North Dakota

North Dakota


North Dakota is the 4th least populous and 4th most sparsely populated state in the US. The state is situated near the middle of North America with a rock obelisk in Rugby, ND stating the “Geographic Center of the North American Continent”. Although, Rugby’s claim has been challenged by the residents of Robinson and… Center, both in North Dakota.

The eastern edge of North Dakota – The Red River Valley – is broad and flat. It occupies the part of the state that is lowest in elevation. The Drift Prairie – the middle region of North Dakota – is a rocky rise formed by an ice sheet millions of years ago. The western part of the state – the Missouri Plateau and Badlands – is the highest land in North Dakota. North Dakota has a typical continental climate with warm summers and cold and snowy winters. It’s a state where, undoubtedly, you’ll get to experience all four seasons.

The largest industry in North Dakota is agriculture. The state is the largest producer in the country of various oilseeds and cereal grains. North Dakotans are also aware of honey’s healing potential. The state is the leading producer of the sweet, gooey stuff in the United States. The recent oil boom is also responsible for job creation in North Dakota, making it the state with the lowest unemployment rate in the nation.

North Dakota’s a few small towns separated by broad swaths of nothingness. The largest town in the state is Fargo, which is also home to North Dakota State University. It is followed by Bismarck – the state’s capital, a retail and healthcare hub.

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