Shipping Luxury Cars Guide

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Shipping a car is easy. You only have to choose the right auto transport company. And then choose the right shipping service. Request your auto shipping quote now.

Transporting luxury automobiles requires attention to details and experience. Corsia Logistics hires only dependable auto transporters with experience in shipping luxury vehicles. The owners of such automobiles always search for reliable car shipping company. They know that shipping a car is better than driving it when the distance is more than 200 miles. This is how they maintain and preserve their luxury vehicle condition. Transporting a luxury automobile is also a part of preserving it the best way possible. To learn how shipping a luxury car works we will answer some questions for you.

What type of services does an auto transport company offer?

Most auto transport companies offer two types of auto transport trailers – open and enclosed. Both types of trailers work for any luxury automobile, but before deciding what is best for your car, let us delve into the advantages of both services.

  • Open auto transport is the standard vehicle shipping service. An open carrier is less expensive due to the fact that it is open and readily available to schedule. It is more efficient and usually faster to book because about 80 percent of the whole fleet in the US consists of open carrier. Depending on the type of trailer, it can fit up to ten cars, which makes it more efficient, and also less polluting. A disadvantage, however, is that it exposes your car to all road and weather hazards.
  • Enclosed auto transport is the preferred shipping option for sports, luxury, and classic automobiles. An enclosed auto carrier provides complete protection from all weather or road elements. This, however, makes it more expensive. This option can also be a bit slower because there are less encolsed car carrier in country, which means it takes longer to schedule a truck. Since such carriers carry high-end cargo they need a cargo insurance often up to a million dollars, and this is a hefty monthly fee, which contributes to the higher shipping rate.

What is enclosed auto transport and why choose it?

When shipping a luxury automobile across the country, or the state, you need a reliable auto transport service. Corsia Logistics always recommends enclosed auto transport.

Most enclosed carriers are equipped with hydraulic lift gates to hold the vehicle horizontal while loading and unloading it. This would be the best option, but it is always more expensive than carrier with regular lifty gates. In any case, the truck drivers have experience in handling high-end automobiles. Enclosed trailers offer complete protection from road and weather elements. This is the safest method to transport a vehicle.

What is the cost to ship a luxury vehicle?

Shipping a luxury automobile often costs more than shipping your daily commuter. Do not be lured by low prices because sucu low-ball quotes are automated and do not reflect the current market prices. A realistic rates reflect current demand and supply situation, which can only be chaecked manually on national dispatch boards. Enclosed vehicle shipping is more expensive than open and we are honest about it. Our car shipping quotes are personalized and never automated – they are manual. Corsia team will offer straightforward talk and a realistic quote for your auto transport. When you contact us we will make sure to answer all of your questions and walk you through the process so you feel at ease. Our agents have years of experience and understand the value of a vehicle. Request a quote online now or call.

How does auto transport work?

Reliable luxury auto transport is what you need and we can provide it. Corsia Logistics transports sports and luxury vehicles nationwide on daily basis. A senior logistics expert will explain the shipping process and will give you peace of mind. Our team of car relocation specialist is knowledgeable and professional and we will work to offer you the best vehicle shipping rate. This is the process in five steps:

  1. Enclosed auto transporter comes to pick-up your vehicle.
  2. The carrier completes vehicle pre-load inspection report.
  3. The carrier loads the vehicle and straps it secureky in the trailer.
  4. The trailer is closed and secured and the driver is on his way to deliver your automobile.
  5. At delivery the carrier unloads safely and inspects the vehicle again.

Furthermore, you need to do your research and find a reliable company, check their license and insurance and discuss your price. Then book your service and prepare your vehicle for shipping.

Find a luxury auto transport company

First off find a company that serves your route. If you need car shipping Los Angeles to New York then make sure the shipping company serves this route. Some companies for example transport cars from Los Angeles to San Francisco, which means they are local and provide transport only in California. Corsia Logistics transports automobiles nationwide.

Check license and insurance

When shipping a car it is important to verify the company’s insurance and licenses. Many companies have posted their license numbers on their website, but you can call and ask or check online on the FMCSA website.

Request an auto transport quote

After you have confirmed that the company serves the route you need then you need to request a car shipping quote. You can always request multiple vehicle transport quotes from several companies to compare rates for this particular distance. This will help you determine whether the rate you have is reasonable. The best way to understand the differences in pricing is to call and inquire whether the service is door-to-door or terminal-to-terminal. Some companies provide car shipping only to terminals and could ask for additional money to deliver your car to your door. We will ship your car as close to your door as legally possible and to the address you have requested.

Booking your auto transport service

Booking your luxury auto transport is easy. You can do that by phone or online. Yety this is not exactly the last step. It means you have chosen the transporter and the time frame for shipping. After that comes the pick-up and the vehicle delivery. An important part you need to pay attention to is the vehicle condition report. This is a document our carriers complete at pickup and delivery. At delivery this report will be used to help determine that the vehicle is received in the same condition it was picked-up.

Learn more – ship with confidence

A single auto transport company can not serve every single route in the US. That is why the industry is managed by small owner operator carriers and small management companies (aka brokers). Many companies are both carriers and brokers. Most carriers are small independent companies who serve only one or two routes.  The broker is the connection between you (the shipper) and the auto transporter. This is how the industry operates – brokers, carriers and customers depend on each other. A good broker company will work with you on the best market price that will be fair to the carrier as well. He or ship will stay in touch with you from pick-up to delivery of your luxury automobile. When you arrange the vehicle hauling service the carrier becomes your primary point of contact. Any good and honest broker though will confirm that you can count on them throughout the process.

Corsia Logistics can accommodate all demands for safe and secure luxury car transport. We work only with licensed and fully insured carriers who will deliver your luxury automobile on time. The auto transport process requires great communication between our agents, dispatchers and the carrier. We stay in touch with the carrier and with the customer from pick-up to delivery. When you are shipping a classic car, or a sports vehicle or some special project automobile you know you deserve the best possible protection.

If you would like to talk to our logistics experts to discuss the process and schedule your auto transport please call us at (818) 850-5258. To make a booking online please request a quote online and we will send you an email with a quote and more information how to reserve a spot on a truck online. Thank you.