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Maryland is an interesting option to consider if you want to move out from California somewhere further East. The state is often associated with crabs and the Navy. But there’s so much more to Little America than that. Below we’ll share a few things about Maryland that you should know before moving in.

The key features of Maryland

First things first: The climate

The proximity to the Atlantic Ocean brings a mild climate to Maryland. Nevertheless, keep in mind that even though summers are warm to hot with peak temperatures reaching 100F, winters can surprise you with ice, snow, and below zero temperatures. This contrast is not so visible in the spring or fall, which are considered the most beautiful seasons in the state.

Thus, if you plan to move, consider heading towards Maryland during either of these two seasons. Yet, my piece of advice is to be careful about spring allergies. Get ahead of it and check with your doctor, what makes you allergic, – pollen, for example, and then learn how to tackle allergens.

Exploring Maryland:Attractions

Freedom State has a rich history and is home to a wealth of historic sights. But the great outdoors lovers, beach aficionados, and art enthusiasts will have their share of things to do.

Maryland is one of the 13 founding colonies of the American Union. It was the 13th to ratify the Articles of Confederation, and among the first to join the stronger federation. The state remained in the union even during the later American Civil War. Today, there are many museums in Maryland reflecting its past, such as the Railroad Museum or the Historical Society.

The state has four major regions:

  • The Capital Region distinguished for its high-quality restaurants and historical sites reflecting the Civil War.
  • The National Harbour is well-known for its great beaches, impressive harbor views, and casinos.
  • Western Maryland is the favorite place for outdoor enthusiasts and adventurers. Hiking, biking, water rafting, rock climbing, and more are waiting for you to experience the adrenaline of nature;
  • Central Maryland will offer plenty of opportunities to enjoy music, art, history along with maritime heritage.

Affordable cost of living

Population density is two times higher in Maryland than in California. Even though Maryland’s economy is way smaller than that of CA, it still has a comparable GDP per capita. This indicates that the standard of living is quite high in Maryland too. But here’s a bonus: the wages are high enough, which makes living in Little America more affordable than in California.

For example, if we compare Baltimore to Los Angeles, the cost of living calculator indicates that LA is 96% more expensive than Baltimore. The main drivers for such high costs in Los Angeles are the real estate sector, followed by transportation.

Yet, you should learn about the tax rates. In Maryland, the state income tax varies from 2% to 5.75%, But each county can add its own tax. This addition can go up to 3.2%, which makes Maryland a state with one of the highest individual tax burdens in the nation.

Traffic and transportation

One of the important things you should know before moving to Maryland is that the traffic can get overwhelming. If you have been living in LA, you might already be used to this. The morning and evening rush hours can truly test your patience. An audiobook might help to kill some time in these situations, especially if the weather worsens during the winter.

If you don’t drive, the best advice is to live close to public transportation. This will help you get to work on time and access parts of the city, or even DC, at any moment. However, if you are used to driving in California and don’t want to give it up, you should keep a couple of things in mind before bringing your car to Maryland:

  • Register your vehicle in Maryland and obtain the license plates. You can find more information here.
  • Have your car inspected by a licensed Maryland inspection station.
  • You will also need to pass the car emissions test. Click here for more information on the test and locations.

Shipping your car to Maryland

from Florida to Michigan shipping a car

You may have already decided to bring your car to Maryland. Yet, you may be wondering why shipping your car is a good idea. There are several reasons for that.

Usually, the decision of whether to ship or drive your car depends on the distance, weather, type of vehicle, and pricing among other factors.

In this case, the distance is 2,778 miles, which would translate into a 42-hour drive. The trip like this would put unnecessary wear and tear on your vehicle and may even damage it. And once you add up the fuel cost, food and lodging, as well as maintenance of your vehicle, you may end up paying more than the cost of shipping a car across the country.

Another good reason to hire an auto transporter is simply to save yourself time. Instead of driving for 42 hours you can do something more productive, while others take care of shipping your car to the destination.

When looking for a car shipping company, it’s important that you understand how auto transport works and know the signs of a reliable auto transporter.

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