Shipping a Car from California to Illinois

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Do you need to transport your car from California to Illinois? The distance between Chicago and California is about 2000 miles. People usually don’t embark on a quest like this without any experience. Should you drive your car or should you hire a shipping company to deliver it for you? Unless your lifetime dream was to follow the famous Route 66, and you happen to have free time on your hands, we would say call our team now and let us handle your car transport needs.

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How much does it cost to ship a car from California to Illinois?

Several variables apply to the final cost of shipping a car. Vehicle make and model, together with the distance set the base price, always. Then carrier type affects the equation and the price. However, the deciding factor is current supply and demand on the given route California – Illinois.

Supply and demand when shipping a car from California to Illinois

Seasonal fluctuations affect car shipping prices daily. Between May and September, be prepared to pay higher prices on certain routes. Car shipping may also get a bit complicated during winter holidays (end of December through the beginning of January) when a lot of transporters take some time off to spend with their families.

In general, auto transport prices can and do change daily, and that is why we track the prices constantly and quote current market prices.

After you’ve received a quote, agreed to our terms and conditions, and secured your spot, we will start working on scheduling a pickup date for your vehicle. In the auto transport industry, no company can ever 100 percent guarantee an exact date, unless you are ready to pay a premium price.

How long does it take to ship a car from California to Illinois

If there are no delays, transit time from California to Illinois should take between 6 and 8 days. Our dispatchers will keep you updated on any transit time deviations.

When your car is picked up, we send an email with the estimated delivery date. Beside that, you can be in constant contact with the truck driver to receive additional information about estimated delivery date and time.

Next, you will have to get your car ready for shipping, wait for your vehicle to be picked up, and then meet with the driver at an agreed point to accept delivery and perform an inspection. We encourage you to browse our website to learn more about how car shipping works. If you are still left with questions, call to speak with one of our logistics experts.

Why is auto transport my best option?

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Most people consider a total of three option when it comes to moving a car. You can drive it yourself, hire someone else to do that, or simply book the services of a car shipping company.

The thought of driving from California to Chicago does not appeal to most people,but some do it. The distance between Chicago and California is about 2000 miles. Unless your lifetime dream is to follow the famous Route 66, and you happen to have free time on your hands, we would say driving the car yourself is not the best option. Besides driving, you have to figure out rest stops, motels, not to mention that your car will need some attention as well.

The other option is to find you a professional driver to hop in your car. But are you ok with allowing a stranger to drive your vehicle? Many people are not. Plus this is not a small trip – driving thousands of miles is a serious job.

Driving across the country should be left to professional truck drivers. Shipping the car is the best and most convenient option. You do not have to drive, and do not have to worry about someone else driving your car. Your vehicle is loaded onto a car carrier and delivered to your door. This means you have peace of mind.

From California to Illinois

Relocating from California for good? We are sure you will enjoy your new life in Illinois! Here are a few reasons why people move to Illinois.

  1. Chicago

Although a lot of people may have gripes with Illinois, there are not many who would say something bad about Chicago. With its amazing architecture and cultural scene, there are hundreds of ways to boost your moode and get excited about moving. Whenever you feel like you need more culture, history and good food in your life, you can hop in your car and head straight to the Windy City.

  1. Lake Michigan

Sure, Illinois is not the only place to claim this great lake. But so what? You can spend a lot of time exploring the vastness of this “ocean” and Illinois is a great place to do it. To be fair, if you enjoy going outside, the state can provide you with a lot of opportunities for that. Sure, it is not Colorado, but do not underestimate the nature of Illinois.

  1. It has four seasons

One of the major things about Illinois is that it actually has seasons. California is great and all, but we know there is only summer there. Or various tyopes of summers, with only a short break between them, especially to the southernmost parts. If you have dreamed of escaping that monotonous reality, and you have always wanted to enjoy more variety in your weather, then Illinois is definitely a great place to do that.

We can also talk about the economy of the State, but this is something you should research more thoroughly. A short commentary could never do it justice. However, if you would like to talk to our logistics experts and discuss the car shipping process, and schedule your service, call or chat with out team now. To make a booking online please request a quote online and we will send you an email with a quote and more information how to reserve a spot on a truck. Thank you!