How many cars do you (really) need?

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“Both my wife and I have two cars each. I own a motorbike, too. A boat at the lake and a classic at the summer house.”

Despite the sharing economy that has grown rapidly in the past years, when it comes to cars, ownership is still the king.

Generally, people prefer owning rather renting a car or sharing a ride. The problem with that is that the love for cars sometimes pervades over the need for one. A sports car, a classic, a vacation cabrio… Oh, and the family car, of course! Love is better when it comes in bigger quantities, right? But how many is too many?

You are one person, so technically you can only be present at one place at a time. Therefore, it is absolutely unnecessary to own more than one car, right? Simple logic. Yet, even though you can be at one place only, you can trick your mind into feeling like you were somewhere else. Too philosophical maybe. But wouldn’t you agree that going to the groceries in a Subaru and in a Lexus are two completely different feelings? That’s right.


Necessity vs Passion

You only need one car to accomplish all you have to do for the day. Even if you are married, the ratio is still one car per person. And one of you drives the kids, let’s say. So what makes some cars so special that they make you violate this simple rule?

Sports enthusiasts

A 700 hp, 350 km/h and 0-100km/h in 2.9 sec. If you are reading this section, you probably already know what make and model we are talking about. It’s possible you have it in your garage. We wish we did, too. But that’s what makes you a true sports car enthusiast! The sound of the engine, the sound of the tires, the sound of everyone’s unspoken words when you pass by them. The speed of their eyeballs turning left to right when you pass by. Yes, but why buy a sports car? Some may ask. The adrenaline is all that counts here. The feeling that you are on top of the world, that you are running through it, that no one can be at your level!

Classic collectors

Your classic is unique. And this is true no matter the specific vehicle you keep under the cover. It is unique because of the way it was restored and the effort you put into polishing it every single time. Not many people know how to care for a precious item better than a classic car owner. You know every detail of that car and you will notice every scratch. Owning a classic comes with great responsibility but it is all worth it for you. Driving a classic is what makes you come to your roots. Just like this 1941 Lincoln Continental. It makes you feel calm and confident about where you stand. It reminds you that good things can last a lifetime. Where else can you get such an authentic experience these days?

Holiday rides

Even if you don’t own a sports car or a classic, chances are you definitely own a summer car. A beach car. Or a winter car. A snow drive. However your call it, it is that car that you associate with a vacation away. You can’t ruin a vacation with driving the same car that you go to work with, right? This is why you have that special one. That holds all the emotions and good memories. If you are a snowbird, you know what we mean. The warm weather requires a different mindset and a different vehicle.  Driving across so many states to get to the desired location is exhausting, so it is way easier to have a car at the spot. Or to ship your own down with you. You don’t spend your whole life in one location, after all.


But what if you own all of these types of cars? Is that an achievement or a sign of vanity? How do you know when to stop? How many is too many?

Here are just few of the signs that indicate you have crossed the line with the number of vehicles you own.
You need to cut back on the number of vehicles you own, when:

  • There is no space to park either in your garage or in your driveway.
  • You have to rotate your summer and winter cars to fit the space
  • People tell you they haven’t seen you in that car for years.
  • You have photos of your cars in your home office and living room.
  • You spend more time сand money on your cars than on activities with your family and friends.
  • Your friends stopped giving you car accessories for your birthday because they can’t keep up with all the cars you have.


Passion Car Owners

Even if you don’t own the most expensive car collection in the world, your passion for cars is still something dear and valuable to you. It others still don’t understand it, just compare it to something they can relate to. Like their love for clothing, for example. There is a piece for each mood or occasion.

Sometimes, however, you don’t know what mood you will be in next month when you will be visiting your family for Thanksgiving. Or in two months when you will be in Colorado for that ski vacation. So you want to take both the green sweater and the blue one. And the dress with the rhinestones for the special dinner. It’s the same with your cars. When you love something so much, you can hardly let go. This is why you often want to have your cars close to where you are. But like we said in the beginning, you can only drive one a time.

In such moments, you can choose to hire an auto shipping company to support you in your passion. But do your research. Your cars carry huge financial and emotional investment, so you don’t want to be disappointed.

And just like the special dresses and suits, you keep them clean and neat. You can’t imagine a single spot on them. This is why it’s crucial to choose a shipping company that will handle your precious with care.

  • Make sure you choose a company that has experience in transporting sports cars, if you want to ship that Lamborghini.
  • If you want to have your classic beetle at the house in Nantucket, research a company that has experience in taking care of a classic.
  • Luxury cars are not a penny less, so don’t underestimate the research there, too.


Always read customer reviews before you commit. Call and ask for references. Get all the details that will matter for your car and individual situation.


Bad side of owning too many cars

You might be surprised, but there are reasons for people to intentionally choose to own fewer cars.

“You show off what you earn”

Yes, this is what your neighbors might say. You know that look that sometimes you get from the house across the lawn? “Mhm, another $100,000  in the garage.” People who don’t share your values and passions would often find reasons to criticize you. The first association they would get when they see too many items is about the money that went into them. And money equals power. So it is the fear and the envy that are the drivers for their comments. It’s not even their lack of interest in cars or their care for the environment. Unless they are driving a Prius, of course. Then it might be it.

“You are killing the environment”

Does the fact that you can drive only one at a time mean your impact is the same whether you own 1 or 100?

Yes, some might say it is the same. Some might say it is better to own 100. Because you drive only one of them and the rest are still, while if you hadn’t bought the other 99, other people would be driving them now, creating much more pollution. Right…

Truth is the more you buy, the more materials you waste. Even if you don’t drive the cars, you still bought something you don’t technically need. Thus, all the time, resource and effort that went in producing it is now a waste. Someone else could have bought one of your 99 other cars, but that could have been their only car. Thus, it is more useful, it’s not a waste. It creates air pollution but the vehicle is being used according to its purpose, thus contributing to one’s life more than a souvenir in the garage.

In reality, Americans own fewer cars than they wish they did. Even worse – a recent study showed that most American families today cannot afford to buy a brand new vehicle. The interest rates make it too hard for them. This is why a family that chooses to invest in a single car will often settle for one all-purpose vehicle that can fit all their needs.


Single Car Owners

If you are conscious about the environment or of what your neighbors say about you, you probably own just few cars. And this is fine, too. Owning one vehicle to cover all your needs is not a crime after all. The only problem with this is that you have to transport your car wherever you go. Yes, to the grocery’s, of course. But also to that beach house in the North East. And this could be a torture.

The misfortune of single car owners is the need to ship their cars when they cannot drive them for long distances. If you want to go to the warm states for the winter, for example, you can either drive for thousands of miles, or hire an auto transport company to do this for you.

If you own one or a couple of cars, this may not be a new idea to you. Yet, choosing the right shipping company is the key to a satisfactory experience. It is your only baby, so better invest some time and effort to protecting it at all times.



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