Car Shipping Calculator vs. Manual Price

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What is a car shipping calculator?

A car shipping calculator is a software that calculates your price in an instant. Basically predetermined parameters calculate the cost to ship a car based on your input. The whole process is programmed and you get an automated quote.

To get an automated car shipping quote the software requires the input of your vehicle make and model, vehicle condition, type of transport and location. It does not take into account the time of shipping. After all the information has been filled in, you receive an instant quote online.

The calculator starts with a base price for every route, determined by the vehicle make and model and the distance. From the base price the cost increases if the vehicle does not move on its own power and when enclosed carrier is preferred than open. Besides these factors, current market rates are affected by supply and demand fluctuations.

Logistics is an industry strongly influenced by current supply and demand conditions.This, however, is not reflected in an automated price. A calculator has to receive data from all dispatch boards in order to reflect actual market conditions, which is almost impossible to implement.

For example, a major central dispatch board, utilized by all companies, does not send data when there aren’t any active loads on the board. In such situation the price can be lower, but a software cannot “see” this. The company can add additional surcharges for special events. Such events could be a specific city terminal location. Additionally, all auto transport management companies add their service fee. But there is nothing they can do to reflect the current supply and demand conditions.

This is a simple explanation of how a car shipping quote calculator works. All databases can be updated as often as necessary, however, most companies can not and will not update their software daily in order to reflect auto logistics demand. That would cancel out the whole purpose of the software. And its purpose is to automated the pricing, which is does not guarantee fair prices at all.

What is the difference between manual and automated quotes?

Automated prices come from a software, while manual quotes are determined by logistics specialists tracking current market conditions on national and international dispatch boards. When an auto transport specialist personally assesses the situation, they can give the customer the best option available based on market conditions. In logistics, demand and supply changes constantly and vehicle transport specialists use live data from to make informed decisions and make sure the customer receives a realistic market quote that guarantees professional and timely service.

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    Auto transport companies that use calculators predetermine all static factors that affect the cost to ship a car. However, they cannot predetermine supply and demand fluctuations that affect auto transport prices daily. They cannot lower their service fee on the go to accommodate customers needs. This is all due to the automation of the process. Hence, a car shipping calculator cannot provide the most accurate price that will ship a car now.

    With all this being said, customers should remember that in most cases the prices are either too high or too low. Some companies, unfortunately, do that – calculate lower quotes only to get the customer to book. Then they call and ask for more money in order to ship the vehicle because their low rate does not reflect current market conditions.

    This brings to the forefront the idea of a software doing the job of a professional working with live data. The main difference is that software does not think and cannot assess a situation. Moreover, in the auto transport industry very few companies have advanced technology and even they cannot receive accurate data from the dispatch boards. Consequently, a manual price quote is always more accurate.

    Should I use a car shipping calculator?

    The key term here is automated quotes. Such quotes are calculated by a software where certain parameters that determine the price have been set in advance. When this is the case, the rates given are not being verified with current market prices on national dispatch boards.

    Moreover, the automated quotes are not personalized and adjusted to the customer’s unique situation. In this industry one important aspect of the business is being able to offer the best possible solution, which often means to offer more than one options in terms of route, type of transport or dates.

    When it comes to shipping a vehicle, in most cases there are at least two options available to the customer. That is why we emphasize both aspects here – current market prices and personalized service. A person behind the phone thinking and evaluation the situation in order to offer the best auto transport solution is what makes the difference.

    We always recommend that customers request several car shipping quotes in order to see the range of prices. This is how you find the golden mean rate  – a realistic rate that will ship your vehicle in a timely and professional manner.

    How much does it really cost to ship a car?
    It is important to understand how the cost to ship a car is determined. Supply and demand is what ultimately determines the prices. What happens is actual competition between customers for a spot on a car carrier

    Carriers want to load their trailers fully, but they are not going to take lower than a certain market price, and that is why manual rates are always more accurate and win that spot on the carrier. Corsia Logistics provides realistic rates that will ship your vehicle. This means rates that are acceptable by the carriers. They are the golden middle – affordable to customers and acceptable by carriers.

    In the auto transport industry, the majority of the orders are handled by brokers who work with independent carriers nationwide. What the carriers do is haul vehicles, they do not deal with customers as much. Brokers and carriers form a very efficient system that translates in faster service and competitive prices because a single company cannot service the entire country.

    Many big companies charge more than the fair market price simply because they are big. They also do it because of their calculators, which they market it as an advantage, but often it only costs more to the end customer. Many of those big companies lack not only our affordable and acceptable rates, but also our above and beyond personal attention.

    Sometimes when companies grow big, people tend to start looking small. Many companies forget that they are in the business of helping people and instead they focus on technology and automation of services. Still, many small companies, like Corsia Logistics, look up the prices manually to calculate the most accurate and reasonable quote and really care to help customers.

    Do you want an automated service or do you prefer to talk to a person?

    The whole idea of a software vs. a person is quite complicated, and we are not going to make it look simple. However, there are differences that need to be noted and discussed. We offer our customers a very personalized services and this includes manual auto transport quotes. A calculator is something we have been discussing and we can easily implement, but we do believe that a person can deliver more accurate price quote than a software. Thank you.