Door to Door Auto Transport Guide

door to door car shipping
Shipping cars requires attention to detail and experience. Corsia Logistics hires only dependable auto carriers.

Door-to-door car shipping is the most convenient method of vehicle transport. The truck driver will pick up and drop off your vehicle at the address you select. This literally means as close to this desired address as safely and legally possible. Request your auto shipping quote online or call now.

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Why choose door-to-door car shipping?

Shipping a car is often a first time for many customers. Choosing door to door car shipping service makes it easy. Simply disclose details about your desired shipping dates and place, and vehicle, and relax.

Corsia shipping experts will take care of the shipping process. With this service we offer peace of mind. No need to worry about driving long distances, and being responsible to plan a trip. Leave the responsibility to us.

True convenience

Certified carrier

Easy booking

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How much does it cost to ship a car door to door?

The cost to ship a car door-to-door depends on the type of vehicle. The type of transport regulates the price as well. Exact distance and location additionally affect the price. Current supply and demand ultimately decides the final price.

We quote current market prices and to ship a car now. Our quotes are valid for one week only.

What auto transport services can I choose from?

Both open and enclosed trailers work for any luxury automobile, but before deciding what is best for your car, let us delve into the advantages of either. Shipping time is always an estimate and thus a more delicate matter to be discussed.

Corsia customers have to choose between the type of carrier, and the time-frame of delivery.

  1. By carrier type you need to choose from open or enclosed.
  2. By time-frame you need to choose standard or expedited service.

open auto transport

Open auto transport is the standard car shipping service. An open carrier is readily available across the US, and hence less expensive. Most open carriers can fit up to ten cars, which makes it efficient and fast.

Enclosed auto transport is the preferred shipping option for sports automobiles. An enclosed carrier provides complete protection from all weather or road elements. This, however, makes it more expensive.

sports car transport enclosed carrier

How does door to door auto transport work?

Corsia Logistics transports sports cars nationally and internationally daily. Our team of logistics coordinators is knowledgeable and will recommend the best solution and price possible.

  1. Auto transport carrier truck comes to pick-up your vehicle.
  2. The carrier completes vehicle pre-load inspection report (BOL).
  3. The carrier loads the vehicle and straps it securely inside the trailer.
  4. The car is strapped and secured on the trailer and you sign your BOL.
  5. At delivery the carrier unloads safely and inspects the vehicle again.
Book your door to door car shipping service online, or call our team for a quick consultation now. We will offer the best price possible, multi-car or single-car carrier, personal inspection and no upfront payments!