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Sports cars are a special kind of beasts. These vehicles are not created equal. They don’t roam the streets every day because they are not everyday cars.

Sports race cars are not for everybody. Only drivers with passion for speed own such vehicles. Only drivers who are not afraid to drive push the pedal and drive.

Even if you are a Formula 1 fan that does not automatically mean you can learn to drive a race car. Driving with more than 200 m/h is a nerve racking experience, not for the faint of heart.

Race car owners don’t drive their vehicles every day, and definitely not across the country. They ship them. We ship them. Enclosed car shipping trailer is recommended for high-end sports, classic, and race cars.

Race car transport – enclosed trailers

Race cars are always shipped in enclosed trailers. Racing teams ship their automobiles in enclosed carriers, as well as race car enthusiasts and collectors. Any high-end sports or classic automobile should go in an enclosed trailer. Enclosed auto transport varies based on the type of trailer. And this is usually chosen depending on the distance.

Smaller trailers for shorter distances

For shorter distances we use one or two-car trailers. Most of our high-end sports automobiles, transported within California, or to neighboring Nevada, go in such enclosed trailers.

enclosed car transport California

This type of trailers provide the highest level of protection because it is only one, at max two vehicles inside. This basically means the highest level of attention from the truck driver, and the safest transit free from any possible leaks from other cars loaded above or near the car, the way it is with multi-car carriers.

The second type of trailers is two decks multi-car carrier

This type of carrier travels long distances, across the states and across the country. When traveling such distances it is always the most efficient method to transport multiple vehicles.

enclosed multi car carrier

This type of car shipping service will be cheaper than 1-2 car carriers, if they are to travel the same distance. Enclosed multi car carriers are about ten percent of the whole fleet in the US, so they are still more expensive than open and sometimes it takes longer to find a spot on such a carrier.

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Check out this awesome video of how we load a sports 1972 Porsche 911. This vehicle is a custom race car that was purchased from California and it will stay in California, but the owner did not want to drive it. This type of special sports automobile was transported via an enclosed auto transport carrier. This is the best way to preserve the car.

Take a look at how race car transport works!

If you would like to discuss your race car shipping services, please call us now. Our logistics experts will walk you though the process and help you choose the best service for your car and budget. You can also review our How to Ship a Car section and our questions section to learn more about how it works and what is the cost to ship a car. Thanks


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