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Traveling from North to South in the U.S can be long and tiring. Hence, shipping your car instead could be your best choice. Especially if you’re moving, temporarily or permanently, to a Southern state. It is safe, convenient, and it can even be cheaper, depending on when you move.

Shipping your car from North to South is a simple process when you know what steps to follow and what key aspects to consider.

Auto transport steps

Choose your car shipper

Thanks to the unlimited access to online sources, the research for car shipping companies is a trivial process nowadays. Yet, it does not mean that you should immediately settle for the first search results page. Spending a bit more time researching can lead you to a different decision. Hence, my advice is to plan and start looking for auto shippers at least a couple of months before your departure date. Allow yourself some time to identify licensed and reliable auto transporters.

Don’t base your choice just on the price or size of the company. Often smaller businesses can offer higher-level services. To them, you are not just a number, and personalized customer service is their value proposition. Customer reviews are a valuable resource, especially if you cannot get a direct reference from friends.

Once you get in touch with several auto transport companies, their responsiveness, services, pricing, delivery time, and insurance are what will set them apart.

Select auto transport services

After choosing your car shipping company, you will need to select the shipping carrier type. Usually, the car shipper will advise you on the most appropriate selection, which fits your needs. However, we will give you some basic tips so that you can be more informed.

The enclosed auto transport carrier may be a better option when you ship your car during the winter and over long distances. In your case of moving from North to South, this option is highly suggested. It’s a bit more expensive than the open carrier, but it will protect your car better.

Moreover, you will have access to door-to-door auto transport and expedited auto shipping services, should you need. This way, you don’t need to drop off your car at a specific location and don’t need to worry about picking it up, as it will be unloaded as close to your new home as possible. With expedited shipping, you can also get your car at a specific date, which will help you plan accordingly.

In addition, if your car is a luxury or expensive sports vehicle, the single-car carrier may be an option to guarantee extra safety.

Get your car shipping quote

Getting auto transport quotes is simple, and many companies offer free estimates. The important part is for you to understand the logic behind the cost of shipping a car.

Certain elements are considered fixed inputs, which means that as they don’t change, a rough price estimation can be made. These elements are:

  • vehicle make, model and modifications
  • vehicle condition matters
  • distance and location
  • type of carrier preferred
  • standard or expedited delivery

However, some variable factors impact the price daily:

  • weather and traffic
  • supply and demand

At Corsia Logistics, rates are calculated manually based on each case, reflecting the reality. Shipping your car from North to the South in the winter season, for example, may be more expensive than if you ship it during the summer.

During the winter, more people, such as snowbirds, move to warmer Southern states. Hence, as the demand exceeds supply, the prices rise. This is one of the reasons not to choose a shipping company based solely on prices. A low quote promised two months before the shipping date is not so-realistic because of daily market fluctuations.

Prepare your car for shipping

As you get closer to the shipping date, you should start preparing your vehicle for shipment, so that you can avoid any potential issues. Firstly, you should check it with a mechanic to make sure it’s fully operational. Be careful not to fill it up with gasoline, just enough to drive on and off the carrier.

Remove your personal belongings from the car. Certain items are not allowed by law, whereas other items may damage your vehicle during transport.

After your car is ready for shipping, make sure you’re available by phone or e-mail so that you can receive delivery updates. And, in case of any delays, you are notified and can plan accordingly.

The perks of moving to the South

According to the 2019 report by the U.S. Census Bureau, 14% of the population, or around 40 million Americans, move each year.

Most of the outbound states are the Northern ones, such as Minnesota, Illinois, New York, or Pennsylvania. On the other hand, the Southern states, such as Florida, Texas, and South Carolina, receive the biggest influx of new transplants. In fact, these are also considered the best Southern destinations not only for individuals but also for business relocations.

Who moves South and why?

There’s been an increasing trend moving South. Why would that be? The Southern states are famous for great cuisine, country music, different festivals, and the remaining European influence.

Moreover, the warmer weather, lower cost of living in some states, and lower income taxes are also considered as major reasons for this migration wave.

For example, the lower taxes in Texas, Florida, and Tennessee have attracted many companies to place their operations in these states, hence offering more job opportunities.

The snowbirds are definitely in for the warm weather and move from New York to Texas, during the winter season, for example.

In addition to snowbirds and those who are seeking better job prospects in the fast-growing Southern economies, the retirees are also among the people who spend their winters in the South, enjoying the laid back lifestyle and warm climate.


In the midst of moving, shipping a car from Michigan to Florida, or from Boston to Houston, for instance, may seem like a complicated process. Don’t panic. Contact Corsia Logistics vehicle relocation experts at (818) 850-5258 or via our online chat. Our experienced agents will answer your questions and offer current market price. We work hard to find the best car shipping rate and the best auto transport carrier to ship your vehicle. Thank you!


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