forget to take a first-aid kid with you, fully charged cell phone and a charger for that phone. Experienced drivers should not be scared though, just be prepared. Aside all unpleasantness, you might be able to spot some really cool vehicles moving between California and Nevada.

    If you are looking for a professional car transporter to deliver your vehicle from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, search no more. Corsia Logistics is a Los Angeles based auto transport company. We travel this route daily and know every square inch of it.

    Shipping is easier!

    That is why services, such as car shipping exist. They take the burden of transporting your vehicle off your shoulders. While you deal with everything else surrounding your move, your car will be traveling safe and sound. Corsia Logistics is a Los Angeles auto transport company with reputation build over the last five years. And because we value our reputation, we make sure that all the carriers we work with are properly insured and possess excellent safety record, which guarantees your satisfaction.

    Perhaps you are not sure where to start. You may have never used an auto transport service before. That is why we are always open for your questions. You can give us a call at any time or find all the answers on our website. We will explain the entire auto shipping process and answer all questions you may have. But maybe you just want to read more about it and then see if something pops up in your mind? Right to the next section then!

    Auto shipping process steps

    • It all starts with a car shipping quote, which you can easily request online. You have to fill out a simple form with the information about your vehicle and preferred service.

    • Schedule your shipment. You will be provided with an estimated pick up and delivery date.

    • Once you know the pickup date, prepare your vehicle for transport. Making sure the car is ready for shipping.

    • At the time of pick up, together with the driver, you will perform vehicle inspection and document any existing scratches or dings on the Bill of Lading.

    • When your car reaches its final destination you inspect it again and check the condition. Sign off and pay the balance.

    Moving to Las Vegas – Things to Know

    Once your vehicle reaches Las Vegas don’t forget to register it. You will have 30 days from its arrival to the state of Nevada. If your vehicle has never been titled or registered in Nevada, you must have a VIN inspection completed at the DMV. To find out what the registration requirements and fees are, visit the official website of the Department of Motor Vehicles of the State of Nevada. The entertainment capital of the world is located in the Mojave Desert of Southern Nevada. It’s a relatively young city that was founded in 1905. For many years it was a small settlement in the middle of the desert. Las Vegas is a city that grows out, not up. High-rises are scarce here, the city expands further and further out into the desert.

    There is a large Hawaiian population in Las Vegas; for that, the city is often referred to as the “ninth island”. Many Californians are also eager to try their luck in Vegas, and we are not speaking of Casinos here. As a new Las Vegas resident, you may find relief in substantially lower housing prices and the overall cost of living. Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce is a great source for those planning their move to the city. It offers plenty of valuable information: from where to look for jobs to opening your own business; from financing and mortgages to home improvement projects; insurance, health and wellness, education. It’s your one stop shop to a successful move.

    Once you’ve made your move, you will discover that Vegas is not all about gambling, clubs and pool parties. There is much more the city has to offer – mountains, desert, hiking, camping, festivals, music, and well, low taxes. So, welcome and enjoy your new home!

    Call Corsia Logistics if you need to transport your vehicle. We will discuss your options and schedule your shipment. Thank you!