Car shipping, no middleman?

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The world of auto transport is probably non-existent for many people. Yet, moving is a vivid reality for more than 35 million Americans each year. When you start researching car shipping though, you swiftly realize that it is a separate industry with its own rules and regulations. Ultimately, you find yourself with some very specific questions.

One major aspect is the difference between auto transport brokers and carriers. You may rightfully wonder if it is not simply better to cut the middleman and approach a carrier. After all, sometimes that works for other services, right? While that logic sounds tempting, it does not mean it works with auto transport. When you start digging deeper, you will find plenty of reasons why that is the case. Let’s go over some of them and clear things up!

Working directly with carriers is a challenge

The key to understanding the role of both brokers and carriers is to look at how the whole industry operates. Many people assume that it is easy to just find a carrier, squeeze out a low price, and make the deal. However, this is not how it works.

Suppose that you want to ship a car from Texas to New York. You start by searching for a car carrier, and here is where you meet your first challenge. Statistically speaking, about 80 percent of all US auto carriers are single owner-operators. On top of that, most of them have a limited number of routes they serve. Last but not least, only a small number of them have an online presence.

When you put all those things together you realize that finding a carrier is not easy. Of course, if you are determined enough, you can probably find some contact details. But what about the competition? You would have to find at least a few carriers to compare their prices and pick the best. This means a lot of time spent to handle just that part of the car shipping process.

However, even if you manage it, does that mean that you have found a good service? Information about the carrier’s performance is not accessible for just anyone. The reason brokers have it is because of their working relationship with the whole carrier infrastructure, as they are licensed entities. Yet, this is not the only benefit that brokers bring to the table.

What car shipping brokers do for you

Without car carriers, the entire auto transport industry would not exist. That being said, car shipping brokers are also a vital part of it. They help both sides – carriers and customers alike. Their services save everyone’s time, which in turn cuts down the cost of the service. They connect and manage the whole shipping process.

Nevertheless, a broker does not simply connect a client and the carrier. It is their job to track the market conditions, always aware of what a realistic market price means. Through their database of transporters, they can organize transport for virtually any route you may need, at any time of the year. The carriers appreciate that as well because they have easier time filling up the trucks. It is also in the interest of the broker to find the carriers with the best reputation. That helps in keeping up the competitive aspect of the niche. Of course, that only means better services for the clients.

More of what a broker can do for you

  • Track the location of your car at all times. You can call them to ask about the status of your shipment and whether your car will arrive within the estimated window of time.
  • Give you free car shipping quotes. Reputable brokers will offer free quotes so that you can make an informed decision about transporting your car. That also means that brokers have the interest to provide you with a good deal, based on current market conditions.
  • Inform you about the entire shipping process. The broker will tell you how transporting a car works. That includes preparing your car for transport, as well as estimated pick-up and drop-off dates.

If you want to learn more details please visit our guide differences between auto transport brokers and carriers. With that said, you should know that a broker can also operate as a carrier. This, however, does not mean such merge of operational responsibilities makes the company better than the rest. It simply means a broker / carrier company understands both sides better and this can only mean more thoughtful team.

Corsia Logistics

Most people who need to transport their vehicles usually want quick and cheap service. And we always tell customers that you get what you pay for. The majority of car carriers in the US would not accept a car below the current market shipping cost. That applies to both open and enclosed trucks. You have probably seen them on the interstate highways. As one of the most trusted car shipping companies, we work with all carriers to find you a spot and give you the best price possible.

Since Corsia Logistics has experience on both sides of the industry, we understand the specific challenges even better. That helps us improve our services on all fronts. So, if you need help to ship a car please request a quick quote online or call our team now.


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