How To Choose a Corvette

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When talking about the most iconic sports cars, there is a model that rightly comes to everyone’s mind. Of course, we are talking about the famous Corvette. We have already covered whether or not you should buy a Corvette, but if you have missed that article, here is the answer – you should!

Now that you are convinced that going Corvette is the right way, you have to know how to choose one. Oh, you didn’t think it was so simple, did you? No, it’s not.

How to Choose a Corvette

As with any other car, you have to take into account certain variables. For starters, which variation do you want to get? Are you more of a classic cars’ kind of a person, or you want the latest and greatest?

That is important because it leads us to the real dilemma here. Will you buy a used or new model? While you can definitely find both older and used newer models, if you want to be a true first owner, you don’t have that much choice.

Are Non-classic Corvettes Worse?

Going the “new” route is not a bad thing. There’s nothing wrong with new Corvettes. Actually, I prefer them myself. The modern look doesn’t detract from its notoriety in the least bit. Some purists would say that buying a new one is like buying any other sports car. They’d claim it doesn’t have the spirit of the classic speedster. Don’t listen to them.

You buy a sports car to enjoy it. You want to push the pedal to the max, to feel the engine, to have your back straight up in the seat when you push that pedal. Add a bit of a new car shine to that, and you have a great deal!

The Benefits to Getting A Used Vette

The truth is that buying used is getting better and better with time. More people are now considering it for many reasons. And that doesn’t just apply to sports cars. Buying used gives you a lot of choices. Perhaps you want an older model, which you can’t get new. Or you want a better deal, which to be frank is quite difficult to get with sports vehicles.

If budget is an issue, you really don’t have a choice here. Used is what you need. And if you are looking for the cheapest Corvette to get, you need to do some researc and often choose one that is in another state. This means you will have to ship your Corvette back home.

Setting Some Ground Rules

Let’s say you’ve decided on which route to go – new or used. Now you have to set some rules and stick to them if you don’t want to be disappointed or sorry at some point.

For starters, set aside a budget. Be very, very precise with the number. Always keep in mind the maximum amount you are willing to spend. It is very easy to spiral into buying something you can’t really afford. That being said, there’s nothing wrong with having a bit of leeway. But that should be 5-10%, not double the amount you’ve already decided to spend.

Also, give yourself the promise to never pick the first one you see. That’s never good. It can be tempting though, especially if it’s a hot offer. However, you should remember – if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

The other thing you have to decide is which extras are an absolute necessity for you, and which you can live without. If dealers are offering you a full package, which just drives up the price, without you really wanting it, just don’t take the deal.

Shop Around

You are now on your way out to find the Corvette you desire. However, there are some obstacles.

Sadly, your local dealerships and car lots (even those for used cars) may not have what you are looking for. If they do, that’s great! Definitely, ask for a test drive! But often that won’t be an option.

Shopping online for a vehicle without having a way to test it is not ideal, but it is doable. If you are buying a new Corvette, you don’t have much to worry about. However, if you are going the used route, I have a few tips for you.

  • Ask a lot of questions. Find out which are the most prominent problems with Corvettes, and then ask. No one should refuse to give you answers, send pictures and provide some proof that the car you are looking at is in good condition.
  • It also helps to look online for the reputation of some used cars websites. If they are trustworthy, you are likely to not have issues with them.
  • And definitely make sure to bargain. Most vehicle prices are not set in stone, so don’t fall for what the list price is. Some dealers are willing to cut off a bit of the price. But again, be wary if they offer you a big discount. It may be too good to be true.


The Rule Of Three

In some schools of economics, there is a rule that states you should always have three or more choices. However, most people usually narrow it down to only two, and that’s a problem.

See, when deciding between two options, you always look at them as the only alternatives. Then you start leaning towards one of the options a bit more. Your opinion gets skewed.

Why is this an issue? Because you tend to overlook the drawbacks of the option that seems better to you. On the other hand, if you have three choices, you are much more likely to stay objective.

This works, because even if you start preferring one option, you still have to make a comparison between the other two. And when you start looking at the pros and cons, you are likely to pull out of your infatuation with the first choice.

So always have at least three or four Corvettes to choose from. If there simply aren’t that many, you are out of luck. Or you just need to go to the previous point and shop around some more.

Shipping Your Corvette

While some online dealers can offer shipping, a lot of the time you would have to be the one to find a way to transport your new Vette.

But you are in luck because we’ve got you covered! Actually shipping cars our clients bought online is a specialty of ours.

So when you have decided on your car, and you are ready to have it delivered to you, simply give us a call at (818) 850-5258 or fill out our online quote request!

Shipping a Corvette with Corsia Logistics

Are You Ready To Take The Step?

By now you should have all the information you need to go and make your purchase. Everything is laid out for you – from choosing between new and used to figuring out the shipping. So are you ready to do it? Are you ready to be a proud owner of a Corvette? If you are, congratulations! You won’t be disappointed!








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