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How to find car shipping company?

Finding an auto transport company is not that hard. A more difficult part is to find the right one to ship your vehicle. The easiest way to find a car shipping company is to go online and do a search. It is good to first start searching for local companies if you are shipping within 2-300 miles radius.

Go to Google and type in ‘car shipping company’ or add your city or state to the search phrase (for example ‘car shipping companies los angeles’). Whether you type it into Google Search or Google Maps either way you will end up with quite a few choices. Google Maps might be the better option when searching locally because it will directly show you where the companies are located, although everything is done electronically and you do not need to go to an office. In general, it does not matter if it’s close to you or not because they will give you a car shipping rate online, or over the phone, and then the trucker will come to your door to pick up the vehicle.

Why is it good to search for a local car shipping company? Because often times local companies are smaller, family owned companies and they will offer you a better rate and probably a more personal approach no matter the type of service – across the country or local delivery. Whether you go local or pick an out of state company you need to check their license and make sure they offer the vehicle shipping services you need.

When you search for an auto transport company do not panic when you see thousands of search results. There are thousands of vehicle hauling companies in the US. Your main concern should be whether the company you hire is legitimate and reliable; check their licenses and insurance. Every auto transport company must be registered and verified with the USDOT and FMSCA.

All licensed and verified companies will post their MC and USDOT numbers on their websites. Keep in mind that, unfortunately, there are still some bogus companies, or lead generators that are not auto transport companies, out there and if you don’t want to become a victim of a car shipping scam you have to double check all information. As the saying goes, ‘better safe than sorry.’ Take your time and research the companies from which you would like to get quotes.

Compare the auto transport companies

  1. Check their USDOT and FMCSA numbers.
  2. Ask the company for the cargo insurance policy.
  3. Ask for references and read reviews and testimonials.

By following these three steps you will have a peace of mind that you are dealing with a legitimate company. It is important to find a reliable company with knowledgeable agents who will take the time to explain the process and take care of your car shipping needs. You are shipping your car after all, make sure you trust it in the hands of people who care.

Corsia Logistics team is providing exceptionally personalized services – we take care of each and every customer and treat them like family. We are a small, family owned company and if you read reviews online you will understand why customers love us. Our approach is simple – affordable rates and personalized attention. We call our rates the AA rates – affordable to the customer and acceptable by the carrier. When the price marks this ‘golden middle’ you know you will receive reliable service because only the a realistic rate will ship your vehicle in a timely and professional manner.

If you have any questions please call us and our agents will answer everything you need to know. For additional information you should also browse our website; check out the FAQ section and our blog. You can also request an auto transport quote online or call us. Thank you.

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