Mercedes-Benz CLA: The affordable luxury

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Who would not want a car that is of premium quality, highly comfortable and yet affordable? The true connoisseurs of luxury who also know how to be frugal would be the first in line to seek such options. And indeed, there are very few cars which deliver outstanding value at a good price.

One such car is the Mercedes-Benz CLA: a luxury vehicle that simultaneously embeds innovation and long history.

The Mercedez-Benz key to success

The original design dates back to 1886 when Karl Benz initially filed the first petrol-fueled car patent in the world. The first design resembled a three-wheel bicycle with an engine powered by gasoline.

I must say that being the first in the market is an advantage and yet a large challenge. Positioning as a first mover in innovative products or services determines the future of a company. An innovation-oriented strategy can either push the business up or pull it down, if not managed properly, due to the high risks involved.

Thus, there are several ingredients which positively impact the success of innovation:

  • A team of determined risk-taker entrepreneurs
  • Qualitative products or services
  • New useful features which target additional needs

If these ingredients represented a checklist, then in the Mercedes-Benz case, all three would be checked.

Let us explore the most interesting facts in the history of this brand and the key features that make the CLA an affordable luxury car today.

The evolution of the world’s first petrol-engine car

Karl Friedrich Benz, a German engine designer and automobile engineer, received the patent for a vehicle known as Motorwagen. He definitely had a strong passion for vehicles and was not afraid to invent. Despite several failed attempts to found his first company, Benz kept experimenting until Motorwagen came to exist.

An interesting fact is that his wife Bertha Benz financed the whole project. She bought some part of the company’s share using her inheritance.

There is more to this story: she was the one who actually dared to drive Motorwagen for the first time, breaking all taboos. In 1888, Bertha Benz drove from Mannheim to Pforzheim in the Black Forest and back three days later. This was a journey of around 200 miles in southern Germany.

Can you imagine the faces of the people watching a woman driving an alien-looking machine in the middle of town? At that time, they must have thought she was a witch.

The combination of courageous and innovative entrepreneurs was definitely present there. It was later enhanced by the cooperation with Wilhelm Maybach and Gottlieb Daimler, which culminated in the creation of the divisions Mercedes-Benz and Mercedes-Maybach.

The design and the productivity of the cars eventually improved and became more sophisticated. For example, the first Mercedes vehicle had a honeycomb radiator, with a very effective cooling system. It was inspired by the structure that the bees create in order for honey to be stored. Quite creative, isn’t it?

Up to today, there have been more than 50 significant Mercedes-Benz models issued year after year with their own specificities. Different classes of society, including the richest, and the powerful have driven them. Even Hitler was exclusively driving Mercedes Benz, equipped with bulletproof windshields.

Why Mercedes and why the logo?

In case you think Mercedes was an invented name that came out of the blue, you would be wrong. Mercedes was the daughter of Emil Jellinek, an Austrian businessman, a fan of speed and racing. He was really a fan of performance in cars and managed to convince Daimler to work on a speedy vehicle, which became known as the Phoenix 28 hp.

Later, he decided to rename it after his daughter, Mercedes, and so the name stuck for all the upcoming models. Mercedes as a name, they thought brought good luck and fortune.

It would be quite interesting to have your name known worldwide representing a successful brand, wouldn’t it? I definitely think Mercedes was the lucky one in this case!

As for the logo, you have all seen the three-pointed star, which today is among the most well-known trademarks. Why three? What is this magic number standing for?

Each of the pointed stars represents an important element: land, water, and air. The owners envisioned that the company would be successful in all three aspects. There is also an interesting fact that there was also another trademark with four-pointed stars filed. This fourth element is thought to be space.

Does it mean that Mercedes also aims to compete in space at some point? That would be a nice surprise definitely!

Back to the future with Mercedes CLA

Mercedes CLA is a model that is innovative in many of its features. It is the first front-wheel-drive sedan of Mercedes-Benz and the first front-wheel-drive vehicle offered by the manufacturer in the U.S market.

