Scheduling a Car Shipment

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We live in the era of instant gratification, which means we want everything now. We frown at the very thought of having to wait. The demand for instant results is sipping into every corner of our lives. What does it have to do with shipping a car? Well shipping a car is not like shipping a package.  You cannot order an overnight delivery (or maybe you can, but that is a rare premium service that costs extra).


Scheduling your car shipment

Prepare to wait. Auto transport industry depends on factors management cannot control. Although companies like Corsia Logistics often go above and beyond to provide you with the fastest service possible, you will have to wait. This wait time is reasonable and totally justifiable. Let’s decode this now.


Pick-up window and first available date

When you contact a car transport company to place an order you will have to provide a date when your vehicle is first available for pick up. The date your car is ready for shipping is your first available date. Does it mean your car will be picked up on that exact day? Not necessarily!

Although a car transporter will do their best to schedule your vehicle for pick-up as soon as possible, the standard pick-up window is 1-5 business days from the date you have your vehicle prepped for transport.


How do you know when exactly your vehicle will be picked up?

There is a reason why you have to provide your e-mail address and/or phone number where you can easily be reached when you place your order. Once your vehicle is assigned to a carrier, you will receive an e-mail confirmation with an estimated pick-up date. Remember the word estmated, please.

Most of the time those e-mails also contain a trucker’s phone number. 12 to 24 hours before the pick-up you will receive a phone call to make final arrangements. On the day of the pick-up, a truck driver will call you a couple of hours in advance to let you know he/she is on the way or to notify you of any unexpected delays.


Why is it that difficult to pinpoint the exact date?

Truckers drive all over the country picking up and dropping off their loads. Although most of the time things go smoothly, anything can happen on the road (and sometimes it does) to throw the drivers off their schedules. Also, unless you are shipping a vehicle in a small, enclosed container, your car will be shipped on an open air truck with a few other vehicles. Those cars will need to be picked up too; in this case, loading issues can cause a potential delay.

The location also plays a big role in your vehicle transport. If you need to ship your vehicle to or from a rural/remote area, it may be difficult to assign a carrier fast. It’s always easier to find a trucker willing to take your car to and from big cities, like New York or Chicago, than to or from a remote village somewhere in the Rocky Mountains. If this is your case, the trucker will most likely have to go out of his way just to serve you, therefore you may have to wait, or start making arrangements well in advance.


Is it possible at all to get a guaranteed pick-up date?

Sometimes you just cannot wait. If you are willing to pay a premium price then it is possible to get a guaranteed pick-up date. You will have to make special arrangements with the car shipping company. The carrier will put the delivery of your vehicle on the priority list and rearrange his or her route to accommodate your specific needs; therefore you will have to make it worth the effort by paying extra for an expedited service.

Navigating through the car shipping industry might get frustrating, especially if it’s your first time transporting a vehicle. Just remember that preparation, patience, and communication are the key factors to a stress-free car shipping process.

We, at Corsia Logistics, go above and beyond to make sure you and your car have a positive car shipping experience. To get a quote and ship your car with us, call (818) 850-5258, or fill out the online quote request form. Thank you.






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