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  • Enclosed auto shipping service is also known as covered car transport.
  • This type of service provides extra protection from road debris and weather elements.
  • Owners of exotic, antique, classic or any high-end vehicle prefer this option of shipping their automobile.

  • Hard or soft side trailers to protect your vehicle

  • Higher insurance policy for high-end automobiles

  • Professional drivers with specialized experience

Most enclosed auto carriers are equipped with hydraulic lift gates to hold the vehicle horizontal while loading and unloading. The drivers have experience in handling high-end and classic automobiles. Enclosed trailers offer complete protection from the elements. This is the safest method to transport a car.

Enclosed Auto Transport Service

Companies and private customers ship vehicles via covered auto transport trailers daily. This is the recommended transport option for high end and classic automobiles. Owners of special vehicles want to preserve their condition and a covered car shipping carrier provides the necessary protection.

The enclosed trailer is completely covered. It is similar to a regular cargo truck used to transport all kinds of goods. However, an automobile transport trailer is more special. An enclosed trailer is usually hard sided and completely shields the vehicle. Some of them could be soft sided. Inside the frame consists of special ramps to load and unload vehicles. Review our guide and learn more about different types of auto transport trailers.

Most enclosed trailers have hydraulic ramps to hold vehicles horizontally while loading. Such ramps also enable easy loading of low ground clearance vehicles. With enclosed service drivers usually use soft straps to secure the vehicle to the ramp. Enclosed carrier drivers are experienced in handling high-end automobiles and their service is often white glove. This equals a five start hotel service.

Corsia Logistics team knows how to handle special cargo with care. The whole shipping process requires great coordination between agents, dispatchers and carriers. Corsia Logistics shipping agents do this on daily basis. Our team specializes in enclosed car transport and we can deliver any car to any point in the US, and internationally.

If you prefer to speak to a logistics specialist call our main line now (818) 850-5258.

Enclosed Auto Transport Cost

Corsia Logistics offers accurate and affordable auto transport rates that will ship your vehicle in a timely and professional manner. When it comes to shipping a high end automobile do not choose a company based solely on price. Enclosed transport is more expensive than open, and there are several reason for that.

  • The cost is higher because enclosed trailers are a bit special and more expensive. The driver must learn how to operate the trailer and must know how to handle high end automobiles. This usually means to be able to drive manual gear shifting vehicles.
  • The liability and cargo insurance for a covered auto transport truck is higher due to their high end cargo. This means the carrier pays more out of packet to provide insurance for its cargo.
  • In the US only about ten percent of the whole fleet of car shipping trucks is enclosed, which makes this type of transport less available and hence more expensive. Prices go up even more when there is higher demand on a specific route you might be interested.
  • Therefore, when booking an enclosed car transport getting an accurate price quote is very important. An accurate quote will guarantee professional and timely service. Our advantage is our manual pricing – we track the demand and supply situation daily on all dispatch boards, and manually quote each rate. Corsia Logistics provides realistic rates – this means rates that are acceptable by the carriers. In the auto transport industry several factors determine the price, but current demand and supply fluctuations ultimately decides the final rate.
  • Our rates are supply and demand driven. This makes them affordable to the customer and acceptable by the truck driver. What happens is that customers actually compete against other customers for a spot on the carrier. When the demand is high the truck space is limited and this means that vehicles priced with a realistic market price ship first.
With enclosed carriers correct pricing is even more important because of their lower availability. To receive exceptional and timely service you have to pay a current realistic market price.

Requesting multiple quotes will set you on the right path to discover the average price. Guided by a few price quotes you will be able to position a reasonable rate. However, do not choose a company based on price solely. A realistic cost to ship a car depends on daily manual work of dedicated logistics experts.

We do not utilize a calculator because a software does not provide a realistic market prices. Our prices are the golden mean – neither too high, nor too low. This is the single most important factor when it comes to enclosed auto transport quotes. Dependable and respectable auto transport companies offer reasonable prices. Some companies try to rip customers off simply because they are big and they think they can dictate prices. A monopolistic industry can only cultivate unfair business landscape that ultimately hurts the customers, but also the hard-working truck drivers.

