How much does it cost to ship a car a 1000 miles?

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To give you an idea of how far a 1000 miles would take you, imagine you need to ship your car from New York to Missouri, or from San Francisco to Denver. The best way to get a price to ship a car a 1000 miles is always to call and discuss your options. Or simply request a free, no-obligation quote online and one of our logistics experts will get in touch with you.


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Factors affecting the cost to ship a car a 1000 miles

The auto transport cost depends on several major factors: distance, vehicle make and model, vehicle modifications, whether the vehicle is operable or not, the type of transport you choose, how fast you need to ship it, and certainly the influence of current supply and demand on a given route.

Whether you are shipping a vehicle 2000 miles or over a span of 200 miles, the factors that affect the price are the same. Furthermore, depending on a combination of these determinants, you may get a rate of as low as $200 or as high as $2000.

To learn more about price formation, explore the main factors that affect the cost to ship a car in more details below.

Distance and location

The cost to ship a car 200 miles would not be the same as that of a 1000-mile journey. The longer the distance, the higher the shipping quote will be. However, in case you are looking to reduce the auto transport costs, choosing a door-to-door option instead of terminal-to-terminal delivery can help you achieve just that.

Besides the distance, it’s also important to consider how far off the interstate and state highways the pick-up and delivery locations are. If it’s somewhere off the main routes, where not that many people are looking to ship their vehicles, you will need to make it worth the trucker’s time, effort, and extra gas expense. It means a higher price.  Hence, if you live in a remote location, you may want to consider meeting your shipper at a major city or nearby highway to cut costs.

Auto transport companies prefer to travel popular routes, from and to major metro areas, due to higher supply and demand. This, in turn, lowers the overall transport cost because transporters have the opportunity to load their carriers fully. Moreover, it guarantees both profit and affordable prices for the customers.

Car make and model

The car’s make and model matter when it comes to shipping prices. Transporting a small sedan is not the same as hauling an SUV. Different cars have different weight and dimensions, which affect the total truck weight.  Car carrier trucks have strict weight limitations they must adhere to, hence, every car loaded on a truck matters. The larger and heavier the vehicle is, the more expensive its shipping will be. Therefore, to calculate the cost of shipping, carriers need to know the dimensions and weight of your vehicle.

1968 Ferrari 330 GTC

Is your car operable?

The cost to ship a non-running car is different from the cost to transport a fully functional vehicle. You have to be prepared to pay more if you are shipping a non-operable vehicle.

To load and unload an inoperable car, as well as make space for other cars on a carrier, the shipper will need to use special equipment such as a forklift or a winch. And you would sure hope your driver knows how to load a car that doesn’t run under its own power. Hence, additional equipment and driver’s skill come at a higher price.

shipping non-running car


Types of transport carriers

Do you prefer an open or enclosed auto transport carrier? It all depends on the level of protection you want for your car. Open auto transport is the standard shipping method and is used for all vehicle types. It is completely safe, less expensive, and easy to schedule because 90 percent of the carriers in the US are open.

shipping a car from boston to miami

If you are looking for more protection for your vehicle, ship it via enclosed transport. Enclosed trailers have soft or hard side cover that protects vehicles from destructive weather and road elements. What’s more, this type of auto transport carrier is usually used for sports and luxury cars that demand white-glove service. If you opt for an enclosed trailer, it could cost you about $300 more than an open carrier.

Enclosed shipping Lamborghini Aventador

And whether you choose in favor of open or enclosed auto transport, you can request a top-load for your vehicle. For an extra fee, your car will travel on a top-deck of a trailer, which ensures against possible leaks from other vehicles.

Supply and demand

When booking a plane ticket, have you ever wondered why traveling on a specific date is more expensive compared to other dates? Well, this is due to supply and demand. Something similar happens when booking an auto transport service. It is not impossible to choose an exact pick-up and delivery dates in advance, but it costs a premium.

In the auto transport industry, supply and demand on a given route often determine the final cost to ship a car. Nevertheless, certain times of the year and certain routes are well known for price hikes. However, supply and demand situation changes daily on every route, and, thus, a price can change in a matter of hours. So, the best price can never be locked ahead of time, but rather a week in advance, at most.

Auto transport is not like household moving or shipping a package. To offer competitive prices, auto transport management companies must track supply and demand fluctuations constantly.

Often, a car carrier gets a cancellation on a certain route and needs to fill in the spot immediately. In these circumstances, the carrier would be willing to lower the rate to completely load the truck. And this is how you can get a car shipping deal.

Another way to save money is…

by being flexible with your shipping dates. If you are willing to wait a bit longer for your car to get picked up, you can get a break on the price.

Summer is the peak season when the demand for auto transport services often reaches its highest. Snowbirds routes, or shipping outbound from the Southern states, is usually affected during summer. But if you are shipping to the Southern states, you will pay more in winter and spring. As you can see, supply and demand play an important role in auto transport costs as well.

So how much does it cost to ship a car a 1000 miles?

By now you have probably understood that when you ask ‘How much does it cost to ship a used car a 1000 miles’ the answer will be ‘It depends’. Every case is different, and not all companies offer the same prices. However, many car shipping businesses today provide automated quotes that don’t take into consideration the supply and demand fluctuations.

Corsia Logistics offers manual prices. Moreover, we do not use a car shipping quote calculator. That way, we can provide our customers with realistic and accurate prices.

You should certainly request several car shipping quotes and compare prices. It will give you a ballpark idea of the cost to ship your car whether it’s 2000 or 200 miles across the country. In addition, we urge you not to settle for the cheapest offer you receive. Don’t go for the most expensive offer either, just to make sure you’re not getting scammed. But rather search for the golden middle – a fair and realistic price that will ship your vehicle in a timely and professional manner.

If you have any questions about shipping a vehicle, let us know in the comments below. Furthermore, to get a free, no-obligation car shipping quote call us or submit your online request, right here on this page. Thank you!


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