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Buying or selling a vehicle at an auto auction requires good organization. After you have bought / sold the vehicle, you will most likely need to arrange transport. Many auctions offer transport within a specific proximity. Yet, if you have to organise your transport then you will have to search for a shipping company.

How to choose a car shipping company

In many cases vehicles bought at auctions do not run, which means they need special handling. The car carrier should either have a winch to load the non-running vehicle, or the auction has to provide a fork lift and you have to be prepared to provide a fork lift at delivery. Furthermore, the price of transporting a non-running vehicle will be approximately $100 more than shipping a regular running automobile.


Choose the type of auto transport carrier

When you are ready to ship the vehicle you bought at an auction, you have to choose the type of carrier you prefer. A vehicle can be transported via two general types of carriers – open and enclosed car carrier. Corsia Logistics offers both services. Learn more in our car shipping services section.

Open car transport carrier is the standard auto shipping method requested for both new and used vehicles. Most of the trucks in the US are open and this makes it readily available and cheaper.

Enclosed vehicle transport is the preferred method for sports, classic and project vehicles. If the car you have bought at the auction is a classic automobile or a special project car or a sports / luxury automobile then we recommend you use enclosed trailer to transport it.


Enclosed shipping Lamborghini Aventador



Auctions requirements for vehicle pick-up

  • Lot number – that’s the inventory number for the vehicle
  • Buyer number – required by IAAI and Copart
  • Some type of reference number
  • VIN number – the full 17 digits or at least 6
  • In the case of Mechum auto auction they require the driver to have a release form
  • Manheim require a gate pass to pick-up a car after hours


To make sure you have all the required documents talk to the auction. Some auctions may have more specific requirements so you have to ask what is required of the auto transport company to pick-up the vehicle. Also, keep in mind that most auctions will allow the vehicle to stay on the lot for about five business days. After that they will start charge a storage fees. That’s why you need a reliable transport company to pick up the vehicle on time. Furthermore, some auctions like Copart and Insurance Auto Auctions have loading fees so make sure you ask about them too.

Additionally, the car carrier driver will inspect the vehicle at delivery and mark down any visible damages. Damaged vehicles can be covered and any loose parts tied.


Auto auctions we shipped from regularly:

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Call (818) 850-5258 to talk to our agents and discuss your auto transport needs. Corsia Logistics provides reliable and affordable auto transport service from any auction in the US. Request your auto transport quote now.

If you have any questions, please, make sure to visit our Questions and Hot It Works sections. You can always call us and discuss your needs with out logistics experts. They will answer all of your questions and walk you through the auto transport process. For even more in depth information online you can browse our blog. Thank you.