Moving companies shipping cars

shipping a car

As a household moving company, you know that a strong back and a pick up truck are not enough to run a successful business. And often, the greatest success stories are the tales of partnership and collaboration.

When relocating, people often need to transport their cars and not all moving companies have adequate resources at hand to accommodate their customers’ vehicle shipping needs. And those that do, may use extra help during the busy seasons.

Why Corsia Logistics?

You need a logistics partner you can completely rely on when it gets to delivering your customer’s car to the right place at the right time. And Corsia Logistics is that partner. With nearly a decade of auto transport experience, we’ve got the resources to provide outstanding and efficient auto transport services. Our team of logistics experts is ready for any challenge and have necessary training to ensure your customer’s vehicle is safely transported anywhere in the U.S., including Alaska and Hawaii.

  • Corsia Logistics is a small, family owned and operated company with headquarters in Los Angeles. We’ve set up our business with the idea of making a difference in the world of auto transport by offering exceptional vehicle shipping services to businesses and private customers across the nation, as well as the most accurate and affordable prices possible.
  • As a small company, we understand the unique needs of small enterprises and individual customers. We believe in the importance of building trustworthy relationships through a real human connection. We listen, so we can get to know you better and build a lasting relationship with your business.
  • Corsia Logistics is built on transparency and integrity: we give our customers the information they need to make informed decisions and answer their questions with honesty. We believe that communication is vital, and we aim to provide as much information as possible to help you make the best educated choices. And then we make sure to be present at every step of the vehicle shipping journey.
  • Anywhere you customer’s car needs to go, we will get the job done. No matter the vehicle, Corsia Logistics guarantees professional execution. And our customers’ five-star reviews are a testament to our reliability and exceptional quality of services, and current and best prices.

Services we offer

Whether your company needs to ship any everyday sedan, a collectible classic car, or any sports and high-end automobile, or to ship a non-running vehicle, or even an RV, Corsia Logistics will provide a transport solution.

We use our own fleet to serve the west coast, and contract reliable car carrier partners to provide auto transport services to our customers everywhere else in the U.S. All our deliveries are door-to-door unless a customer has requested a terminal or port delivery. Many businesses and private customers across the country have chosen us as their preferred vehicle shipping partner. Call us know to discuss your needs and preferences.

Open car carrier

An open carrier is the most popular as well as the most economical mode of auto transport. It works for any vehicle type and model. Depending on our customers’ specific needs we can offer the following types of trailers:

  • Double level multi-car trailers designed to haul seven to ten cars at once. Most of this carriers are equipped with fully hydraulic ramps. With a push of a button, the driver can lower the top deck all the way to the bottom for easy and safe loading and unloading. Due to their complex structure, operating multi-level trailers requires some serious skill. At Corsia Logistics, we guarantee that only highly qualified drivers will be handling your vehicles.
  • Single-level multi-car carriers designed to transport one to three cars at a time. Although these trailers are mostly meant for short distances, they are also used for long-distance vehicle delivery. They are usually faster and can navigate more easily through residential areas.
  • For a single vehicle transport, Single-vehicle hot-shot is the answer. This type of open carrier trailers is used for local, short-distance, and time-sensitive deliveries. And it is also the preferred method of shipment for SUVs, modified, and non-running vehicles.

Various cities and municipalities prohibit oversized vehicles from making deliveries in residential areas. Also, access to a customer’s residence may be restricted by narrow streets, tight turns, or long hanging trees. Hence, single-level carriers or hot shots become especially useful for door-to-door shipments.

Enclosed auto transport

Enclosed car carriers protect vehicles from road and weather elements during transport. Covered trailers are recommended for high-end and classic vehicles as well as luxury sports cars. Since only ten percent of the entire U.S. auto shipping fleet is enclosed, it makes this type of transport more expensive and less available. Don’t let this fact discourage you though.

Corsia Logistics team specializes in enclosed auto transport. We have access to a wide network of carriers that collect and deliver vehicles nationwide on a daily basis. And our very own one-car enclosed carrier will be at your service for the West Coast deliveries.

Whether it’s open or enclosed auto transport, we handle each and every shipment with absolute precision and professionalism. Our agents, stay in touch from the moment a driver takes possession of vehicles until the completion of the delivery. Each car gets the white-glove service it deserves.

Expedited delivery

Sometimes customers need their vehicles transported as fast as possible. We have a solution for these particular situations – expedited delivery. Corsia Logistics’ agents have access to a large network with thousands of carriers and will go out of their way to accommodate the required time frame. Express shipping is a pricier alternative, but in return, it comes with a guaranteed delivery commitment.

The cost to ship a vehicle

There’s a number of elements that affect the cost to ship a car: distance, vehicle make and model, operability, transport type and supply/demand fluctuations. As a moving company, you may already be familiar with the effect of each factor over vehicle shipping cost.

So, what does Corsia Logistics do differently when it gets to calculating a cost of vehicle delivery?

We strongly believe that only an accurately calculated price, verified with the national dispatch boards, can guarantee vehicle delivery in a timely and professional manner. Hence, we do not utilize a software ( a quote calculator) because software can’t account for certain constantly changing conditions such as daily supply and demand.

  • Supply and demand fluctuations are a major factor that ultimately decides the final rate to ship a vehicle and we track that constantly on the national dispatch boards. For the most precision, our agents carefully track daily price changes on national dispatch boards and manually quote each rate, with no hidden fees.

Whatever your situation, our logistics experts will carefully evaluate your options and suggest the most value-oriented solutions. And if you ship more than one vehicle with us, we will make sure to offer you special pricing on our services. We will also invite you to participate in our referral program and offer incentives for returning business.

We aim to become a true partner to your business by offering custom vehicle shipping solutions designed to meet yours and your customers’ needs. Get in touch with Corsia Logistics today to see how we can be of service!