Nebraska is the only state in the US that is triply landlocked. It means that to reach an ocean, gulf, or bay from Nebraska one must travel through three U.S. states Many historic trails traverse the state, telling the stories of indigenous people that lived in the area thousands of years before the European exploration. Its territory includes the prairies of the Great Plains, imposing dunes of Sandhills and Nebraska Panhandle with its endless skies and impressive rock formations. Mother Nature can be fickle in this land – and you better be ready. It can be warm and sunny one day, and a few days later the ground may be covered in a foot of snow.

Nebraska is a major producer of beef, pork, corn, and soy. Speaking of beef, they claim there are more cows living in the state than people. And you won’t get a better steak anywhere else in the world. Agriculture is not the only thing Nebraskans are good at. It’s a home to a lot of call centers as well, due to Omaha telecommunications infrastructure being the fastest and most secure in the nation.

The biggest cities in The Cornhusker state are Lincoln and Omaha. But the majority of the state – eighty-nine percent – are towns with fewer than 3000 people. That must be the reason why Nebraskans are the friendliest people on Earth. They are famous for striking conversations with strangers and instantly becoming friends with everyone in a room.

Given that most towns are spread out in Nebraska, it takes time to get to places. Road trips are a norm in the state. Hence, you’ll need your four wheels. If you are moving to Nebraska, and need to ship your car, call us to discuss your preferences and budget.

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