Is customer service in logistics dead?

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Customer service challenges

Nowadays, maintaining good customer service is becoming more challenging, as increasingly digital-savvy consumers have access to information at their fingertips. They can easily research various options while choosing, checking or writing customer reviews.

Actually, one of the best marketing tools that a company can use is their own happy customers! However, this means that there is the other side of the coin, which could be detrimental – the bad reviews unhappy customers leave. Well, that is why we are talking about good customer service.

The better you take care of your customers, the happier they are and the more good reviews they write for your company!

Yet, customer service quality seems to frequently be neglected by the companies, especially for those national auto transporters that operate on a contractual basis. Their efforts go more towards marketing and PR for customer acquisition, culminating in new client contracts. Afterward, there is little done when it comes to customer retention.

Since 1994, University Of Michigan Business School’s American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI), has been collecting survey data at the individual customer level, across all the US states in different industries. Years of research show that many companies still struggle to keep their consumer satisfied and prevent customer churn.

Why does customer service matter?

Servicing the customer in an adequate manner indicates a professional, constantly developing company, which stays true to its values. Customer care is an area present in different industries, in those that sell products, and especially in the services industry.

The auto shipping industry, part of the service industry, should always put among its priorities the quality of customer service.

Declining customer satisfaction may well be a warning signal about many things gone wrong in a company,”

warned Claes Fornell, the University of Michigan Business School professor who heads up the ACSI index.

“It is the customers, after all, who represent its ultimate economic asset. If that asset is treated poorly and deteriorates in value, one wonders how other assets are managed.”

A Forbes article cites the results of NewVoiceMedia’s 2018 “Serial Switchers” report, revealing that “poor customer service is costing businesses more than $75 billion a year.” This is a figure which is $13 billion higher than in 2016.

How to distinguish good customer service in auto transport?

There are several principles that auto transport companies should deeply incorporate in their business model. While it is important that these companies focus on marketing, they should also focus on the service itself. After all, as a customer, I would like not only to get my vehicle delivered at an adequate price but also on time, and with thoughtful assistance from the staff, every step of the way.

The client should feel satisfied and with a sense of trust towards the company. A car is usually a significant, and often precious, asset for the client. Thus, a lack of good customer service can have a not only financial but psychological impact on the customer as well.


Nowadays, customer service can be offered through different means such as emails, online chatting, or phone calls. It is important for an auto transport company to provide its clients with several options to reach customer service. In addition, working hours should not limit accessibility.

To ensure good customer service, it is necessary to have at least one person available to answer. If I want my car to be on its way from California to New York next Tuesday morning, I would like someone to answer me at least a week prior, or otherwise, it may be too late.

Continuously investing time in clients cultivates stronger relationships and repeat business. And the returns on this investment will end up being higher than the cost of losing existing customers.


There are two areas where speed matters in customer service. The first one has to do with speed in responsiveness. Waiting on hold for hours before getting through to a staff member is not pleasant. Minimizing the ‘on hold’ time, along with having fewer options in the automatic menus, would make the whole process faster.

The second area is about the speed in problem resolution. For example, you can reach the company staff relatively fast. Yet, without anyone telling you why your car shipment has been delayed, or when it will arrive, it is of no use.

Accuracy and clarity

The information that the operators transmit to the customer should also be accurate. For example, if you are told that your car will be delivered to the destination in two days, then the company should not end up delivering it in five days without communicating it to you.

In addition, the information has to be clear, without any ambiguous spaces for interpretation. After all, when it comes to auto shipping, not everyone might understand a highly technical language. To avoid misunderstandings and enhance efficiency, language clarity becomes essential for all the channels dedicated to customer service.

Employees know-how is essential in successfully fulfilling these criteria. Therefore, high-quality auto shipping companies usually provide frequent training to their staff. They also pay attention to team coordination and job organization. This ensures that the clients can manage to solve their issues and get accurate information in a timely manner.

Transparency and integrity

Low quotes can be effective in customer acquisition. Nevertheless, when it comes to high customer retention and ultimately good reviews, the quality of service should match the expectations. Very often in auto shipping reviews, customers complain about the companies not respecting their part of the service contract.

Examples of these include the car delivery timing, the staff responsiveness, or hidden costs appearing during the process. One might even end up with the car getting damaged during shipping.

A lack of transparency and integrity in delivering the service to the customers not only harms the companies’ current business, but it may also damage its future. If you get a certain quote for your car to be shipped, then you need to understand how this quote was created so that you can be able to compare with other options while choosing a shipping company.

At Corsia Logistics, we are transparent in the way we determine and communicate our customized quotes. It is not just a standard black box solution based on some complicated formula. We make sure that it is transparent and accounts for every factor, including the most volatile of all – supply and demand.

Our logistics experts manually calculate vehicle shipping quotes based on the information provided on the individual customer basis and the most current market condition.

Friendliness and professionalism

After all, while communicating with the staff of the company you plan to entrust your vehicle, you would like to hear a friendly voice or read a helpful and professional email. Any given issue can be solved in different ways, but the process and the staff approach will leave an impact on the customer.

Usually, in most reviews, the politeness of the staff is one of the major elements that are commented on by clients, which clearly demonstrates its importance.

Considering all these principles of good customer service, the choice of the auto shipping company gains another dimension. The size of the company and low quotes do not always translate into good customer service. Moreover, usually for bigger companies, a single customer is a mere number, they do not offer highly personalized attention to him or her.

Smaller companies are more inclined to offer human-to-human customer service and better attention to each individual customer.

Your go-to auto transport company – Corsia Logistics

Corsia Logistics

Corsia Logistics vehicle relocation experts ready to resolve your car shipping concerns

Corsia Logistics is a small family-owned company that puts a high priority in offering optimal customer service to its clients. We also offer white-glove service where every detail matters.

Our professional staff is very responsive and knowledgeable. This is reflected in our 5 star-rating reviews, as well as successful customer stories.

We believe that as a service provider, customer service quality is one of our competitive advantages. We work hard to satisfy our clients every day.

Our customer service channels are omnipresent. You can reach us 24/7 via our website contact form, or, during our business hours, call us at (818) 850-5258, or communicate with us via our online chat. Whether you are a new client or an existing one asking for further support, we will be happy to assist you.

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