Birthplace of Abraham Lincoln and Hunter S. Thompson. The Bluegrass State. Home of the Kentucky Derby and the finest bourbon. Kentuckians have a reputation for being the nicest bunch. When in the Bluegrass State, it’s totally fine to smile at people and strike up conversations with strangers.

Whether you choose to live in Louisville, the state’s largest city, Lexington, Bowling Green, or Franklin, the state’s capital, you’ll find a home to suit your taste and wallet. Housing choices are abundant in Kentucky and prices are much less than in major cities like Chicago or Los Angeles. In addition to fairly-priced housing, the state residents also benefit from lower property tax rate of 0.82%.

The Bluegrass region of Kentucky is where the thoroughbred racehorses come from. Even the Queen of England has her horses there. The state also produces 95% of world’s supply of bourbon, and the number of barrels of this fine spirit exceeds the state’s population. Horses and bourbon are not the only things Kentuckians are good at. The nation’s favorite car model – Toyota Camry, as well as a number of other automobiles and trucks, are assembled in Kentucky.

To nature lover’s delight, the state is filled with beautiful landscapes and natural formations. Kentucky is home to a true natural wonder – Mammoth Cave, the longest known cave systems in the world. In Red River Gorge, visitors can daydream their troubles away. There, you’ll have plenty of opportunities for hiking, camping, or rock climbing.

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