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I am very happy I was able to interview, one of our valued customers. In this short interview, he shared how, when, where, and why his love for classic cars began. In the picture below you will see him and his beloved wife. Enjoy his story!

Could you please introduce yourself? Where you are from, tell us a bit about your family and family business.

My name is Spencer Leak, Jr. I am married to Dr. Donna Simpson Leak and we have two children, Spencer III and Emma. I am from Chicago and I am the Vice President of our family-owned and operated funeral business [Leak and Sons Funeral Homes]. We like to say our business was founded by God in 1933 and co-founded by my grandfather, Rev. A.R.Leak. We are the largest African American owned funeral business in Chicago.

Donna and Spencer Leak

When did you start collecting classic automobiles?

In 1993, I bought a 1966 Pontiac Grand Prix. That was my first collector car, but I sold it to a friend. My work schedule at that time wouldn’t allow me the time to get it in great working condition. Still today, I don’t have the time to drive my cars because my schedule is double what it was 20 years ago. However, my son and I love looking at them and talking about them. My youngest brother often will take some of them to the local car shows during the summer where we often win prizes. Many churches that we are affiliated with have car shows and often call for our cars to come. They especially like the Discovery Channel show “Wrecks to Riches” 1964 Mercury Marauder that we own.

Mercury Marauder collector car

Did you have this passion when you were little?

My wife, in 1999, after I got on my knees and proposed to her bought me a 1954 Corvette for my engagement gift. It needed so much work that still today it doesn’t run the way I would like. Would I have bought it in the condition that it was in? NO! But she didn’t know. All she knew was that I liked classic cars. So, as we speak it’s in the repair shop trying to get in working condition for the summer. The Corvette, however, started me on my quest to collect classic cars.

I have always had a passion for classic cars. What would I do without the internet? When I get home from a long day’s work you can find me surfing the net to see what’s available. It is my goal one day to own a warehouse where I can rent it out for events where people can just gaze over the cars. But I am a few cars away from that right now.

Did you have a favorite automobile back in your childhood?

My favorite car when I was younger was The Lamborghini Countach. I can’t count how many times I watched “Cannon Ball Run.”

What are your favorite makes and models now?

My favorite car today is a Ferrari 458 Italia. Hopefully, I’ll be able to get one of those one days.

Take care and good luck to Corsia Logistics.
Spencer Leak, Jr.


It was great working with Spencer Leak. And we are grateful he shared his story with us. He was happy with our auto transport services and he was very kind to leave us a review of the service we provided.

We shipped a 1941 Lincoln Continental for him as well. You can see it in the picture below. We transported the Lincoln via an open carrier, but the second car traveled via enclosed auto transport.

If you would like to learn more about the types of transport or need a car shipping quote, please give us a call at 818.850.5258, chat with us, or browse our website for all details.

1941 Lincoln Continental

We are looking forward to helping Spencer transport more classic cars!


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