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Meeting deadlines, and effectively communicating with your customers, ensures the credibility and prestige of your business. At Corsia Logistics, we understand this very well. Whether you need to ship a vehicle to a customer or a fellow dealership, we provide comprehensive auto transport service.

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Why Corsia Logistics?

Corsia Logistics is a family-owned company with over a decade of combined auto transport experience. Headquartered in Los Angeles, we provide vehicle shipping services to businesses and individuals across the U.S. As a small company, we understand the unique needs of small and midsize businesses, and the importance of building trustworthy relationships through the real human connection. When you partner with Corsia, you will be working with one dedicated highly qualified industry professional.

We aim to become your partner and build a lasting relationship with your dealership. The question now is how? The answer is surprisingly simple – we give our customers the information they need to make educated decisions and answer their questions with honesty.

When you make the initial contact, we assign you with one of our dedicated logistics experts who will manage every step of the process. There will be no transferring from person to person or department to department, or constant frustration with complicated software that is trying to prove its superiority. Each time you call, you will know the person on the other end of the line and will have peace of mind.

Services we offer

Whether you need to transport a regular sedan or high-end or classic car, we’ve got a solution for you. We use our own fleet to serve the west coast and contract reliable carrier partners to provide auto transport services to the dealerships on the east coast, the Midwest and all norther and southern states. Various dealerships across the country choose us as their preferred vehicle shipping partner because, along with our friendly customer service, we can arrange for any type of vehicle to be transported anywhere in the country within the desired type of trailer.

Open car carrier

An open air carrier is the most popular as well as the most economical type of auto transport. It works for any vehicle make and model. Depending on your specific needs we can offer:

Double level multi-car trailer is designed to haul seven to ten cars at once. Most of this carriers are equipped with hydraulic ramps for easy loading. With a push of a button, the driver can lower the top deck all the way to the bottom for easy and safe loading and unloading.

Single-level multi-car carrier is designed to transport one to three cars at a time. Although these trailers are mostly meant for short distances, they are also used for long-distance vehicle deliveries. They are usually faster and can navigate more easily through residential areas. These carriers are especially useful when you need to deliver a car to your customer’s door and/or looking for an expedited auto transport.

If you only need to transport one vehicle then Single-vehicle hot-shot is your answer. This type of open carrier trailer is used for local, short-distance, and time-sensitive deliveries, and it is also the preferred method of shipment for SUVs, modified and non-running vehicles.

Enclosed auto transport

Enclosed or covered car transport protects a vehicle from road and weather elements during transport. Covered trailers are recommended for high-end and classic vehicles as well as luxury sports cars. Only ten percent of the entire U.S. auto shipping fleet is enclosed, which makes this type of transport more expensive and less available. But Corsia Logistics believes that nothing should stand between your customers and that special car.

Our team specializes in enclosed auto transport. We have access to a wide network of carriers that collect and deliver vehicles nationwide on a daily basis. And Corsia Logistic’s own one-car enclosed carrier will be at your service for all west coast deliveries!

With Corsia Logistics your cars will receive white glove service, from pick-up through delivery.

Expedited delivery

Sometimes you need a vehicle transported as fast as possible and you want auto shipping from your dealer, or to your dealership without any mishaps. Corsia Logistics’ agents have access to a network of thousands of carriers and will go out of their way to accommodate your time frame. Express shipping is a pricier alternative, but in return, it comes with a guaranteed delivery commitment.

Cost to ship a vehicle

As a dealership, you must be familiar with factors that affect the cost to ship a car: distance, vehicle make and model, operability, transport type and supply/demand fluctuations. Then what sets Corsia Logistics apart when it gets to calculating a cost of vehicle delivery? We do not utilize a quote calculator because the software does not provide realistic market prices. Supply and demand fluctuations are a major factor that ultimately decides the final rate. Therefore, our agents carefully track daily price changes on national dispatch boards and manually quote each rate.

Corsia Logistics provides realistic rates with no hidden fees. Only an accurately determined price, verified with the national dispatch boards, can guarantee vehicle delivery in a timely and professional manner.

Whenever you need to arrange vehicle delivery our logistics experts will carefully evaluate your options and work around your budget and timeline. And if you ship more than one vehicle with us, or have a recurring need to transport cars, we will make sure to offer you special pricing at all times. We handle each shipment with absolute precision and professionalism and offer an optimal balance between competitive price and reliable service. Our customer-friendly services position us as a true partner to your business.

Contact Corsia Logistics team today to see how we can be of service to your auto dealership.