Shipping a Car from Los Angeles to New York Guide

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Shipping a car from Los Angeles to New York should not be stressful. We travel this route every week. Our agents will explain the process and recommend the right auto transport service for your vehicle. Corsia Logistics hires only dependable auto transporters with experience in the automobile shipping industry. We can accommodate your demands for safe and secure auto transport across the country. Most importantly, we track the prices daily and our rates are manual which allows us to offer the most current and affordable prices.

In our guide we will answer some common questions people ask when shipping a car from Los Angeles to New York.


  1. How much does it cost to ship a car from Los Angeles to New York?
  2. What options do I have when I need to ship a car across the country?
  3. What services does an auto transport company offer?
  4. How does auto transport services work?


How much does it cost to ship a car from Los Angeles to New York?

Driving a vehicle from Los Angeles to New York means embarking on a cross country trip of more than 2000 miles. This can be a very stressful and exhausting drive. Moreover, it will cost you quite a lot of money as well. Many people think that driving their vehicle would be cheaper than shipping it, but in most cases this is not true.

Shipping a car from Los Angeles to New York could cost anywhere from $1000 to $2000. The total price depends on the vehicle make and model, modifications, the type of transport service, exact location and distance and mainly supply and demand fluctuations. All factors play a role in price formation, however, supply and demand disruptions affect the prices on all routes daily.

The make and model of your vehicle is important, as well as whether it is running or not. The exact location and the total distance are also factors. Shipping from a rural town is often more expensive than shipping from a major city. However, in the case of New York things could be the opposite because often tolls and bridges truckers need to pay increase the price. Truck drivers pay for fuel, truck utilization, insurance coverage for all kinds of expensive vehicles, dispatch and broker services. The type of transport you prefer also affects the price.

Keep in mind all those factors that affect the prices before booking with a company. Think about all those rates you are getting online. Do not be lured by low prices. Auto transport is not a cheap service and only a realistic, current market price quote will ship your vehicle in a timely and professional manner.

Before choosing a company and booking your service, learn how it all works. Make sure you collect several car shipping quotes and compare them. Then discuss the prices with the auto transport companies. This is how you can see what a realistic rate is. The cost to ship a car to another state depends on several important factors. Call and discuss all of them with our agents now.

What options do I have when I need to ship a car across the country?

When you need to move a car from Los Angeles to New York, there are two main options. One is to hire an auto transport company and the other to have someone else drive your vehicle. Which is the best and most affordable solution depends mainly on the distance, your budget and your personal preferences.

Advantages of hiring an auto transport company

Hiring an auto transport company is often the most affordable and convenient option. Businesses and private customers hire auto transport companies daily. When you need to ship a car from Los Angeles to New York this is your best and most affordable option. You can calculate, roughly, how much it would cost to drive (in terms of time, gas and accommodation) and see for yourself that shipping is a better option than driving.

When you start searching for an auto transport company keep in mind that there will be three entities you will find online – broker/carrier companies, auction websites and lead generator websites. An auto transport company ships your vehicle. You can request a car shipping quote online or call. Also, you can directly choose between open and enclosed trailer. Most auto transport companies you find online are brokers. Established and trustworthy brokers have a tight network of owner operated carriers and this guarantees fast and affordable service.

About 90 percent of the carriers in the country are small, single owner operated companies. They are the engine of the auto transport industry. Together with the brokers they keep the auto transport industry in balance and protect it from monopolization by large corporations.

Auctions and lead provider websites

The other entity is auction websites. On such websites underbidding wars between auto transport companies drive the prices down to an unrealistic rate. Then when you book the lowest price you usually end up waiting for a long time for a carrier to pick up your vehicle. Our advice is to customers is to research more and beyond first page of Google Search. Do not be lured by low prices auction websites offer.

The third entity customers find online is car shipping lead provider websites. They are similar to auction websites, but the difference is that they often resemble an actual auto transport company site. In reality though, these websites are neither a carrier nor a broker. Brokers and carriers are licensed with the USDOT and FMCSA, and have insurance. Lead provider websites only collect customers’ information and then sell it to broker/carrier companies.

Find someone to drive or hire a drive-away company

This is not an option we recommend when it comes to transporting a vehicle from New York to Los Angeles. You can certainly drive, if you are up for a challenge and a road trip. It is a long distance that not everybody can handle. Interstate highways are busy every day and to drive this distance you must be a good driver.

If you still want to go with driving the vehicle, but don’t want to do it yourself, you can turn for help to drive away companies. Such companies contract with people willing to drive other people’s vehicles across the country. All drivers are checked for good driving record and current driver’s license. In most cases the company also provides insurance for your vehicle while on the road with their driver, but you have to check that before booking. If you decide to book such service make sure to research everything.

Keep in mind that shipping your vehicle is always better and it will save you time and the stress associated with driving across the country, as well as wear and tear on your automobile.

What services does an auto transport company offer?

Most companies that offer vehicle moving services from Los Angeles to New York provide several options. Firstly, you can choose from open or enclosed trailer, and secondly you can book standard or expedited service. Additional extra you can request is a top load for your vehicle. In most cases it all depends on your budget, and the type of protection you prefer.

How does auto transport services work?

This is how the car shipping process works:

  1. Request multiple quotes and compare prices from various companies.
  2. Decide on an average rate – this is the golden mean that is usually fair.
  3. Choose your first available pick-up date and prepare your vehicle.
  4. The car will be picked up one to few days from your first available date.
  5. The carrier will complete inspection before loading the car on the trailer.
  6. Shipping a car from Los Angeles to New York takes about 10 days.
  7. Upon delivery at your address, carrier unloads and inspects the vehicle again.

When you contact us we will make sure to answer all of your questions and walk you through the process. Our agents have years of experience and understand the value of every vehicle. If you have recently purchased a vehicle online, or from a dealer, or you are a dealer and need to transport a car from Los Angeles to New York we offer reliable auto transport services.

Moving from California to New York?

If you are relocating to New York due to a new job then congratulations! You will perhaps be taking your vehicle with you. We will organize your car shipping and find you the most affordable option. Our team guarantees that your car will arrive at your new address in New York safely and will receive the best car shipping service. If you are shipping a luxury vehicle, we work with specialized carriers who know how to handle such cargo with care. Contact us and we will arrange your shipment.

For students and military members making the move to New York we offer discounts. Call us and we will arrange the shipment according to your requirements. If you still have questions please visit our FAQ section to find answers to common questions customers ask. If you would like to discuss your shipping now please call our logistics experts. You can also request a car shipping quote online right here on this page and we will call you shortly after. Thank you.