Online Car Buyers and Shippers Guide

online car buying and shipping

In the era of the Internet, it is not a surprise that you can buy a car online. But that is not all – you can arrange the shipping of your newly bought car online as well.

Thousands of people purchase vehicles online. Some will want to test drive the vehicle first, but may still conduct the majority of the deal online. Do you want to buy a car online? If you do, you should stick around for a few minutes. There are certain things you need to know.


Is buying a car online a good idea?

When all is said and done, we know there are obvious benefits to going the online route. First thing is that you will have more control and easier time compraring. Dealers will have a harder time tricking you into paying more. You will have a larger pool of vehicles from which to choose. And you have the freedom to go outside your local area. Having a choice is always a good thing. In a certain way, this affects competition throughout the country. With the rise of internet car buying, people and businesses both have to adapt and try and make the best out of what is to come.

Who buys cars online?

Millions of people purchase vehicles online. From the working Joe, to collectors and businesses from around the globe. What would constitute such a purchase though? Does the entire process have to be conducted online? Does it count if you go and see the vehicle in person? What if you are just ordering a new car from the manufacturer or an authorized dealer? Clearly, these are very distinct scenarios. So, are there many websites where you can buy a car online? Yes, there are plenty of reputable ones. And in our years of experience shipping cars, we can confirm that online purchases happen daily.

How do you ship a car you bought online?

Typical auto transport services vary by company. Our customers can choose based on the type of carrier and on the time frame of delivery.  You should choose between the type of carrier and whether you want standard or expedited shipping.

Corsia Logistics offers open car carrier shipping and enclosed auto transport. In both cases, this is a door-to-door delivery. All of our online customers, individuals, and businesses from across the country, always prefer door-to-door deliveries.

The other options you need to consider is whether to pick a standard service or an expedited delivery. The distinction between the two is the time of delivery. A standard car shipping service usually means that a carrier will pick up your vehicle within five business days. However, please keep in mind that all dates and times are only estimates. Delays happen on the road due to weather, traffic, truck failures or other customers’ postponements.

Expedited delivery could guarantee that your car is picked up or delivered on or by a specified date and time. This requires the truck schedule to be rearranged according to your preferemces, which increases the price. When specific dates are requested, sometimes we need to involve a second company, a local carrier, to pick-up or deliver the vehicle on your specified date. So, expedited auto transport service is always more expensive. Customers require that especially when the vehicle is a gift and it needs to be delivered on a specific date.

The car shipping process

Here are the steps to help you understand how auto transport works:

1. First, you request a car shipping quote online or over the phone.
2. Then disclose details about the vehicle – make, model, modifications, locations.
3. Third a logistics expert will schedule your shipment based on your desired shipping dates.
4. Then a carrier picks up your car one to few business days from your first available date.
5. Inspection of the vehicle before loading and at delivery is very important and you must sign a report.
6. Transit time depends on the distance – your agent will inform you of the estimated delivery time.
7. At delivery, the carrier must inspect the vehicle again and you need to sing the Bill of Lading.

The three major markets – new, used and classics cars

Depending on the situation, buying a car online will be somewhat different. If you are on the look for a new vehicle, the process is often simpler than buying a classic. Trying to find a used car online may also be a great option. That is because you will have a larger pool, from which to pick. On the other hand, there are some pitfalls to look for.

You may also be wondering whether or not the internet is a good place for buying a classic automobile. Are there authorized auctions for such things? Considering the investment, is it not better to be there in person? Or maybe the deals online are better, with a larger pool once again? To better answer these questions we will look at the situations separately. But regardless of the car you want to buy, it will be good to know the specifics of each case.

Buying a new car online

The majority of people consider this to be the easiest case. You avoid in-person haggling with annoying salesmen at the dealerships. You can check the price in real time. And you can compare multiple dealerships across the country – all at the same time. However, there is a caveat.