Why Choose Enclosed Over Open Carrier?

The main reason to choose enclosed carrier over open is more protection. Enclosed car shipping fully protects the vehicle from road and weather elements. The car will not be exposed to dust, flying road debris, possible rock chips from passing automobiles and certainly weather elements.

This is the type of protection any high end automobile owners prefers. When you are shipping a car with a paint job for thousands of dollars, enclosed car transport is the way to go. Many covered carriers highlight their white glove service by actually handling vehicles with white gloves! This is to ensure no scratches or even spots appear on the vehicle.

See How Enclosed Auto Transport Works

  • We are licensed and insured to ship any high value vehicle.

  • Corsia works only with the most reliable carriers.

  • While in transit your vehicle is insured against damages.

  • We offer affordable rates to ship a car in a timely and professional manner.

What Type of Vehicles Should Go Enclosed?

Corsia Logistics values all makes and models. To us every vehicle is special and we always recommend enclosed trailer for more protection. In general, any vehicle worth $50,000 or more should be transported via an enclosed carrier.

However, enclosed auto shipping is primarily used for sports cars, luxury, classic and antique automobiles. These are high end, high maintenance automobiles whose owners have invested solid amounts. We can call them a hobby automobiles, not meant to be driven every day. This means that they need to be well protected all the time, including while being shipped.

How To Find A Dependable Enclosed Auto Transport Company?

It is a deceptive notion to believe that one company is the best in the industry. When you start your research you will discover many great enclosed auto transport companies. In every business bad things are bound to happen, not due to bad intentions but simply because nothing is always perfect. When you research check main aspects. You need to make sure the company is registered and licensed with USDOT, and has insurance. Then call and discuss your options. Corsia Logistics’ team is known for its dedication to customer education. We know that the more you know the better for all!

Do not blindly trust the shiny five stars you see online. Look beyond that for what is the real face of the company. A trustworthy company will help you understand how auto shipping works and explain the factors that affect prices. Try to understand the values of the company. You have to be able to choose a dependable auto transport company, but before doing so you need to understand how the industry works.

Visit our guides under our ‘How shipping a car works’ section and learn all about the industry. Then call us and discuss your preferences and options.

Corsia Logistics Auto Transport Advice

  • Customers should not use auction websites. These types of marketplaces encourage underbidding wars between shipping companies. Moreover, this underbidding is often automated! Once you list your vehicle and accept a bid your hands are tight. The rate is always below realistic market price and you end up waiting for weeks for a carrier to accept such a rate. Especially when it comes to enclosed transport.
  • Do your research beyond first page of Google. Request several car shipping quotes and talk to representatives before choosing. Get the idea of what average auto transport rates look like and then book your service.
  • You should also avoid auto transport lead provider websites. This is the third entity you will encounter online. Their websites often mislead people into thinking they are the actual shipping company. In reality, however, they are neither a broker nor a carrier.
  • A transport broker is licensed and bonded to contract with carriers. A lead provider simply collects your information and then sells it. This means that after you fill in your information you will receive several pushy sales calls. First, this can be very frustrating. Second, these companies compete against each other and their rates are below current market supply prices, which leads to delays and cancellations.
  • An auto transport broker is the entity that manages your shipping service and communicates with you and the carrier. Most of the companies you find online are broker companies that work closely with carriers.
  • Professional and established brokers have a serious network of high safety rated carriers they call first. If none of their close carriers is available, they can turn to a nationwide network of thousands of independent carriers which ensures fast service and affordable prices. This is how the industry operates.
  • This broker-carrier relationship means efficiency and fair market prices. Most carriers are single owner operators who rely on brokers to fill their cargo space. This system keeps the industry in balance and ensures against monopolization of the market by large corporations.
To discuss the shipping process and schedule your shipment call or request a quote online. We will send you an email with the rate and more information on how to reserve a spot. We are here to help you ship your car with confidence and peace of mind. Thank you.