Shipping America’s favorite pickup: 1997 Ford F-150

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Ford has accomplished a lot in the last hundred years. The multinational automaker celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2003 and is still going strong. One of its most popular line of vehicles was the Ford F-Series. It has been the best-selling vehicle line in the US for over 20 years and the best-selling truck for over 30 years.

Meet the most American pick up

There was something special about this particular line that made people cherish and appreciate it. Even though nowadays most of these trucks are extinct, they “built” the foundation for light trucks in North America’s market from the ‘40s to the ‘70s.

During that time, truck popularity was on the rise. Pickup trucks, in particular, were gaining traction as they started to shift away from their primary use as work-related vehicles. People started to see these trucks as flexible vehicles that could be used for personal transport as well.

The F-150 that emerged from the F-series trucks has long been the go-to choice for many car enthusiasts worldwide. “A true American legend and the most popular entry in Ford’s market-dominating F-Series of trucks, the Ford F-150 has long been favored as a workhorse for farm and ranch, as well as a choice for tuners and off-road enthusiasts,” according to Car Gurus.

At some point, we shipped a 1997 Ford F-150 to Hawaii with our classic car shipping service. Let’s take a detailed look at this unique pickup truck model. Together we will explore its history and how people’s needs and technology advancements shaped its design.

shipping Ford F-150

The early release and Ford’s insecurity

When Ford started designing its new 1997 F-150 model it had to deal with the daunting task of taking the all-new successor to a whole new level. Until 1996, Ford had been very successful with its top-selling line of F-150.

In 1997, the company had to introduce to the market a new and modernized pickup truck line with a better style, comfort, design, and safety features. All these had to be taken into consideration while at the same time, Ford had to stay true to its “Built Ford Tough” slogan of the time.

Prior to its release, beginning October 1995, the new model went to an 87-stop tour throughout the nation to various Ford plants as well as other external suppliers. In order to build anticipation and promote the redesigned truck, Ford released the ‘97 F-150 model in January 1996.

The first ad of the pickup truck aired during the Super Bowl XXX where Dallas Cowboys (NFC) played the winning game against the Pittsburgh Steelers (AFC).

The new design of 1997 F-150 was also the first major redesign of the F-150 line since 1979, and Ford was skeptical the truck buyers would receive the radical style very well.

Compared to its predecessor, the redesigned model no longer had a square look. The 10th generation had a more aerodynamic design that had replaced the squarish look with a more rounded one.

Its interior was also redesigned and received a much fancier appeal. This was yet another reason why the company was uncertain whether this new model would be appealing to truck buyers at the time.

Truck of the Year

To be on the safe side Ford decided to continue producing the ‘96 model and sell it together with its redesigned vehicle for a couple of months. What Ford failed to predict, was that the 10th generation, like all its predecessors, proved to be a huge success. In 1996, Motor Trend named the ‘97 Ford F-150 the “Truck of the Year”.

“In selecting the Motor Trend 1997 Truck of the Year, our judging staff evaluated every all-new or significantly revised ’97 truck, full-size van, and sport/utility that would be on sale by January 1, 1997. Scrutinizing each eligible vehicle from both consumer and industry perspectives, we considered technological advancement, market significance, overall value, driving character, performance, and functional abilities to narrow the field down to one winning vehicle,” according to Motor Trend.

‘97 F-150 sleek and innovative design

The ‘97 F-150, which went on sale as an early-release, perfectly combined innovative design with luxurious comfort and interior. Its design brought a fresh truck style in the XX century.

Besides its sleek appearance, the new model also offered great hauling capabilities. The aerodynamic shape gave the truck the ability to lower its wind noise as well as increased the fuel economy.

We all know how important it is to have enough room inside any vehicle. It makes us feel much more comfortable and relaxed. Especially when it comes to extra legroom for those long trips across the country.

So Ford engineers heard their customers and incorporated their wishes in the new pickup design. Truck buyers liked having more space inside the vehicle, so they got a new model that created a perception of extra space.

How did Ford accomplish that with its new F-150?

One of the things the company engineers changed to accomplish this goal was moving the base of the windshield forward. They also increased the glass surface to add an extra feeling of roominess. Unlike the previous generations, the interior of the new standard-cab model was enlarged by 5.1 inches.

Passengers now had extra legroom and more space to stretch out whenever they needed to. Tall drivers, in particular, were taken into consideration. Besides the extra legroom, they could also tilt the seat even further in the back.

Buyers could choose among a wide variety of options besides the Standard, such as the XL, XLT, and the premium Lariat. When it came to flexible transportation, the ’97 Ford F-150 managed to set a new benchmark.

Shipping the ‘97 Ford F-150

Transporting a pickup truck can be challenging for many. You have to spend time planning the shipping process, researching shipping companies, reading reviews of different companies, picking the one that works best for you and arranging every single detail in order to experience the safest shipping process.

Don’t sweat it though. Finding the perfect shipping company for you may take time, but in the end, it will all be worth it. As long as you make a solid plan and stick to it, you will be fine and your vehicle will arrive safe and sound to any destination.

Choosing the right shipping company

As I mentioned earlier, research is a crucial part of the process when it comes to picking the right shipping company to transport your Ford F-150. While it might seem easier to pick the one that offers the lowest price, this option is not always the most secure one. You don’t want to leave your vehicle in the hands of a shipping company that is not trustworthy.

To choose the right company, you have to find out as much as you can about them. Carefully read their reviews as well. If a company does not have any reviews, chances are they don’t have enough shipping experience. If a company has reviews but the majority of them are not good, there is a high chance that by picking such a company you will become yet another unsatisfied customer.

What you should be looking for is a company that has good customer feedback and offers fair prices that are neither too high nor too low.

Get to know the people behind the company you are hiring

If this is the first time you are hiring an auto transport company, don’t stress. There are many people out there who have never shipped their cars before in their life. A professional company will be patient with any of its customers. Such a company would not mind explaining the shipping process in detail.

To get to know the people behind the company you are going to hire, call them. Pick up to three companies that look trustworthy and start making those calls. It is the quickest way to find out who you are dealing with.

Be specific when requesting a quote

Pickup trucks can be difficult to transport as they come in different shapes, sizes, and models. Since you need to ship a 1997 Ford F-150 truck, make sure you give as many details as possible about it. Provide information about its exact model and be as specific as you can. This will also help the shipping company calculate the most accurate quote.

The majority of trucks will be able to fit in a standard open transport. Nonetheless, some models and vehicles with modifications will require extra work from the shipping company and this might influence the final price.

From one company to another, prices may vary quite a lot, especially when you have to ship your car in the winter. That is why it is always smart if you collect multiple quotes. Make up your mind after evaluating the companies’ reviews and their customer service.

We at Corsia Logistics understand how special any vehicle is for its owner. We are eager to guide you through each step of the way to make the shipping process as smooth as possible. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions or comments.
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