You need to research before you begin the process of searching and buying a car online. A good piece of advice is to go and check out the vehicle of your choice in person at a local dealership. To put it bluntly, online videos can sometimes be deceiving. You may miss important details that may sway you in a given direction. And since a car is not a small investment, you should know exactly what you buy before the purchase.

After you have seen the car and checked a couple of dealerships near you, it does not mean you have to buy it there. You can purchase it online. Since you now know the car you can buy it even from across the country. Many good deals are available online from out of state. Sometimes you may get a lower price by a few thousand dollars. This kind of a discount will put money in your pocket and cover your shipping costs.

Buying a used car online

With used cars, the situation is a bit different. It is not a new vehicle, so you don’t know if anything is wrong with it. If you don’t drive it and check it personally you can not be sure. You can go and check out a new car, then expect to buy the same thing wherever you go. This is not the case with used vehicles. The best tip for getting your used car online is to research. Know its weak spots and common points of failures. It is good to understand how to check such things. This will save you any troubles down the line. Or you can also hire a certified company to go and check the car for you. Such companies exist and their services are available to book online. They will test drive the vehicle for you and provide you with a report.

If you can find a friend that lives close to the dealer or seller of your vehicle that would be even better.  If a friend or a relative can inspect the vehicle for you or bring a technician that would be the best. They will tell you about the condition of the car. After that, you will decide whether to buy or if you want to negotiate the price. Once you are set and buy your vehicle online, all you need is to ship it.

If you are buying from an auto dealership you need to let the shipping company know. The carrier needs to know in advance and discuss the pick-up time, which usually has to be within the operating hours of the dealer. The same applies when buying from a private seller out of state. You will have to discuss the shipping operation with him and make sure he is ready to cooperate. The carrier will coordinate the pick-up day and time in advance and try to accommodate the seller’s schedule. Still, pick-up time frame is 1-5 business days so flexibility is important.

Call us now to discuss your auto transport needs and budget. We are here to help you understand how shipping a car online works.

Buying a classic vehicle online

It will not be a surprise if your first thought is ‘Oh, no I shouldn’t do that.’ But the simple fact is that buying a classic car actually often happens online. This is where you will find all the good deals by private sellers. The other two places for classic automobiles are at auctions and in specialized dealerships.

Well preserved and maintained classic automobiles, of high value, are often sold at auctions or in specialized dealerships. These creatures you find at auctions though cost money, but if you are in the market for a really valuable classic, go ahead and visit some auctions such as Barrett-Jackson. You will certainly find gems worth your time and money. At such auctions, you can usually be sure of the quality of your purchase. And you can still buy online. You sit in the comfort of your home, track development online and have someone else bid for you there.

If you are not ready for this type of investment yet, then you can research classic car dealerships online. At such dealers, you can find a variety of classic vehicles and also negotiate the price a bit. They are responsible for getting the car in the best condition possible and often they do. Any problems for each particular vehicle have to be listed in details. However, many such vehicles are consigned and in some cases, the dealership might not be aware of the full vehicle history and condition. You have to be careful and have someone check the vehicle for you if you are buying it online.

All in all, buying a classic online is not as risky as people think. Of course, it is always easier to buy it from a place that is authorized to sell such cars. But you have one more option here – search online, find a private seller. Many car collectors have their own websites or advertise their vehicles online on various websites. Hemmings is one such place, and there are many other. You can also check on forums and on Craigslist. Deals could be anywhere online. So, everything starts with good research.

Once you find your car and close the deal you need to arrange the transport of your classic car. We specialize in classic and high-end automobiles, and we have a lot of experience in shipping such vehicles. Our specialized enclosed trailer serves California exclusively, but we have vetted partners across the country.


Our agents will tell you everything you need to know about the car shipping process. That way you will have peace of mind that your new, used or classic car is in good hands and you will be able to enjoy it soon. Check our reviews or request referral letters from our partners. We are here to answer your questions and help you every step of the way.