Monterey Bay Car Week 2015

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Going to Monterey was never planned and always anticipated. This is where the big players and the big money dictate the trajectory. We shipped an automobile worth a million dollars and we saw many more worth just as much. It was a pleasure to visit Pebbles Beach Concours d’Elegance and Monterey Car Week in general. This over a half a century old event is where the world’s best collector cars meet to compete.

The Monterey week started on Aug 10th and ended on Aug 16th. The first event was Carmel Concours on the Avenue on Tue Aug 11th, in Carmel-by-the-sea. From that day followed many more great events, auctions and matinees. You can check out the full program of the auto extravaganza here.

“I’m a little bit overcome, and a little bit emotional,” Patterson said. “In this business, if you win at Pebble Beach, you’ve done the ultimate. Nothing else compares.”

This is what this year’s winner Jim Patterson said, according to The Los Angeles Times, and we absolutely agree with him. This is the ultimate event of the year, every year. The tranquil coast of California state in Monterey knows how to do it properly. Everyone should have the chance, once in life, to visit Monterey Car Week. Yes, we heard some complaining, under breath, that there are too many people and this even once was attended only by the few chosen. We are glad that this has changed and now most classic car lovers have the chance to attend Monterey in mid August.

Now let’s take a look at some of the amazing automobiles Monterey presented this year.

Dimora Vicci

The beautiful Dimora Vicci we shipped to Monterey Bay.

Lamborghini Asterion

Lamborghini Asterion

Lamborghini Asterion

Lamborghini Asterion inside

BMW CSL Hommage

BMW CSL Hommage at Monterey Bay 2015


BMW CSL Hommage inside

1968 Ferrari 330 GTC

Ferrari 330 GTC 1986.

1968 Ferrari 330 GTC

Ferarri Sergio

Ferarri Sergio

Visiting Monterey was a great experience and all of you who are still wondering should simply go. We will add more photos on Pinterest and other social media channels for you to take a look at. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to ask. Thanks!




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