Learn How Shipping A Car Works

Shipping a car is easy and stress free with Corsia Logistics. Our logistics experts are your friendly guides through the process. Learn all about how shipping a car works now!

How does auto transport work?

1. Research

Find auto transport companies.

2. Choose

Choose at least three companies.

3. Get Quotes

Collect multiple quotes to compare.

4. Read Reviews

Read reviews about the chosen companies.

5. Book

Book your shipment online or over the phone.

6. Dispatch

Your car will be dispatched within several days.

7. Pick-up

Your car will be picked-up within specified time frame.

8. Inspection / BOL

Inspect your car at pick-up and sign Bill of Lading.

9. Transit

Transport time depends on several factors.

10. Delivery

Delivery of your car to be coordinated with driver.

Inspection / BOL / Balance

Inspect your car, sign the Bill of Lading and pay your balance.

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Learn how to ship a car – review details now. Click and visit each guide.

Cost of shipping

What factors affect the auto shipping cost?

Shipping insurance

What transport insurance is offered?

Transit times

How long does it take to ship a car?

Open vs. Enclosed

What type of transport do you need?

Find companies

How to find an auto transport company?

Get multiple quotes

Why multiple quotes are important?

Broker vs. Carrier

Difference between brokers and carriers?

Shipping personal items

Can you ship personal items with your car?

Shipping options

What types of carriers can you choose from?

Prepare a car

How to prepare your car for shipping?

Shipping a non-running car

What do you do if your car is not running?

Choose a company

How to choose an auto transport comapny?

Inspection and BOL

Why proper inspectiuon and BOL are important?

Terminal-to-terminal shipping

What it means to ship a car to a terminal?

Car Shipping Calculator

Learn about manual vs. automated quotes.

A Corsia Logistics agent will explain how auto transport works, step by step. We will start by explaining the most important you need to know – the cost to ship a car. Then we will discuss how long it takes to ship a vehicle, what shipping options you have, whether you can ship personal items in your vehicle, what is the type of insurance that covers your car, and how to perform inspection at loading and unloading. We will tell you all about your Bill of Lading – the one document you need to sign and receive at pick-up and at delivery.

You will find all of this information, and more, here. We want you to know how shipping a car works – how to find an auto transport company, how to choose an auto transport company. You should know what is the difference between a carrier and a broker (a management company) in the auto transport industry, between open and enclosed trailer service. If you are shipping a non-running automobile you will find information about what to do. You will learn the difference between door-to-door shipping and terminal-to-terminal. Review our guides and request a quote online or call us to discuss your auto transport needs.