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Driving fast is a thrill that few can afford. I mean a few people can handle it. Yet, there are so many fast cars in the world that sometimes one would wonder, why we need that many makes and models.

First, these cars are very very expensive. A handful of people can afford to buy a sports car with a price tag of 500K or higher, but these people certainly know why there is such a variety.

Second, these cars are only for racing. I mean their owners do drive them around, but still, these aren’t your everyday cars. It is an instinct, to want to show one’s worth one way or another. And what better way to do it than taking your expensive sports car around town.

I have been observing this kind of human behavior for quite some time, in more than one country. It is the same across the world. Most men (and some women) just love fast cars, and when they hop behind the wheel, they feel this instinct to go places. Some do it to show off. Maybe most. But some just like to drive fast. Whatever your reason, it’s just fine!

Now, I am not saying this is all bad. I mean, when you can have something you are proud of, you want to go around and show off. We, humans, are set that way. Men do it with their fast sports cars, women with their purses and shoes. It’s all right. It’s part of our nature. Whether it is bad or good, we all decide for ourselves.

Men and their obsession with driving … fast cars

It is not just men. If you give me one of these fast cars I will not refuse a test drive. Just like 99.9% of the people in the US. I am a car gal.  Unfortunately, there is no way to not be a car person, but that’s a different topic. Not that this means we can all drive. Oh, no no there are many idiots on the road proving that having a driver’s license in the US is not perceived a privilege, but rather a right.

Now, are men obsessed with cars? With fast sports cars? I think they are obsessed with speed and acquiring something that feels like an extension to their personality. Most vehicles are exactly this – an extension to a character. We buy specific makes and models that match our character, complement and satisfy our instincts.

With women it is often perceived that their cars are an extension to their homes. With men more of an extension to themselves. Men love cars, while what women love more is the freedom cars give them.

I know we can probably also talk about some more affordable sports cars. The most expensive are for a small number of people out there, so let’s keep it real. The car industry has taken care of all of us because they (the auto makers) think we will never stop buying cars. Yet, you see some talk about the end of car culture. This is a little off-topic, but what do you think about that?

And tell me already, do you do that? Do you drive your car around town just to show off?







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