Do we like nice guys with cars? Or guys with nice cars?

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Are women more attracted to sports cars or muscle trucks, classics or efficient hybrids? Sometimes I wonder whether a woman chooses to date the basketball player himself or his Mercedes McLaren SLR722 and its forward-swinging doors. Are the scratches on her man’s Jeep Wrangler Unlimited a sign of roughness and masculine power, or simply an indication of negligence?

Do we find the Brazilian soccer player Neymar sexier since we know that he drives an Audi R8? Or has Leonardo Dicaprio become less attractive when he drives “just a normal” Toyota Prius?

Sometimes, when a guy’s car is too fancy, girls are even more skeptical about his personality. As much as a girl would like to be seen around town in a nice car, she would be even happier and prouder if the car she’s in is truly her boyfriend’s and not his friend’s. Or even worse – his dad’s! If a man’s car is not practical and he does not feel comfortable in it, its design and value momentarily become less important for a woman. “Sometimes men buy cars just to satisfy their ego and it is obvious. Or even worse – to compensate for other things they don’t have – lacks in character or shortages in other attributes…” says Sarah (38, Germany). Guys, you don’t want to leave such an impression, do you?!

“Ten years ago when I first came to the US, I thought I could tell the difference between men based on the brand of car they drive – whether they were successful in their jobs, whether they considered cars a luxury item and so on. Now I don’t think this way” Mariana Brown (49) confesses. “People have moments in their lives when they cannot afford an expensive car. If I see someone today driving an old rusty car I may conclude that he is struggling financially. But never that he is a bad person.”

If you are currently debating on the brand of car to choose for your next big purchase and you are wondering about a woman’s secret car desire, we know we can make it a little easier for you. Here’s the simple conclusion: Most of the times, women don’t care! Even if you buy a VW Camper Van (despite that you might not be a fan of the hippie lifestyle) with the hopes to impress her, she won’t fall for you unless you surf or go camping with her. It’s the inside of your soul that a woman will like, not the interior of your car.

But in case you rely too much on your car to get women’s attention, there are some ways it can still help you to attract a lady. What seems to matter most to women is not the brand of your car but rather your knowledge of how to maintain it … and keep it clean! A brand new Dodge Challenger SRT8 doesn’t make you a bad guy unless you are a bad guy who cleans his mess. Women don’t mind if the doors of your car swing up or only open manually as long as you open the door for them when you let them in. Hand her the seatbelt even! Moreover, the sound system in your 2011 Porsche Panamera won’t be impressive at all unless you play a CD with her favorite tracks on it (which, by the way, you have found out about in advance).


And how do men feel about the car of their dream lady?

You, as a man, may be a huge fan of Jeep Chix but when you see your wicked ex-wife posing next to the Jeep and inviting you with a wink, would you wish you could kiss her? Quickly just say hi? No, probably not. You are more likely to turn your eyes the other way. It’s not just about the car now, is it? For some of you the brand of a woman’s high heels may not matter but her Nissan 350z may be the best thing about her. For other men, however, their ladies don’t even need to own a car! “It doesn’t really matter what kind of car she has. Even better if she doesn’t own one – women should be interested in other things, not cars. The less she is interested in cars, the better,” says business consultant Iliyan Stoyanov (25).

Some men don’t want the women they date to have new expensive cars. Ambitious as they are, they cannot allow the woman next to them to have a better-looking car because it could mean that she is more successful. In such a case, what would be the best car the dream girl could drive? “The one I bought for her,” confidently states Alex (23).

Would a certain car brand make a woman seem more attractive in guys’ eyes, we wonder? “Sure. I bet a pretty girl in an Audi or BMW is way more attractive than one driving a Fiat Panda,” admits Laura (24, Netherlands), but at the same time “a car is just a car, not a reflection of a person”. It’s the person behind the wheel that matters, not the leather wrapped around the wheel. After all, remember: what’s truly important about a car, hers or yours, is that it runs and takes you places!


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Dilyana Dobrinova is a nature & travel enthusiast. With a heart for books, scarves and vintage. She runs a brand consulting agency, while also running 10Ks between meetings. Dilyana holds an M.A. in International Marketing Management from the Berlin School of Economics and Law in Germany, and two B.As. in Journalism & Mass Communication and in Business Administration from AUBG.

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