New Mexico

New Mexico


New Mexico – The Land of Enchantment, a state with rich history of native culture and Spanish colonization. And although it was admitted as the 47th state only in January of 1912, the state has settlements that had been inhabited since the year 1000. If you think New Mexico is all desert, you are mistaken. A large part of the state is heavily forested mountains and high meadows. The climate is mostly dry. Notoriously dry. And with over 300 days of sunshine, you’ll definitely need your sunscreen handy all the time.

Are you moving to New Mexico with an idea to start a business or make a movie? You maybe lucky then. The state allows government and private sector to provide land and infrastructure to businesses to promote job creation. Various financial incentives are available for film production as well. Thanks to “Breaking Bad” the state has become a hot spot for movie making. Oil and gas production, as well as tourism, are also important drivers of the state’s economy.

If a conventional house is not really your thing, you can always opt to live in an Earthship, so you can take advantage of the state’s sunshine and try living off the grid. How’s that for a change? Forget the word “festival” when you are in New Mexico – it’s “fiesta”. You’ll get a chance to taste some of the world’s largest enchiladas during the Whole Enchilada Fiesta or get rid of all your worries and troubles by watching Zozobra burn at the Fiesta de Santa Fe.

To take the full advantage of all the state has to offer, you’ll need a car. If you are contemplating a move to The Land of Enchantment and taking your car with you, get in touch with Corsia Logistics, and let us take care of your vehicle shipping needs.

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