What is Expedited Auto Transport?

Expedited, or express auto transport, is when a customer needs their car delivered as quickly as possible, at an exact date or by an exact date. This is often the most expensive vehicle shipping option.


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Auto transport companies from across the country offer various services. Shipping a car is not like shipping a package and requires special trailers. Two standard services are open and enclosed auto transport. Open is when the trailer is open air with no sides. Enclosed is when the trailer is covered with soft or hard sides that protect the vehicle. Besides these two trailer types, the services divide into standard and expedited, or rush service.

However, many companies specialize either in open or enclosed. Some smaller, local companies specialize in single car, enclosed trailer shipping service. Others in single, open trailer service. The industry offers several great options based on customers needs and preferences.

Besides these two trailer types, the services divide into standard and expedited, or rush service. However, many companies specialize either in open or enclosed. Some smaller, local companies specialize in single car, enclosed trailer shipping service. Others in single, open trailer service. The industry offers several great options based on customers needs and preferences.

In our guide, you will learn what expedited service is and why it costs more. You will also learn about car shipping rates and how to choose an auto transport company. We will help you understand how auto transport works and what should be done to prepare your vehicle for shipping.


In the auto shipping industry, moving several vehicles at once is always the most efficient option. Most carriers in the country are multi-car carriers that can load anywhere from five to ten cars. When you need to expedite the pick-up and delivery of your automobile, this means the carrier has to prioritize your vehicle over all others. This involves changing routes and schedules to accommodate your time frame.

When shipping from and to a major city this would certainly make it easier to find a carrier to pick-up your vehicle in a timely manner. A major metropolitan area means there will be more trucks available on your route. Our logistics experts are very knowledgeable and will work with you to find the most convenient location and the best carrier to accommodate your time frame.

How express your auto transport is depends on many factors. A major one that determines the time and the price is supply and demand situation. Availability of carriers and demand for the services determines pick-up and delivery time frames and final prices, and this can often change in matter of hours. Yet, when you are ready to pay a premium price then you can always reserve the dates you need.

Understand Auto Transport Prices

As in any other industry, rushing a service costs more. You have to pay a higher price for your vehicle to be prioritized. How much you are willing to pay determines how fast your service will be. For a truck driver to change schedules and divert from his route to pick-up and deliver your vehicle first you need to pay extra for that service.

Your choice between open auto transport and enclosed vehicle shipping will affect the price as well. One thing you have to keep in mind is that open carriers are more available than covered, which means that we can schedule an open faster. If you want an enclosed trailer, whether that is a single car trailer or multi-car trailer your price will be higher, especially if you need specific dates. Additionally, if you want a single car carrier trailer that costs more.

When you need your car picked up at an exact date and/or delivered at or by an exact date this often requires a single car carrier truck. This type of carriers usually run shorter local distances, but for an expedited service, this is often what we dispatch. And this type of carrier costs more.

Several factors affect prices in the auto transport industry. Supply and demand are often the decisive factors that ultimately determines the price. What happens is that customers compete against each other for a spot on the trailer and higher paying vehicles get dispatched and shipped first. Thus, you can imagine that when you need an expedited service that additionally raises the price of shipping your vehicle. Moreover, vehicle make and model, condition and distance and location also affect the price. Check our complete guide for in-depth details about auto shipping costs.

How to Choose an Auto Transport Company?

When you need an express vehicle delivery you need to find an auto transport company that offers such service. Corsia Logistics offers expedited auto shipping nationwide. Call us to discuss your needs, options, and budget. We will help you understand the shipping process and find the best option for your vehicle.

When you need to ship a car, the first thing you need to check is whether the company is licensed and insured. You can verify that on USDOT website and ask for a certificate of insurance for the carrier that will be transporting your automobile. Verifying the legitimacy of the company is the most important part before booking. You should also call to discuss all specifics and requirements. Consulting with a few companies will give you the idea of how knowledgeable the logistics agents are.

Learn how auto transport works

Before booking your service, you should understand how auto transport works.

The Vehicle Shipping Process in Five Steps:

  1. Request your quote online or call (818) 850-5258.
  2. Book your shipping service and choose first available pick-up date.
  3. Prepare your vehicle – wash the exterior and check it with a mechanic.
  4. Perform vehicle inspection at pick-up together with the driver.
  5. Inspect vehicle at delivery, sign Bill of Lading and pay any remaining balance.

When you request an expedited auto transport you will need a company with a broker license. You need that because this means the company will have access to all auto transport carriers from across the US. Many companies are both broker and carrier, which makes it usually easier for the customer. However, keep in mind that most carriers in the US are small, owner-operated companies with one or two trucks which serve limited routes and do not have access to other carriers.

The other entity in the industry is the small broker companies who work closely with these carriers to fill their cargo space. This is how the industry functions. Small and midsize auto transport companies are the engine of the industry. They keep the prices competitive and regulate against monopolization of the market. Moreover, very often you will see small companies who offer affordable prices, five-star service, and personal attention.

This is what many big companies lack. In the auto transport industry, big companies often try to dictate prices and they do not care to offer the most affordable option. When you call a big company you are often transferred from one sales agent to another, which means no personal attention and translates into disappointing service.

Corsia Logistics works hard every day to ensure reliable auto transport service and our testimonials prove that. We reach out to our network of carriers traveling the route you need and by offering a fair market price we are able to schedule a service immediately. We will find you the best option according to your requirements and the best carrier. When the price is correct, when you know how auto transport works the whole process works smoothly and we can schedule your transport according to your schedule.

Prepare Your Car For Shipping!

The last thing you need to do it prepare your vehicle for shipping. A major part is to wash it and check it with a mechanic. A good wash guarantees a proper inspection. This will allow the truck driver to inspect your vehicle and mark any preexisting damages on the inspection report. This way you will know whether something has happened during transport when you accept your car at delivery. Making sure the car is technically in a working condition is always necessary when you have booked your car as running.

Corsia Logistics coordinators will arrange the delivery of your vehicle to your home or office. Our team will make everything possible to accommodate your shipping needs. We will not promise service we cannot deliver and we will stay true to what we promise. For more information please read our Question section or call. Thank you.