Military Auto Transport Guide

Military shipping

We provide military auto transport services nationally and internationally. Our relocation specialists know moving is exhausting even for the military members who are used to moving. 

Moving defines military life. It’s the thing everyone in the service has to get used to. Many military members even turn it into a routine, so the entire process can be simplified.

Have you just received your Permanent Change of Station (PCS)? Then you are ready to prepare for the move. But in most cases members of the military will not only have to move their household but their vehicles as well. Here we will answer the most common questions about shipping your vehicle.


  1. What options do you have?
  2. What do auto transport companies offer?
  3. How much does shipping a ca cost?
  4. What to do when you want to ship your vehicle?


What options do you have?

When it comes to transporting vehicles across the country, there aren’t many options. You have three major alternatives. You can either drive the car yourself, hire someone else to do it, or book an auto transport service.


Transporting the vehicle by yourself

This is the most straightforward option. You don’t have to schedule anything or to do much research. However, it takes quite a chunk of your time. Even if you are used to long distance travelling, it is still exhausting.

And then come the other things. You have to consider paying for gas, of course. But what about wear and tear? Driving thousands of miles takes from the life of your vehicle. It will also need to pass a maintenance check, so you know it won’t give up on you in the middle of nowhere.

As you see, transporting the vehicle by yourself may not be the most ideal choice. What you can save in service fees, you pay with your time and exploitation of your vehicle.


Hiring someone to drive your vehicle

Some companies offer the service of hiring a driver for your car’s transportation. Basically, it is the same as driving the car yourself, only you are not involved in the process. So is such a service worth it?

Again – you will have to consider wear and tear. You will not be able to avoid it, and maintenance checks are a requirement here as well. In essence, you pay for having the time to yourself. If you put that aside there is no actual difference between this option and the previous one.


Booking a professional car shipping service

Hiring an auto transport company is the last and most preferred option of all. It is the only choice that does not involve you or someone else driving your vehicle. What does that mean for you?

Since auto transport companies ship cars via an auto transport carrier, your car will not be running. You will not have to worry about it breaking down on the road or accumulating extra miles. You will not have to worry about paying for gas as well. And lastly, wear and tear will not be an issue.


What do auto transport companies offer?

Corsia Logistics specializes in vehicle delivery services to and from any point in the US. We know moving is exhausting even for the military members who are used to it. And it can get much more challenging if it is across the country or internationally.

Whether you need to transport your everyday car or ship an exotic vehicle, or your custom or classic car we are here to help you. Corsia provides both open and enclosed vehicle shipping services.

Shipping by open carrier is the most common method. It is cheaper than the special covered trailer, but if you have a sports or an exotic vehicle you may want to book enclosed car shipping service.

We also offer expedited vehicle delivery. It is more expensive, but you will get your car as quickly as possible or at an arranged date. Corsia provides you with that option, so you can choose the most convenient service. Our team will organize the transport of your automobile across the country or across the state to your new military base. We cover all major routes in the United States.

As a military member you may be used to moving, but we will do our best to make it easy on you and your family when it comes to shipping a car. Corsia Logistics agents will work with you to arrange the moving of your vehicle and follow up with all of your questions.


How much does shipping a car cost?

Depending on which shipping option you choose, the price you have to pay will vary. If you go with transporting the vehicle yourself, you can calculate the price to a degree. Initially, you can account for gas, lodging and maintenance cost.

However, can you determine how much will the wear and tear cost? Your vehicle has its own lifespan, so you will have to figure out the price per mile driven, which is not always an easy task. In any case, driving the car yourself is not “free”. Also, it is not cheaper than getting a professional transportation service, even though that is a common misconception.

Hiring a driver does not really change the picture all that much. You may even have to pay a bit more, depending on how the service is priced. But the gas is on you, and insurance for the shipping may also be required.

When it comes to professional auto transport, there is not a single price that covers everything. Keep in mind that the price is not affected only by pick-up and delivery destination, but also depends the type of service and carrier you choose. At Corsia Logistics we calculate the price to ship a vehicle based on different variables all important to the final price to ship a car.


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What to do when you need to ship your vehicle?

By now you have probably made your mind on the means of shipping. If you decide to go the DIY way, you will only have to schedule a maintenance check and figure out your own timetable. If you have to drive across the country, it’s best to determine where you’ll be sleeping and how much you will drive in a day. You know that proper rest is very important when driving long distance. When you are on the road you have to be alert at all times, so make sure you do not exert yourself too much and take frequent breaks.

When hiring a professional driver to ship your car, you will still have to schedule a maintenance check. You also need to arrange the pickup date with the driver, discuss insurance and time. That means you will have to start planning in advance. Last minute moves are a bad decision.


The auto transport shipping process

Here at Corsia Logistics we want to make the entire experience as straightforward and stress-free as possible. We know that moving is already stressful on its own. That’s why we take good care of your vehicle, so you have one less thing to worry about.

The entire shipping process is simple. Firstly, you will have to get a shipping quote. You can do that online or by giving us a call. Together we agree on the price and proceed to schedule the first available pick-up date. You will want to prepare your car for shipping before we come to pick it up. In the linked article you will learn all about preparation of your vehicle.

When we pick up the car, the truck driver will inspect it with you and mark down if there are any damages prior to the move. The inspection is done so you will know the exact state of your vehicle before it is loaded for transport.

After it arrives you are to do another inspection and make sure there are not any transport damages. You then sign the bill of lading and pay the remaining balance. All that is left is for you to take your vehicle home.


Car shipping made easy

As you can see the entire process of shipping your vehicle is straightforward. If you value your time, money and vehicle, you are really left with the option of hiring a professional auto transport company like Corsia Logistics.

We believe in delivering above and beyond customer service. As a military member you know how important it is to serve your ideals. That is why we stand behind the name of our company and behind the reputation we have been building all our years in service.

To learn more about the auto transport process please refer to our auto transport questions section. You can always get a car shipping quote online, or contact us with questions by phone at (818) 850-5258. For more information and how to receive a discount on your transport please call us. Thank you!