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Shipping a car from east coast to west coast is easy. Car carriers run to both coasts daily. You can book online or over the phone.

The more you know about transporting a car, the better your shipping experience will be. Let us answer some important questions about shipping a car east coast to west coast.

  1. How does shipping a car from east coast to west coast work?
  2. What vehicle shipping services can you choose from?
  3. How much does it cost to ship a car east coast to west coast?
  4. How do I trust a car shipping company with my vehicle?


How does shipping a car from east coast to west coast work?

Vehicle transport is easy when you know how it works and what you need. Transporting a vehicle from the east coast to the west coast requires some organization in advance. It is a trip that will take anywhere between 7 to 10 days, depending on the exact loaction of the vehicle.

The process starts with you deciding how you want to move the vehicle. Most people choose to hire an auto transport company. In this guide we will talk about the option of driving as well. When hiring a shipping company make sure you research well and choose wisely. Then follow the steps.

Shipping a car with an auto transport company steps:

  1. Request a car shipping quote online or by phone.
  2. Disclose details about your car – make/model and desired shipping date.
  3. A logistics expert contacts a carrier and schedules your shipment.
  4. The carrier picks up your car one to few days from your first available date.
  5. The carrier completes an inspection report before loading your car.
  6. Transit time from east coast to west coast varies from 7-10 days.
  7. At delivery the carrier inspects the vehicle again and unloads it at your door.

What vehicle shipping services can you choose from?

You have two main options when moving a car across the country – shipping and driving. The most popular method is to contract with an auto transport company like Corsia Logistics. Other options include to have someone else drive your car, or to use a driveaway service.

Hiring an auto transport company

Shipping your car with a professional auto transport company is always the most efficient option. This will spare the wear and tear on your vehicle, and it will save you time.

Auto transport company

The most convenient method to move a vehicle from the east coast to the west coast is to hire an auto transport company.

If you do a search online you will find many auto transport companies. The difficult part is to choose the one you would like to work with, the one that you think is the best. Our advice is to not base your decision solely on price.

The lowest price does not guarantee reliable service. It is actually a red flag if the price is way too low than most other quotes you have received. Many companies offer lower rates, but this means that they will not be able to find a car carrier to ship the car in a timely manner, and your car will stay on the dispatch board for a long time until a trucker decides to take it.

A unrealistically low rate can only complicates and slows down the shipping process. That is why it is important to work with a company that will explain how the process works and will offer a realistic rate.

This is what we do – we offer realistic, current market rates and honest talk. We are a small, family owned company and our motto is ‘Above and Beyond Customer Service,’ which means realistic rates that ship your vehicle in a timely manner because we want our customers to return.

The time to ship a car from east coast to west coast depends on the exact location (major city vs. a smaller rural town). When you call Corsia Logistics to discuss your options and book your order, our agent will explain transit times. In general, coast to coast shipping takes about 7 to 10 days. This is the exact time frame when shipping a car from New York to Los Angeles, for example. However, we always advise our customers to keep in mind that delivery times are always just estimates because this is a long distance trip and weather conditions, truck failures or traffic can always slow down the truck hence delay the delivery.

Driving the car

Driving a car includes two options – driving yourself or hiring a driveaway services. Driving across the country is not for everybody. This means embarking on a long distance trip that will take at least one week. It all depends on experience and desire, of course, but it is not easy to drive from the east coast to the west coast.

The big question here is would you trust your car in the hands of someone else to drive it thousands of miles? It would be a great option if you do know someone you can trust, as sometimes this could be a cheaper and faster option. This person could be a friend or a family member. However, if you don’t have anyone, this is by no means the perfect way to move a car.

Another option that falls into this category is to use a drive-away services. You will find companies that hire people to drive other people’s cars. These companies specialize in contracting with drivers following certain criteria. The bare minimum these companies follow is to screen the drivers for clean driving and criminal record, and impose an age requirement. You still want to read reviews and references for the driver to make sure he or she has done that kind of jobs before.

How much does it cost to transport a car from east coast to west coast?

The price depends on a few factors such as: make and model, car’s condition, type of transport (open or enclosed), distance, location, and supply/demand situation at the time of shipping. The cost is not a fixed rate you can find online in a table.

Let’s say you are shipping from Los Angeles to New York and back. The two rates might as well be very different. Rates vary daily and that’s why we emphasize that supply/demand is often the most significant factor when it comes to auto transport prices. What happens is that a customer competes against other customers for a spot on the car carrier. When the demand is high the truck space is limited, which means that vehicles priced higher on the central dispatch boards ship first.

This is how the auto transport industry functions, and this is typical for many other industries as well. Even when you book a month in advance, higher paying vehicles may show up on the board at any time and they will be chosen by the carriers first because a trucker always prefers better paying loads.

A good broker company works hard to offer an affordable rate to the customer, but also a fair pay to the truck driver. Hitting this golden middle equals knowledge and professionalism. This is what we offer – the golden middle that works and moves vehicles in a timely and professional manner. We call our rates the AA rates – affordable to the customer and acceptable by the carrier. This guarantees reliable auto transport service. Such rates are bsaically current market prices, not quotes calculated by a softare.

How do I trust a car shipping company with my vehicle?

It is always smart to research all of your options in order to make an educated decision. In some cases driving the car yourself could be the best and most efficient option, when you have time for this, and if it is around 200 or 300 miles. Yet, you may find it cheaper to use a car shipping company if the distance is more than 300 miles. Do not be led by rumors, do your part and compare all the options and prices.

Choosing the best option and company to ship your car east to west coast takes some time. Once you have decided you want to hire a full service shipping company you need to research. Ask for referals, read reviews and most of all discuss your needs with a company represetative. A good logistics expert, from a reputable company will make you feel comfortable and certain in your decision. Ask questions and demand information. This is your responsibility and right.

For more information and answers to the most common auto transport questions please visit our Questions section. For additional tips please visit our How It Works section and our blog. Still the easiest thing to do is to call us at (818) 850-5258 and discuss your needs. Thank you.







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