It initially was introduced in Europe in April 2013 and in the U.S five months later. The model was designed to be a luxury executive car. It resembles the performance of a sports car but has the form of a four-door coupe.

The concept of the first CLA generation centered on being aerodynamic, competing with Tesla’s Model S. However, CLA came along as being way more affordable than Tesla. The price of a C117 CLA-Class was only $29’900.

The high value for the price paid shows in the high global sales that this model initially had, which reached more than 100’000 vehicles in the first year. Mercedes-Benz definitely hit the jackpot with the release of this model.

The first CLA generation included different models such as CLA 180, CLA 200, CLA 250 and CLA 220 CDI. There were also several options in terms of colors, interior design, and seat material. For example, you could order a cosmos black CLA 250 with sports seats in yellow and black microfiber and a special multifunction sports steering wheel.

CLA-Class models have four-cylinder engines, allowing you to choose between gasoline (1.6 L or 2.0 L), and diesel (1.5L, 1.8L, and 2.2L). These engines have different states of tuning, including a stop-start option.

The options and features have been innovative from generation to generation, especially when it comes to the design of the interior.

Mercedes CLA 250 has an option to activate the copilot. It works using GPS technology and the hard drive capacity to store information regarding different locations.

It also comes with a hands-free Bluetooth interface, helping you to make and answer all calls hands-free. The display is also large and with a modern design, providing you with all the elements of a luxury car.

The CLA 2019 door – coupe

The CLA 2019 door – coupe “has the very latest driving assistance systems with cooperative driver support. This provides the highest level of active safety in this segment with functions adopted from the S Class design”.

Its design resembles that of a coupe and yet has sufficient space for five people. It is modern, full of interesting impressive multimedia and eye-catching interior details. It is an aerodynamic car seeking to provide stability, enhance poor weather visibility, and provide security along with speed.

Its engine is also powerful and has an ECO Start/Stop to automatically pause the engine at red lights and save fuel. “The Mercedes-AMG CLA 45’s handcrafted engine pours out 375 hp and 26.1 psi of maximum turbo boost, the most of any 4-cylinder engine in production.”

Taking a reflective look at the Mercedes-Benz story and how far their founding initiative has grown with the modernizing generations, we can see clearly how the components I mentioned at the beginning of this article are present:

  • There are risk-taking people who have funded the company
  • The Mercedes-Benz vehicles, especially the luxury CLAs, are of premium quality with affordable prices
  • There is innovation present in each of the Mercedes-Benz vehicle generations

Shipping Mercedes- Benz CLA

Mercedes-Benz CLA

Mercedes- Benz CLA cars belong in the luxury car category, which should be shipped with extra care and attention. In the auto-shipping industry, we categorize them as part of the white-glove shipping services.

A vehicle of premium quality needs premium attention and conditions while shipping. Therefore, it is essential that you pay close attention to the shipping company you will trust with your car. Clear and transparent communication with the staff regarding quotes and shipping conditions is essential.

Some practical tips for you in how to choose the most appropriate shipping company are as below:

  • Always check the customer reviews. Usually, companies with good customer reviews will stand out and hence you will be able to cross-check more details.
  • Ask if the company provides insurance for the vehicles during shipment
  • Have a sense of their customer service quality: the diversity of their customer support channels and their responsiveness to your messages.
  • How do they determine costs and quotes? Does the process feel transparent enough?

We, at Corsia Logistics, have extensive experience in shipping luxury cars. The quality of the white-glove auto shipping services is one of our competitive advantages. Our staff is professional and through their expertise, our vehicle relocation specialists will provide you with the best shipping options whether you need to ship your Mercedes-Benz CLA from Massachusetts to Florida or anywhere else in the country.

We usually recommend enclosed carriers for shipping high-end vehicles and put emphasis on continuous guidance throughout the whole process. We love what we do, and in return, our customers continuously rate our services with five-star reviews.

In case you have any questions regarding shipping your Mercedes-Benz CLA or any other luxury cars, or you just would like to get a quote, do not hesitate to give us a call at (818) 850- 5258. We will be glad to assist you at any time.


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